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Complaining Without Legal Action Will Only Make It Worse in Family Court

Public complaining about a case without legal action is a useless and frustrating activity that only imparts a sense of helplessness and impotence to the public.

When one publicly complains about the injustices and cruelty of the court, if these complaints are not backed up by scholarly legal damages actions, federal due process violation complaints, and civil rights complaints, they go no place. The press has no impact except possibly further antagonizing the court actors. The courts have exclusive ability to do whatever they want to.

It is counterproductive to publish about a case when you are not filing against the wrongdoers in the case. When these cases are properly litigated, seeking accountability and prosecution and financial damages can become reality. We know of no other organizations that are doing this.

The message must go out that if you’re going to complain publicly, there must be scholarly legal assault on the criminal actions committed by the family court systems.

Cases that have been supported by huge budgets and legal talent were made impotent by the parent’s fears of fighting the family courts, refusing to file proper legal actions which involves damages litigation and due process violations and other civil rights actions.

Thousands of dollars and much time have been wasted on cases where parents refused to file actions that were written and handed to them. The filings were stopped by the parents and there was nothing the Foundation could do about it because we were not party to the case, we were not the protective parent, we have no standing in court. We are simply the resources for legal services.

The Riordan/Ambrose case is featured in the press with wonderful journalistic writing by Frank Parlato and Michael Volpe, marvelous investigative journalists. See Frank Parlato’s articles about this case here and here and especially the satirical article published here.

This case is emblematic of cases in which parents lose their children because of fear of filing the requisite damages actions, federal due process violation complaints, and civil rights complaints, because of fear of angering the judges that they are appearing in front of.

The only way to get out from under those judges is to file appeals, damages actions, federal due process violation complaints, and civil rights actions.

The Foundation has cases in process that we feel that we have a good prospect of making their way to the Supreme Court because of denying access to the courts.

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