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Fear Of Fighting The Family Court Facilitated By Fabricated Psychological Evaluations Under The False Narratives Promoted By The Anti-Therapeutic “Torture” Model Of Reunification Therapy

Fear Of Fighting The Family Court Facilitated By Fabricated Psychological Evaluations Under The False Narratives Promoted By The Anti-Therapeutic “Torture” Model Of Reunification TherapyEvery U.S. citizen has the right to confront their accuser, has a right to due process, to present evidence and to cross examine accusers. Unfortunately – in family court – these processes have been eviscerated by the combined maneuverings and obfuscations of the unique authority of judges in family court that provide judges with the supreme authority of “discretion.” Discretion implies that judges have “inside” confidential information, that their decisions are based on intimate knowledge, access to parties and witnesses that then give them extraordinary insight and understanding not shared by other judicial authorities or even the appeals court, criminal courts or other civil actions.

This assumption is not only incorrect – but it is the pathway to authority and control that has become limitless, reckless, abusive and criminal. Oversight at every turn is a check to make sure the system does not become imbalanced.

Among the resources used to indict protective parents of so-called crimes never committed is the implementation of various types of clinical evaluations, whether it be psychological or psychiatric evaluations considered to be soft science and subject to disqualification as hearsay statements. In this regard, psychological evaluations are widely used to discredit one party and the terms of engagement apply excessive hearsay and lack the necessary authentication of evidence.

The case being presented in the criticisms, complaints, and oncoming damages claims as well as criminal actions and prosecution to be pursued, demonstrates the foibles of the family court  system with the judges’  unique ability to  assert discretion. The consequences to litigants, all parties who have claims of abuse is the violations of due process in every possible vicissitude. Litigants become victims of a system where evidence is precluded because of “judicial discretion” and judicial sua sponte decisions.

Vulnerable children are treated as  chattel and are reduced to disposable, voiceless, anonymous figures. Children are defamed, their autonomy, integrity, intelligence undermined by the family court’s wholesale embrace of the Gardner mantra that children are someplace between empty vessels to be shaped by their creators and mean-spirited conniving little sexual predators who lie cheat and steal to gain an advantage against the parent with whom they are aligned  – the parent alienator – who must be shown to be a liar, thief and victimizer of the alienated parent who is “wrongfully” asserted to be an abuser. (See article – Gardner in His Own Words.)

Defamed for purposes of “legitimately” being dispossessed from offering testimony on their own behalf, children are cheated out of providing testimony or even legitimate legal representation as their voices can be hijacked, altered, undermined and their state of mind undermined by hired gun professionals whose arguments are meant more to appease their handler or to not offend any parties of the court litigation. The term used is – we give “something to everyone” – even when there should be nothing to give and only clear, legitimate clinical, diagnostic, medical, scientific evidence to support that position.

The earth is not flat. Gravity grounds us on planet earth and oxygen is necessary to support life ….. Not some of the time – but all of the time!

In the case before us – unfortunately  – our client is not here to speak on his own behalf – to defend himself to speak truth to power – to protect his child from the horrors to which the child has already been fatally exposed. Because he is dead – murdered by the mother of his child who is now in prison but being falsely defended via the defamation of the person who has no voice – we will say his name – we will show his face – we will tell his story, in detail.

We will also tell the story of the child now held in total isolation as per the ill-advised decisions of this court and the deceitful, malevolent testimony of so-called experts whose falsehoods are palpable and easily disposed of by submission of factual, well preserved, authenticated, documented evidence.

The evidence, lists of documents will be provided as part of complaints against an individual who has been willing to lie, cheat, steal and act with hateful, malicious cruelty to defend the indefensible with lies, threats and coercion, to sacrifice the life of a child who knows the truth of who his father was and what he lost. The child knows truth because he loved his father, had reason to love his father  and knew his father was present to rescue him on the day that his father was murdered before his eyes and the eyes of the world as the crime was caught on video cameras.

The expression – “do not believe your lying eyes” epitomizes the functioning of this court and the appointed officialdom that acts in concert with the outrageous abuses of Gardner pandemonium expressed through the false narrative protocols advanced by reunification with abuser directives.

