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Fear Of Fighting The Family Courts: The Fear That Drives Litigants Into The Service Of Those They Should Most Mistrust

Decision making in situations that do have life and death consequences are under the best of circumstances complex. However, family court litigants face a situation that involves movement into a territory where all that should be expected from the court system that should exist under the rule of law and constitutional due process is in fact an unexpectedly and unreasonably ungoverned lawless territory.

Protective parents seeking protection for their children, domestic violence victims seeking protection, expecting to be provided with legal protections, are dealt with as criminals and liars and their children treated with utter disregard and disrespect.

The family court system has been degenerating over the past fifty years as driven by the anti-scientific concept developed by Richard Gardner MD under the rubric that parental alienation is the major source of the degradation of not only the family court systems across the country but also the creeping epidemic of an amoral system of attorney practitioners who have turned in their ethical responsibilities and fiduciary responsibilities of their clients for ever larger paychecks.

This subject of degeneration and amorality of the American court system is rarely addressed – if ever – but when addressed the writers are accused of being insane, involved in conspiracy theories, or being involved in some illegal practice.

Putin does not speak well of Alexei Nevalny of Russia. Those who speak truth to power, such as the FCVFC, are reflected in a similar light of defamation by licensing boards who are the apologists and judges who are sending children and protective parents to their deaths or at a minimum to lives of inescapable memories.

It is the most horrendous physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Lives that should have been joyful, healthy, protected are destroyed as a result of family court judges and other empowered officers of the courts: plucking children from lives of love, security, health, and happiness to nightmarish scenarios in which those children’s health and welfare and education and all aspects of their lives that were worth living are ripped away from them.

This process has been going on with ever increasing depth and breadth of authority and confidence in the ability to commit crimes against the public and against defenseless parents and children with no consequences since the 1980s when Richard Gardner began publishing a perverted, immoral, anti-scientific concept that demonized children and incentivized raw hostility.

Children are viewed in the Gardner construct as empty vessels to have the wills of the operative authority in their lives dictating every thought, feeling, and attitude. Whatever parental authority is in control directs the developmental outcome of the character of the children. Anyone who has ever attempted to herd cats understands the actual dynamic as any true independent observer of children understands, that little ones generate their own thoughts, feelings, and understanding of what’s around them quite independent  of what they were told to do. That reality exists as independent truth. (See the article “Richard Gardner in His Own Words.”)

In Gardner’s world, children are born as sexual beings. This is simply biologically not true. In Gardner’s world children are sexual predators seeking to engage adults in sexual activity. A world turned upside down guided by the flat earth theory of science and the know-nothing party of politics is more like the deaf leading the blind in a deaf, blind, and dumb universe, everyone loaded with assault weapons locked and loaded for the kill.

In short, the family court system has become a predatory field driven by massive profit motives facilitated by Title 4 federal incentives for child support incentives where child support is independently managed by the state department of revenue authorized to develop estimates of income and family assets that very often without foundation creates child support dues that allow the state to pull federal funds to state coffers that then pay state agencies such as courts, CPS, and other government agencies to further embolden practices that make litigants in the family court systems the ongoing source of income to state and federal governments.

Litigants are trapped into paying child support way beyond their factual case and financial information statements and then are faced with not only accrued interest and penalties but are also punished with contempt of court charges for failure to pay court fees and child support related payments that were ascribed without the litigants’ consent and agreement of those assessed.

While the US Constitution states that citizens cannot be burdened with debt beyond their ability to pay, the family court system criminalizes parents assessed with fees they cannot begin to pay.

The family court systems under the system of judicial authority and discretion crosses over the civil authority into the criminal authority of being able to weaponize contempt to force litigants to sell marital assets and personal property that as per the norm has been beyond the reach of the courts, thus leaving many litigants penniless and homeless and in ongoing debt that they can in fact never pull themselves out of.

This litigation cash cow has been developed under the auspices of attorney bar associations providing courses in how to litigate to undermine constitutional law, to undermine historically sacrosanct institutions such as disability pensions to veterans and aid to disabled citizens penetrating the boundaries of funds meant to support individuals who have been disabled either by war, injuries, or medical incapacity.

