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The Autocratic Drive By Court Appointed Practitioners Seeking Enforcement Of Reunification Therapy Services Threatens Protective Parents With Jail – Despite Clear And Present Danger To Subject Children -Not To Be Tolerated!!

A protective parent objects to dealing with a guardian ad litem  who has  clear  autocratic bias in favor of a documented dangerous abuser, but this protective parent is snubbed and ignored. Decisions of this court could send children to their deaths.

Mediators and therapists are not allowed to involve parents in family therapy when one parent has been demonstrated / adjudicated to be a violent abuser – and especially when that parent has abused in front of the child. Courts across the country are compelling children to engage with documented violent and dangerous abusers.

The nature of reunification services involves promoting a position of empathy and support for the documented abuser, along with promoting a false narrative as to how the  protective parent  is lying, distorting events and failing to rehabilitate the individual who has abused the child and the protective parent.

This is the counterintuitive, counter-scientific, unethical position of reunification practitioners who follow the Richard Gardner model conjunctive with the debunked theory of parental alienation.

The financial motives associated by promoting a false narrative that is designated by the UN as a form of torture and unconscionable abuse, referred to by the FCVFC as child trafficking via the family courts, is not addressed in the court proceedings, pushing an autocratic program that drives children to madness and death, destroys families, and undermines the functioning of a democratic society.

Threatened and battered by court-appointed advocates for reunification services with abusers, we present a sample of a legal argument opposition to lies and larceny of corrupt family courts involved in child trafficking to documented abuser parents.

A guardian ad litem in Pennsylvania who is in league with a psychologist evaluator on a mission seeks to destroy the protections provided by a client of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts.

Here are the redacted affidavits from the three children in this case:


I, [redacted], daughter of [father and mother], hereby affirms the following under the pains and penalties of perjury:

My name is [redacted], I’m 12 and my birthday is coming in July.  I would like to share my experiences I had with Dr. Otto’s group.

I was the first one to start therapy, and when I had my first appointment (it was an online appointment, but the rest of my appointments were in person), I thought she was nice.  Through the next appointments and weeks she started getting less nice and she kind of seemed heartless and I felt like she didn’t care about me and my opinions and problems.  Every time my mom would pick us up after school and we were driven to therapy, my headaches would get severely worse and we were dreading the next hour.  Even though the reason was to eventually go to reunification, she always told me that I wouldn’t need to worry about reunification therapy and that if I wasn’t ready, I would never need to be forced to go.  She told me the therapy would not be for reunification, but to help me.  Also, she would always try to make me think in a positive way towards my father and [brother].  She made me try to think like her and disregarded my feelings.  For example, here is what one of our conversations would look like.

Therapist:  Do you think he (meaning my father) can change?

Me:  No

Therapist:  Why?

Me:  He has never tried to in 11 years.  He knows he abused me and has never attempted to change that.

Therapist:  Maybe he never realized he could change?

Me: I just can’t trust him.

I wouldn’t know how to respond because she would always twist my words and make me try to believe that [father] and [brother] aren’t as bad as they seem to me.  I think she was slowly trying to make me forgive them for what they did, go to reunification therapy, and pretend like what they did never happened.  She always pretended to be on my side when she really wasn’t.

Another thing she did (which I didn’t really know why exactly) was after I answered a question, she would just stare at me directly into my eyes for 5-10 seconds. Maybe she wanted to see if I was lying, or to intimidate me but I don’t really know why.  It made me feel uncomfortable and I thought she was strange.

This same thing happened for 34 weeks, until we decided to stop therapy.  My sisters and I collectively decided to end therapy and we all said the same jist of things.  We told the therapist that we were not going to continue therapy, we don’t trust the therapists anymore, and that we were going to talk to the judge.  (Also by the way if you didn’t know, [sister 1]’s therapist was in a different practice, but [sister 2]’s and my appointments were at the same time).  Once [sister 2] and I expressed how we felt to our therapists, mine just started giving me and my mom a death stare, and [sister 1’s] was trying to ask her “why don’t you just come back and we can process what we just talked about,” she was trying to talk to our mom and making excuses for [sister 1] to go back and things like that.  I know she was trying to bring her back to brainwash her and change her opinion on things.  I don’t know what my therapist was trying to do but she didn’t talk much.  I guess she was surprised and didn’t really know what to do.  {Sister 2] and I already knew that we didn’t want to stay and that they were going to try and change our opinions.  We knew not to go back because after [sister 1] told her therapist the first time that she didn’t trust her, her therapist had her in the room and was brainwashing her and telling her lies.

