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Fear Of Fighting The Family Courts Creates Public Immobilization And Denial Of The Threats One Sees And Cannot Believe! Reunification Therapy And The Denial Of Due Process And Informed Consent

Fear Of Fighting The Family Courts Creates Public Immobilization And Denial Of The Threats One Sees And Cannot Believe! Reunification Therapy And The Denial Of Due Process And Informed Consent
The manner in which family courts conduct themselves goes unchallenged, first because of the financial realities involved in the costs of the litigation that is at this time required to oppose these types of decisions, but also because of fear, understandable fear of countering authority.

Elements of fear and financial hardship combined with the power over marital assets and income have created a vast financial windfall by virtue of access and power to demand services provided by an inner circle of court-approved actors who have evolved into a racketeering mob, which has developed into the cottage industry developed through the Gardener concept of parental alienation.

The continued denial of science, medicine, psychiatry, and even the tenants of kindness, empathy, and decency are completely ignored and have developed into a power unto itself which is exponentially expanding.

The Foundation is, has been, and continues to write in detail about the specifics about the mechanisms and maneuvers by which these courts are able to destroy the lives of masses via marriage dissolution and custody decisions by gaining access to financial information and being able to exact fees and engage professionals that will cooperate with the court’s agenda.

Our goal in describing unconscionable cruelty in the course of the day-to-day management of these cases that are not exceptions but have become the rule is that they must be known and examined, because there are solutions.

The acts of the courts and judges are unlawful under constitutional law, and the failure of the legal profession to have properly intervened, we assert, has much to do with the basic amoral character permitted in law school. The ability to argue both sides is an interesting intellectual exercise; however, the earth is not flat, the universe is not finite, and time is of the essence.

We begin with the statement of a parent whose adult son was murdered by his wife, from whom he was separated. It was known, through enormous amounts of evidence, that she was an acute danger to her child and her husband.

The court kept the child in the custody of the mother until the father was able to successfully fight for visitation with his son. Then the mother demanded that the father have no contact with his son whatsoever, but investigation revealed baseless claims, which were disputed and finally overcome.

This young man of 28 years old, a father who loved his son and was moving ahead with a productive, meaningful life was murdered by this woman in front of his 7-year-old son.

The court was fully aware of the concern for the mother’s violence, but the court disregarded the clear concerns. The father was placed in acute jeopardy, but despite the concerns, he continued to fight for his son, eventually at the cost of his life.

The victim’s mother describes her last contact with her son. Within that description we are provided a picture of the character of the woman who murdered him, who now has full parental rights to the child.

I was at the funeral home right before where I had found out I would not be able to see my sons my body. He was covered in a quilt due to the 9 shots [the former wife] put into him and the location of those shots! So basically she blew his face and head off.

 I was only allowed to see his left  hand and arm . I held his dead hand and cried and begged this not to be true. I repeated no Dev No Dev this isn’t real probably a 100 times before the funeral home director came to get me . They were cremated him later that day. MY beautiful 6 foot 4 son would be nothing but a pile of ashes within hours.

 I immediately got up from there and drove a half hour to the visit with my grandson . When he arrived, [former wife’s] mother and child hood friend walked up each holding his hand so tightly that I couldn’t even hug him or touch him. DHS worker accompanied them.

 Minutes after holding my dead sons hand I sat across from the mother of the woman who killed my son and played hungry hippos with her and my Grandson. I was under the impression that she was staying in a motel with him since his father was just brutally murdered in his home. It had been a police crime scene for quite some time. So I had picked Christmas gifts out for [grandson] that would help them in motel room setting Board games and things to do. She kept saying they had to get home and cook, but it didn’t click at the time where was home how could they cook?

 Just a day or so later when speaking to the DA I was informed that they gave instructions on cleaning the murder up. She had declined a professional team to clean the house would not pay for it. 

This woman with her own hands had went into that home and cleaned what was left of my sons brains and blood that once ran through his body and made him alive. Whatever mess is left after being shot 9 times all over his body that was in that home she was able to clean up herself. What kind of a human being can do that? She stayed in that home she brought my Grandson in that house walked him over where his father was killed and proceeded to have Christmas there. She denied us taking [grandson] to a public place where hundreds and I mean hundreds of people in the community wanted to give him gifts to sit that baby on the floor where she had wiped his fathers brains up to open a few sparse gifts.

 She is a selfish monster who is also quoted on a jail call telling [the ex-wife] days after she murdered my son “she has nothing to be sorry for”

The mother of the murdered man continues,

She is now in jail but the court has provided a fund for her to defense —

And her custody continues —given leave to have my grandson move to another state which would then be allowed jurisdiction over the case. 

 It has now been months since I’ve seen my grandson or had any contact with him whatsoever. Only recently (July 2023) that the Foundation for Child Victims has been engaged to fight for custody for my grandson and justice for my son.

This story is one of many that will be presented and discussed as we consider the evolution of the autocratic racketeering family court system over the past 50 years placing the lives of litigants within a system geared towards the extraction of wealth and transfer of wealth into the pockets of those who preside over the family court system.

Black bodies, because they were slaves, were able to be used in medical tests—subjected to medical experiments, without the benefit of anesthesia, held down, strapped down, and cut into until they lost consciousness. This

is a history that is represented by such atrocious examples of violation of the public trust by authorities as is clear in the examples of the Tuskegee Study and the story behind the research leading to the discovery of “HeLa Cells” (The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks).


The Tuskegee Study involved 399 black men  diagnosed with syphilis who sought treatment for an array of symptoms . Under the authority of the Center for Disease Control – United States Public Health Department  Researchers watched the progression of the disease as they collected blood samples, x rays, spinal taps and autopsies of the subjects of untreated syphilis. Professionals watched the natural progression of the disease in the population of black men. Patients thought they were being treated for “bad blood”. The study was conducted over a forty year period and is referred to in this article as it represents an example of denial of consent as well as providing misleading direction under expert authority.

Another example of governmental abuse of process, fraud and deceit is represented in the case of the ” Immortal Cells” of Henrietta Lacks discovered by researchers at Johns Hopkins University.  In the course of treating a patient with an aggressive form of malignant cervical cancer laboratory tests were performed, collected, preserved and ultimately used in research never approved or disclosed to the patient or her family. The cells named HeLa cells were found to survive in lab petri dishes where cells never survived before. The unique cells were designated as “immortal” and opened pathways in research and treatment that enriched researchers who never disclosed the source of their information as related to the tissue of a once living mother of five children who accidentally learned of the phenomenon through a family member who was a cancer researcher. The failure of informed consent and then the abuse of the assets that flowed from that consent led to lawsuits and recovery of fees associated with the profits derived from the multiple benefits of this discovery.

Denial of Due process, informed consent and failure to be explicit about interventions and providers delivering services are a critical nexus of family court fraud. Such fraud is implemented by threats, coercion, secrecy and the generation of a cotillion of court appointed factotum that act in concert with state agencies to extort funds via referral to unethical programs that are dangerous to protective parents and vulnerable children.

We are accusing the officers of the court as being more involved with the accumulation of wealth and power than in providing fair and equal legal outcomes based on evidence and justice, to allow for all members of a dissolving family to thrive and those who participate in criminal acts to receive appropriate punishment. None of that occurs in these courts.

The courts have violated informed consent or even the ability to object to treatment under coercion and control.

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