The rise in suicide rates has not been properly addressed and studied at this time but is redolent of the catastrophe brewing in the public domain, and researchable; it is, in fact, increasing and we assert specifically as a result of the perversion into an avarice-driven court system devoid of foresight as well as empathy.

A system that feeds on itself will starve to death as it runs out of bodies to feed upon. The public ignorance of the catastrophe brewing and underlying a mass rise in murder and rate of suicide driven as by the auspices of an amoral legal system in which attorneys are empowered to lie cheat and steal to misguide their clients who have been raised for generations to believe and trust the authorities of lawyers as a source of intelligence and protection.

The ability to invest in that trust has proven to be eroded to the nth degree as the fish rots from the top as our supreme court system has proven to be as corrupt and amoral and predatory, providing the model for the family court systems across the country whose authority has been driven by the grace of discretion abused in conjunction with absolution.

Seeking exposure and accountability

Whistleblowers or simply responsible professionals who seek to report ethical abuses of professionals who violate their fiduciary responsibility in order to exploit transfer of children from the protective parent into the hands of abusers have endured the public shaming by government agencies.

The conflict that pervades the authority of government agencies over the past 50 years has been the dual role of protecting those professionals who act in concert with the judicial mandate to falsify reports on behalf of an abuser parent seeking custody, control, and isolation of the child or children being abused in return for financial gain.

Licensing boards across the country have had the ability to engage in ex parte communications with judges and other officers of the court  to exonerate professionals who have been culpable of heinous crimes against children but because of a protected status in the court approved often by the boiler plate of degrees awarded. The boiler plate of degrees does not necessarily reflect character or the management of professional behavior conducted within a practice with vulnerable clients who have crisis-ridden personal histories.

The responsibility of the professional is not to exploit any individual’s personal history but to evaluate the health, strength, developmental evolution of the person in question and their current level of healthy and constructive lawful functioning. Further and most obviously it is the responsibility of the profession in question to not use their position of authority and access to confidential information to unlawfully and unethically create, as in confabulate, a history of acts, behavior, or mental illness that never existed or to interpret an individual’s functioning or behavior in a manner that is derogatory to them.

The entire practice of diagnosis and evaluation has been traditionally meant to facilitate treatment in a context of sensitive empathy, understanding, and constructive implementation of treatment and intervention. Instead, within the court system the entire process of psychological and forensic evaluation has become weaponized to in fact incriminate litigants and to strip individuals of their rights.

The process by which individuals are not allowed to view their reports, not allowed to confront their accusers, is not only a constitutional violation but is a human rights violation because these reports can be used to divest good parents of contact with their children and of full custody with their children.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts seeks to speak for victims by using well grounded, authenticated evidence, clinical, scientific, and intellectually well founded evidentiary support for our extensively reviewed material. We are often in the position of Putin vs Navalny.

And those advocates of truth confronting the abuses and crimes committed by those empowered by immunity and discretion are vilified as per our confrontation of the rich and powerful. Unpopular subjects must be addressed through bringing to light controversial subjects with arguments based on fact and sound theory as well as a willingness to at times depart from conventional wisdom. Only then can progress be made.

The public reliance and respect for the traditions of law and the authority of lawyers must be questioned, evaluated, and reappraised based on the functioning of each practitioner as judged in the complaints or validation of public opinion. Reporters themselves must be noted in terms of their relationship with the person they are reviewing.

In the experience of the Foundation, the very few negative complaints over 17 years have come from interlopers into the area of exploiting and overturning the excellent work of the Foundation. It is unfortunate to be forced to look at every aspect of those who either praise or criticize under the rubric of equal opportunity  for predatory action.

Recommendations for oversight practices

The Foundation has been seeking to develop a broad based questionnaire that captures the evaluation of litigants’ experiences in court proceedings, evaluating their experience with judges, a sense of fairness, respect, communication, etc. provided to each litigant to be completed at the end of each hearing. And it is the goal of the Foundation to develop an accountability project built around questions gleaned from the experiences of litigants, particularly our clients, with regard to their personal experiences with the court system.

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