The whole time that I was in therapy, they were against me and my sisters.  In the long run, they were trying to put us back with our brother and father and pretend like everything was okay when it never was.  I never completely felt like I could say anything because it could be twisted and they would put me in reunification.  Their whole plan was to pretend and make us think that we were in therapy to help us when we were going to be forced anyways to reunification.  The first time my therapist said that reunification was a very near possibility in the future, I knew that the whole thing was a big lie.  She said that day that she would work through my feelings with me through the next couple of weeks, but if I didn’t want to go, then an appointment wouldn’t be scheduled.  I told my mom what happened and that I wanted a new therapist.  After that I simply didn’t trust her.  After [the guardian ad litem] heard about that, she said that I couldn’t switch because of the court order.  That was ridiculous because [brother] had switched and he was completely allowed to.  In another email around the same time, [GAL] put in a request for reunification to the judge.  The next week my mom showed me an email that [GAL] had sent her that said that I had an appointment coming up soon and it was scheduled. The whole thing was a lie and was done to gaslight my sisters and I to reunify us with [brother] and [father].  Therapy was supposed to help me, I expressed my problems and she said she would help me, but she never did.  Therapy was a waste of my time and I never really wanted to go.  I was forced to go by [GAL] and the court, and never wanted to go because I felt that it never helped me.


Here are some notes that my mom took after telling her about my first and second session of in person therapy (excluding the first online one).

Questions my therapist asked me with some responses:

Q:  If you could wake up and have a perfect life tomorrow, what would you change?

Q:  Do you talk to your dad, do you have a relationship with him, and if he changed would you consider it?

My mom didn’t take notes on what I said, but after I responded to that question, she said, “Sounds like you made up your mind.”

Q:  Are you happy with your friends, what do you like about them?

Q:  What is your relationship with your sisters?

Q:  What helps you feel better when you have stress?

Q:  What are your goals for therapy?

This was her assessment: We will look for trauma symptoms, then work on them together and have a conversation with me about what is upsetting and what can make it easier to talk about it.

Session 2:

(For this session, she had me take a test to see if I have trauma and what level it is)

The trauma questionnaire included questions about sleep, thinking of memories, nervous habits, ect.  I explained that the answers to some of the questions were worse when living at my father’s but now have gone away/been better.

Q:  What bad memories?

Q:  Would you ever consider having a relationship with your dad?  (she asked me this question again in the second week of therapy)

A:  No

Q:  Would you ever consider having a small relationship like a call or two?

A:  No

Q:  What if your sisters decided to have a relationship with him?

A:  That is their choice, not mine.

Therapist’s response:  That’s not what I meant (she did a nervous laugh), I mean would you still be confident in your choice?

  1. Yes, it’s my decision not theirs, just because they are going to do it doesn’t mean I am going to do it.



I, [redacted], daughter of [father] and [mother], hereby affirms the following under the pains and penalties of perjury:

I was scared of the first therapy session. I was going because it was court-ordered.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I went and she was nice.  My therapist’s (used-to-be therapist) name is [redacted].  We talked and played a board game.  I asked her how long I would be in therapy and she said I don’t know.  She said I was promised less anxiety and relief of trauma.  She didn’t mention reunification therapy.  I left thinking it isn’t that bad.  For the next couple sessions I looked forward to therapy.  I decided to go weekly.  I had a whole bag with coloring tools, a notebook and little fidget toys.  She asked if I would like to have any contact with my brother or dad.  She would have me write down how I feel and what my brother and dad did to me.  Every session she had me rate my anxiety level of the week.  Then I started to dislike it.  I wanted to go every other week.  Therapy didn’t help.  When I would say something about my dad she would counter it and be like:  Why?  Are you sure?  When I told her an issue of mine she would say a “solution” and it didn’t help.  I didn’t want to say anything anymore so I would just be like yeah.  And we would say yeah for a while because we had nothing to say.  I started dreading it. On Monday when it was the end of the day I am like; am I going on the bus or parent pick-up?  Then I remember therapy and I am like ugh.  I would get in a bad mood.  She would have mom come in a lot too to talk.  Then, [sister 3] and [sister 2] tell me about how their therapists were talking to them about reunification therapy and like almost forcing it.  I was speechless.  They basically liked [sic] to us the whole time because they were probably planning it.  I didn’t ever want to go back.  But, the next time we went, me and [sister 3] decided to end therapy.  [Sister 3] also ended therapy with her therapist.  After we said that we didn’t want to do it anymore, my therapist persisted for me to come back into the office and talk about it.  But I was like no.  Then, my mom tells me that my therapist said that what we said to end therapy was scripted and we are liars.  It is like a punch in the gut because I trusted [therapist].  I really trusted her.  At the beginning she even called child services for us.  She made me trust her.  I thought she was on my side.  I felt like she was going to help me.   I thought therapy was a chance to share the abuse I have suffered.  Because me and my sisters have been ignored because “we are just kids and we can’t speak for ourselves” and everything we say is what our mom told us.  For all these years the court system ignores all the abuse.  I don’t get why the court system does not flag my dad for getting arrested 4 times.  It is annoying thinking you get a say but you don’t.  So for me to think that therapy was a chance to share all I have suffered from my brother and dad.  It turns out it wasn’t.  Again, I really trusted my therapist.  I thought therapy was on my side.  I was wrong.




