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Pain, Suffering, And Outright Subjugation: The True Intent Behind Family Court Fraud, Racketeering, And Child Trafficking

Pain, Suffering, And Outright Subjugation: The True Intent Behind Family Court Fraud, Racketeering, And Child TraffickingThe typical dividing lines of prejudice and class distinction —race, color, and creed—tend to disappear in the presence of the mighty power of wealth. Those who believe they are innately superior because they have been favored with wealth often accept it as a sign from God and display their hubris by acting as if they deserve to be invested with the power of both decision-making and controlling other human beings.

The sense of superiority and entitlement has permeated those in family courts who believe the justice system and officers of the court should be granted immunity no matter the devastating damage and personal harm their decisions inflict on others. Apart from the world of family court is the real world of constitutional law where immunity has parameters that are defined within the U.S. Constitution and the federal canons of laws. In the psyches of those who believe that their immunity is sacrosanct and their authority to levy rulings is immutable their ability to act as if their decisions are in fact automatically correct, the capacity to act without conscience or empathy is unlimited. The power of the purse reigns.

When the legal profession seized upon Richard Gardner’s theory of parental alienation (which is counter-scientific and counter-medical research), they unleashed the ability to disregard evidence related to sexual abuse and the evidence provided by children and opened an area of amoral practice that, just like the opening of Pandora’s box, unleashed every evil, disease, and crime known to man and left us with the hope that someday we would come to our senses and come to realize the pantheon of unspeakable crimes that have been allowed to overtake humanity.

In family courts across the country, judicial authority is the rule as opposed to the tenants of law that rule in criminal courts. The process of no-fault divorce allows accused criminals to be exonerated even though there is clear evidence that they have physically, emotionally, and sexually abused children. That evidence which should be considered hard evidence is related to consistent patterns of children’s behavior that are clear indications of abuse, and those patterns of behavior are consistent in children from infancy through latency on an absolutely consistent basis. The detail of seeking evidence where the evidence lies undermined the entire production of proper evidence to be produced in court proceedings.

The further dumbing down of the family court system has, in recent years, been allowed to deteriorate into retaining the court-appointed factotum who mumble the directed verdicts of amoral officers of courts whose interests are explosively in the division of marital assets, to child support, and dismantling of family assets, trading the lives of children and protective parents for money. The sanctioned practices of destroying families as to their accrued wealth that would allow each partner to move ahead to begin new lives have now been apportioned to the states via Title 4 child support, driving federal funds to the states to the private places of power defined by state officials and family court judges. Black is the new white. White is the new black, and green is the color of money—the great equalizer.

The organic substantive changes in personality development seen as implemented by the experience of access to endless and unlimited amounts of money able to be accessed without consequences, also receiving the ongoing rewards of such skills as are developed by the ability to generate these kinds of funds can, in fact, be documented to trace the development of a population of authority figures in the positions of judges specifically in family  courts across the country. The nature of the character or these individuals as they fully move into a limitless appetite for power and control, the disregard for suffering, the absence of compassion, the utter dismissal of any attitude other than their own judgment, is reaching a level of unparalleled callousness as viewed through the spectrum of court orders, transferring children into the custody of abusers, using the techniques at their disposal such as reunification therapy services. Reunification services is an outgrowth of the Richard Gardner parental alienation cottage industry that preaches perversion and cruelty as its doctrine.

Projection is the ascription of one’s own dark thoughts and deeds to another. The thing that the perpetrator is feeling and doing the perpetrator is ascribing to their victims. Such projection of perversion, denial, infliction of pain, and suffering enacted by the abuser is portrayed as crimes by innocent actors and has become the mechanism by which courts operate and justify their failure and their refusal to examine the evidence, because evidence has become immaterial and the only material that is deemed relevant has to do with the orders directed by judges acting as if they were anointed authorities and not triers of fact. As facts disappear, eviscerated by an exclusive drive for the accumulation of wealth directed by power and authority, the rule of law disappears and is replaced by utter disregard for the sanctity of human life at every level. The drive for wealth and power and the accommodation of those who wield wealth and power has become the sole arbiter of family court ministration.

Annihilating Subjugation Is Slavery

Judicial discretion and the power to prosecute contempt orders brings profit from human suffering much like the profit that came from the suffering of slaves. In both cases, authorities made decisions that destroyed the lives of others while bringing wealth to the authorities.

The authority of family court judges to enact orders that can direct and control parental speech (as in what a parent may communicate, say, speak to, or inform their children in the course of their life together) as well as to order fees and payments for services beyond the control of the litigant as to the appointment of the service provider whose credentials, the nature of their practice, the nature of their philosophy of work, are not only unknown to the litigant but beyond as per court order, beyond the litigant’s intervention.

The courtroom as presented to litigants in family court proceedings is that the judge has complete control and total direction total control over custody, financial matters, speech, program, and evidence. If you were a litigant in a family court proceeding, you would find your rights and privileges swept aside. The courtroom is presented as an autocratic system in that you have to follow the judge’s direction. The impression imparted by the court and by the attorneys and other court actors is that you are entering into a closed system in which the judge has full authority per his discretion. You have to cooperate and completely comply … because the judge is the one given total control over who gets custody, overall marital financial assets, over your freedom of speech regarding what you can or cannot say to your children, and over what evidence will or will not be used in court.

The evolution of courtroom management since the emergence of the concept of parental alienation in the 1980s has created the ability of judicial process to evolve into an entirely autocratic system with no checks and balances, not because checks and balances don’t exist, but because the internal controls of judicial authority and threats of dire consequences to litigants has created an authoritarian control atmosphere that has caused litigants to feel that they are powerless to confront judicial decisions that are factually/constitutionally unlawful. Litigants share a false narrative and belief that they are isolated with no way out and no recourse to alteration of life and death decisions by courts impacting their families, their children, and their financial circumstances. Litigants sense that there is no help available and nothing that anyone can do is tantamount to a fully autocratic system that has evolved since the 1980s, more than 50 years in the making. This narrative is untrue. It is false. And it must be confronted by exercising the engagement of laws and legitimate legal practice that are in fact available to the public. But just as racial inequality has been subliminally erased by the power of the purse, black is the new white, green is the great equalizer as the power of the purse prevails in family court litigation.

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