We will say the name of the victim whose life like Ha La cells will live forever. We will say the name of the offenders to make sure that their names are associated with the infamy, cruelty and criminal culpability for which we intend to hold each and every individual culpable in courts and in the public arena.

The lengths of deceit and viciousness are documented in the words / reports and testimony of the immediate report under indictment as well as all ancillary documentation by various officers of the court and functionary factotum. These will also be revealed and published as part of the documentation associated with this complaint against the unqualified evaluator who wrote a report directing the custodial arrangement of the child subject to confinement with the maternal relatives who will be shown to have been complicit with the encouragement of the father’s murder.

The immediate complaint to be disseminated and published far and wide is meant  to attempt to rehabilitate the characters and reputations of those central to this case who were defamed, ridiculed and subject to character assassination as per the multiple inaccurate and incomplete, undocumented statements asserted by the evaluator. The HIPAA violations committed by the evaluator are being referred for federal complaint and prosecution. The evaluation performed has never been reviewed in court by a judge. All attempts to object to the evaluation have been dismissed allowing the confabulated, defaming statements of the evaluator to establish a false narrative, to define the court’s deliberations and to confine the child to the circumstance that the murdered father sought to rescue his son.

The litigant in this case who should have gained custody of his child, who should have rescued himself, his child and his extended family is dead. He was brutally murdered by the woman who is now being allowed to shape the lies that fuel and finance their defense with  advocacy paid for by government grants that now fund professionals who  are engaged in brutal, sadistic acts that have and continue to isolate the child in the custody of the parent who murdered his father before his eyes and now holds the child in total isolation. The child is held with the family of his murderess, a family alleged to have instigated the murder committed by the child’s mother.

The child’s paternal relatives have been removed from all contact with the child and all knowledge of the child’s quality of life and wellbeing are nonexistent. The child’s paternal relatives have been vilified with a cannibalistic disregard for truth and facts, depraved indifference for the clear and present implications for the bare bones facts that cannot be denied, even when those facts are spun into narratives that seek to put the best face on a grimness that cannot be evaded.

Prosecution of the murderess is being compromised because the individual who is the subject of this complaint to the court, to licensing boards, to the authorities dealing with the criminal case and who will be the subject of aggressive damages litigation has been allowed to write reports, to testify, to disseminate false and misleading information to authorities and multiple members of the public associated with the case as witnesses and as spectators. And so we begin to confront the lies and nefarious rewriting of history attempted by court appointed evaluators.

Anticipating the criticism that follows the first blush of reading the FCVFC complaint, anticipating the criticism that will greet the analysis and scathing critique of the overall management of this case by the current handlers. I refer the reader to my most recently published book “Family Court Corruption…Speaking Truth To Power And The Consequences Thereof.”

To address the facts behind the false narratives that followed thirty seven years of multi-state  licensed, flawless professional institutional and private practice  as a psychoanalyst / psychotherapist dealing with the most high risk, clinically and diagnostically challenging populations, one case taken on as a pro bono advocate to defend a children in a controversial high-conflict family court custody case altered the course of my professional life forever.

I might add that initial immediate success in the case that allowed for divorce and the safe reunification of the mother and children with the family she had been estranged from and remained away from because of the shame she experiences as a result of the violence and abuse in the marriage.

The case was rapidly altered as decisions reversed before a new judge and the mobilization of the false narrative of Gardner parental alienation turned children over to their abuser and subjected the oldest child, protector of his siblings, to sustained torture which ultimately led to his suicide, following my dismissal from the case.

The FCVFC 501(c)3 nonprofit was formed in 2007. The formidable legal experts along with formidable psychiatric / forensic experts and a legion of support services have vocally addressed the ineptitude, arrogance, ignorance and destructiveness of the family court system designated to date as a criminal racketeering  agency that functions as a danger to the future of a democratic society.

The case before us will be discussed in detailed terms that presents the extensive  factual evidence of failure to properly understand the intergenerational tragic history of the protective parent and grandparent of the subject child.