I, [redacted], daughter of [father] and [mother], hereby affirms the following under the pains and penalties of perjury:

I was forced to go to therapy.  I only started because I was told it was the court order, and I had to.  My mom didn’t have any say in what therapy location or therapist we would be going to and seeing.

I never wanted to go, and after every session I would be stressed out and anxious more than any time for the day.  I was the last to go after both of my sisters.  They both liked their therapists for the first couple weeks, so I didn’t think it would be so bad.  She never helped me deal with anything, or solve any problems I was having.  She would just talk about “solution” or “ways to help”, and never actually help.  I would leave the session with nothing accomplished.

One more thing I want to point out is, I never even learned her name.  I know now that her name is [redacted], because I learned her name at the end.  But I think that goes to show that every time I heard her name it went through one ear and out the other.  That either means I don’t care to learn it, or I just don’t care about the therapy I had to go to that did nothing.

I went every other week and that’s when I started to change my mind.  I started to dislike her.  I was also very moody after my session.  When my mom asked how it went and what did we talk about, I wouldn’t reply or just say something like “fine.” Or “good.”.  And my mom sometimes asked,

“If this court stuff ends, do you want to keep seeing her?”

And I would be like, “No, I’ll never talk to her again.”

Another thing is that she made me feel uncomfortable.  In the hour that went by, she was really hard to talk to and was very stone-faced.  She never had any expression while talking to me or listening to me.  It was like she never was really listening.  She would just nod her head after I was done talking and say something like, “okay.” Or “and how does that make you feel?”.  Even if I started crying or getting emotional, it was like she didn’t care.  Another thing she would do when I finished talking, was nod her head or say mmhm.  She would sit there and stare at me, for five seconds before saying something or answering me.  This would make me feel awkward in her room.

I never had anything to talk about either.  I would just randomly start talking about something in her room because I didn’t know what to say to her.

I never really made any improvement, or got better.  I never actually felt really comfortable with her either.  Whenever she tried to bring up my dad or brother as a topic, I would close off and stop talking.  I would suddenly get depressed-like and not want to talk anymore.  She would notice this.  Things she would try to ask are-

“Do you think you dad can change?”

“Would you give your dad or brother another chance?”

“Would you like to talk to them again?”

Questions like those made me uncomfortable and close off.

She also lied a lot to me and even when I knew she was lying.  One example of this is when I told her that I used to get nightmares very rarely.  I’ve always been a good sleeper, but occasionally I would get a nightmare.

One specific nightmare was when my mom, me, and my sisters were all on the couch.  My brother was outside and my dad came into the house.  He grabbed me and was taking me out of the house and to his car in the driveway.  I was crying in my dream, and I remember being so scared.  The worst part of this dream, was my mom and my sisters were frozen.  Like they were staring at me with this horrified face, like they wanted to help and get me, but they couldn’t.  They just sat there on the couch as I was being carried out of my house.

Anyways, I told my therapist that sometimes I would get a nightmare, very rarely, and I told her that.  I also told her that sometimes I would think about memories (bad ones).  She called them flashbacks.

The next session, my therapist called my mom in to talk.  (She did this every couple sessions).  So when she came in, my therapist was like, “I just wanna talk about a few things.”  And of course my mom was like, “Okay.”

So she started off by saying, “[Sister] has told me that she has been having flashbacks and nightmares.”  And the way she said it made it sound like I was having them every day and every night.  Which I wasn’t.  I made it clear, that it was very rare for this to occur.

It also felt at times that she wanted me to be mad at my mom and turn against her.  Like, when my mom was in the room she would ask the most random question targeted at both of us and sometimes it worked, and in the car ride home I would be moody.

I was promised many things:

  1. I was promised someone to talk to.  Someone I could confide and share my feelings with.  Someone outside my family life, who I could share what was going on.  Someone I trusted.  But I didn’t get any of that with my therapist.  She broke my trust many times.  I wasn’t comfortable in opening up with her and sharing my feelings.  It felt weird talking to someone who wouldn’t respond back.
  2. I was promised less stress.  Someone I could talk to about any stress I was having: school, life, friends, grades.  But that promise was broken also.  I spent my whole therapy session trying to talk about random things, like what I did over the weekend, or snacks that I like.
  3. They promised I wouldn’t have to do reunification therapy until I was ready.  And I knew that I would never be ready.  It was shocking to me when I heard [sister 3’s] therapist told her that we were being forced into reunification therapy.  They said that we would be in a room with our dad and [the guardian ad litem].  We would be playing a game and interacting with one another.  I didn’t even know [GAL], and I didn’t know why anyone would think it would be okay to send a 12 year old girl into a room with her dad who abused her for 9-10 years with a therapist she’s never met to play uno.  They said they wanted to help my trauma and stress levels go down, but that’s not the way to do it.  They also state that we could do it with our brother first.  But I don’t see how that’s the solution when we’ve stated multiple times that we want to live with our mom and never have contact with them again.  Our brother also abused us at home after he learned it from our father.
  4. They said I would never have to see my dad again.  That was a lie.  After multiple weeks they decided we should do reunification therapy.  They were waiting a whole year to be like “Surprise!” we were lying to you the whole time.

