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Frozen With Fear – Jumping From The Fire Into The Frying Pan – Thinking She Is Saved

A client speaks of her decision to hire an attorney to save her daughter from reunification therapy.

We gave our last $10k to [our attorney] and I am recovering from [disease and surgery], and exhausted from the insanity in this case.

I don’t think a pro se plaintiff could win against these judges. They are too tightly networked and would never allow it. My daughter’s life depends on someone stopping them and they are threatening to put me in jail and gag order me every step. If I didn’t have an attorney, I think they would put me in jail for one reason or another.

I don’t think one lawyer can fight them frankly. I’ve contacted new[s] media, John London, Hannah Dreyfus, Dr. Phil, Rick Ross the Cult Deprogrammer, and every state lawmaker and agency and shared the copies of Sasha’s recordings in case something worse happens to either one of us.

We are 18 days from trial and no lawyer has even filed a motion to compel discovery and we do not know my assets! We don’t have a forensic psychologist to counter Dr Mangas or Linda Gottlieb– and [the judge] preferred a social worker “expert” over 2 attending psychologists and ordered them to 8 more weeks of custody evaluations and the infamous “interview” with Linda–not specifying if it’s Zoom or abduction by her transporters.

She goes on to say….”after my daughter is safe”…..

This litigant does not know that her daughter will not be safe.

The court has abandoned the very pretense of using any professional hired guns and fully dumbed down the process by appointing a social worker with no training, other than the expensive weekend training seminars provided by the disciples of Richard Warshack PhD’s Family Bridges program.

Warshack’s so-called reunification therapy is more MK Ultra brain washing coercion, control, threats, deprivation, lies and the pretext that it is therapeutic to force children into the subjugation of the abusers their protective parent fled to rescue them from. Modeled on the Richard Gardner MD model of parental alienation – (See the article Gardner in His Own Words) the UN has designated reunification therapy as a form of torture and has placed warnings against any engagement in such programs. (See this article for more information.)

The family courts across the U.S. have wholly embraced autocratic absolute control exercised by judicial discretion, implemented by the unconstitutional due process violating implementing of contempt orders.

There are legal processes that stand to stop the illegality.

Naive litigants trust predatory attorneys  in league with the profit-driven, conscienceless practices now widely implemented by courts. Under judicial malpractice, malfeasance, fraud, engagement in racketeering in conjunction with the authority of state departments of revenue, litigants lose their children, their personal assets and the lives they should have been able to lead.

The FCVFC continues to litigate, seek prosecution and civil damages against racketeering actors who kidnap and traffic children. We will continue to write about our work and seek prosecution of judges and all officers of the court who grandiosely believe themselves to be protected by immunity.

One time attorney judge Michael Maggio of Arkansas thought himself to be immune from prosecution until he was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. (See this article for more information.) There are many more officers of the court who have been subject to just prosecution, and we will be publishing their stories.



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