Further, the level of severely pathological abuse to which the mother has subjected this child, has ritually brainwashed him, alienated him from those who attempted to rescue him from the exercise of abuse and been thwarted, evidence of this process will be detailed along with the basis for the assertions made.

The rush to erroneous, biased, prejudiced, directives have been facilitated by the engagement of  inadequately trained consultants who offered biased, superficial commentaries to the court that were then taken up and enacted as court orders further subjecting the subject child to ever greater trauma and irrevocable harm at the hands of a parent who murdered the parent who sought to rescue the child from the mother’s dangerous pathological abuse of the child enacted as we will demonstrate and discuss diagnostically, for the benefit of her own gratification.

Let us be very clear that the current legal custodian of this child murdered her husband, planned and made public her plan to murder her husband to keep him from accessing custody of the child. The evidence to support these statements with facts and extensive documentation is part of the report attached as documents and court filings, etc.

The mother murdered her husband who was never at any point found to be culpable of the many unfounded, false venal charges hurled against him.

On the other hand, the father’s charges of medical, physical and psychological abuse against the mother and her family were upheld, documented and were about to result in an absolute change of custody and most probable the only contact with the child permitted by the court would have been supervised visitation.

The abuser parent, who will be described as being  addicted to the enactment of the abuse and the attention gratification gleaned from interaction with medical professionals fascinated by the complex of anomalous symptoms presented to them and the sympathy forthcoming from the general public to this poor, burdened mother with this terribly ill child. She refused to have her ongoing fixes interrupted as she dragged the child from one medical facility to another, one mass medical conference presentation after another for diagnostic testing that would never be followed up and treatment phases would never be reached.

Let’s be very clear that this mother murdered her husband, the child’s father in front of her seven year old son by shooting the father nine times, eviscerating his head and destroying his body to the point that the only part of the father’s body that was intact was one hand .

Let’s also be very clear that this young 6′ 4” father age 28 was a devout Christian who consciously strove to lead a clean, healthy productive, responsible life. He had no criminal record, no history of drug abuse or violence, took pride in his education, work and devotion to a community who returned his love by coming out en masse in profound shock and grief upon his death.

This young man had a life and future to look forward to. He was newly engaged, looking to be married and seeking custody of his son, he had a career that he loved and a community of friends and family who loved him.

The mother and her family refused funds for cleaning the murder scene where blood, brain matter and bones seeped into the living room floor. Instead, the maternal grandmother was given instruction by the police department as to how to clean the crime scene and with the maternal grandmother’s own hands and the assistance of the mother’s girl friend, the crime scene containing the blood, brain matter and bones from the victims head was “cleaned up” by them.

The child, age seven who witnessed the crime caught on video camera  continued to live in the home, the environment of the murder. The reality of what the child experienced became subject to the reorientation induced by the maternal family members and friends. Alienation, specifically “brain washing”, reality manipulation was clearly evident and described as coaching / revisionist history as per reports of independent evaluators who met with the child for medical and psychiatric evaluations.

The due process rights guaranteed to US citizens under the US Constitution are based on the belief in innocence until proven guilty. and proof of guilt is based on an orderly process of law. The family court is an outlier in the American system of justice. The detailed descriptions of cases in which citizens’ rights are routinely violated must become known to the public at large in order for confrontation and remediation of a viciously destructive process to become addressed and redressed in the public interest.

The flow of articles detailing the abuse of process and abuse of due process under the overwhelming system of judicial prejudgment and direction of the course of the case before any evidence has been submitted is a staple of the American family court system that has been engendered by the wholesale adoption of the Gardner false narrative of parental alienation as driven by bar associations across the country. This lucrative nefarious cottage industry which by conveyor belt transfers children from the custody of protective parents into the isolation of known abusers is implemented by a system that maximizes the flow of currency to the revenue of child support for the benefit of state government coffers.

This anti-democratic system that operates in the shadows must become known and confronted for the racketeering child trafficking venue that it has become in order to confront, challenge, and overcome this venal system embedded in the family court judicial system.


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