At about the first quarter point of my sessions it started affecting me more in a negative way.  I started getting more stressed out about things and more anxious.  My stomach started to hurt more to.  She became less friendly.  In the first couple sessions, it was friendly get-to-know-you type of thing.  Then she started becoming a little less happy and more serious.  She didn’t care as much and didn’t seem to listen as much either.

They never told me I was going to be in reunification therapy.  I was scared when they told me that I was going to have to do reunification therapy with my dad.  I went into therapy thinking “Yes, let’s get through this and we never have to see him again.”

Turns out I was wrong and I had to go through a whole bunch more of stress to get out of therapy.

How my therapy ended:

[Sister 3] came home from therapy and basically said her therapist told her that she was going to reunification therapy.  No matter what she said her therapist didn’t care.

This was like a little warning for me and I knew what to expect at my next session.  My mom and I made the decision that we shouldn’t continue therapy if they’re not going to listen to what we want and know is best for us.

I went into my session strong and ready.  She called us into her room and my mom came with me.

While my mom was in the room, I told [therapist] about how I didn’t want to go to reunification and have any contact with my brother or dad.  It suddenly felt weird I couldn’t talk and I didn’t know what to say anymore in her room.  My therapist wasn’t saying much and my mom wasn’t saying anything either.  I believe my therapist did this on purpose.

My mom left the room and I started talking to my therapist about how I felt, again.  I also stated that I wanted to leave and didn’t want to be there.

I said I wanted to leave, but she said to stay and we’ll talk about it.  She ended up keeping me the whole session and by the end of it my mine was far away from what I came in to do.  When I left her room she said,” See you next time.” I was thinking,” No, this is not what I wanted.” In the room, she totally flipped my mind.  I only realized when I was in my car driving away.  She told me that was going to write and email to [GAL], stating my feeling and what I wanted to do.  (Never see my dad and brother again.  Or go to reunification).  The next day [GAL] releases a email stating that were going to reunification.

I realized she never sent the email, like, and I completely fell for it.  I was mad at my therapist.  She lied to me and that was the last time I would trust her again.

What I didn’t like though is that she tried to play the victim.  It was like it wasn’t me or my mom or sisters as the victim but her.  To make us feel bad about her instead of ourselves.  To make us have sympathy for her so we wouldn’t get mad at her.

She said, “She wasn’t expecting it”. “Had no say in this.”  “Didn’t know this was going to happen.”   “This was such a surprise to me.”   “I didn’t decide this.”   “I feel so bad for you guys.”   “You need to understand.”   “I would never do this to you.”   “I feel stuck.”   “I would never do.”   “This is so horrible.”

Stuff like that, that would make us try to understand.  Like, Oh!  You’re not the bad guy, it’s really just [GAL].  Which makes no sense because you were my therapist for around 10 months.  Of course it was you who gave the okay to reunification therapy.

I was ready the next session.  She came outside into her waiting area, and said,

[Therapist]: “[My name], you can come back now.”

Me: “No, there’s something I need to talk to you about and tell you out here.”  Because I knew if I went into her office again, the same thing would happen, and I would be back again next week.

[Therapist]: “Ok, What?” – It was like she was expecting it.

Me:  “I am not doing therapy anymore.  I don’t feel comfortable doing it.  I want to talk to the judge.  I don’t have the trust in this anymore.  I want to go now, Mom, can we go now?” –something very similar to that.

I helped my sisters on what to say, and gave them guidance.  They were nervous.  I told them they would be fine, told them exactly what I did, and things I said.  They didn’t know what to expect, but I helped them.  They were able to stand up to their therapist the way I was, to be able to end therapy.

It is hard for me to think straight because this stuff won’t stop.  It is always in the back of my mind.  I can’t relax.  When I go to [my] Middle School for Honors Orchestra, I am always scared he is going to show up. While we were there after rehearsal for a concert someone came up to me and my friends and said there’s free gatorade and chips.  So we went and got some.  The next day at school, I got called down to the office.  While I was there, they told me that what we took was not free.  They called my mom to let her know.  I wanted to call my mom before they did, but they wouldn’t let me.  My consequence as In-School-Suspension for one day.  My mom and I talked about it at home.  She said to learn from it.




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