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A Parent In Fear For His Life When Pressing Complaints

A family court case in which a parent is fearful (literally in fear of his life) for pressing complaints is a case in Arizona. The protective parent was asserting his challenge successfully in the family court against an evaluator, a licensed psychologist who a 15-year-old young man had accused of masturbating in session. That young man filed a police report divulging the information.

A complaint was written to the Arizona licensing board. The evaluator and his attorney appeared before the board and made arguments before the board that were rife with lies that were documented in writing to director of the FCVFC, Jill Jones Soderman. Yet in meetings attended by Jill Jones Soderman on behalf of her clients and the complaints filed with the licensing board against this evaluator, any attempt within the meeting to address the prevarications, the microphone of Jill Jones Soderman was muted, and she was formally on the record not allowed to speak.

In the course of the board hearing attended by Jill Jones Soderman, the complaints written and filed by her on behalf of the client, false allegations were brought up against Jill Jones Soderman. The allegation raised by the Board had been disseminated by a judge in New Jersey, Margaret Mary McVeigh, who had been the target of a complaint by Jill Jones Soderman.  Multiple articles described in detail the alleged criminal actions being engaged in by Judge McVeigh. In 2001 complaints against this judge for alleged criminal actions, committed by her in this case, from which she was removed had been published but the record created by judge McVeigh was followed by subsequent judges who forced an abused child ito the isolation and sole custody of a father he deeply feared.

I came to know this family as a result of my clinical treatment volunteer work in a domestic violence shelter.  I was the therapist for the children and their mother, met with their father, confidentially for more than five hours and never divulged his confidences. I attended court, successfully procuring a protective order against a brutal abuser, reunifying the mother with her family in Kansas, based on facts exclusively having to do with the  children and the documented brutal, savage physical abuse of the mother .

As of 1999 Jill Jones Soderman was a private practitioner licensed in multiple states because of studying the court systems at that time (Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and New York) as part of a doctoral thesis. When New Jersey went after her license, they contacted the other states in which she was licensed (New York, Arizona, and Texas). The actions of the New Jersey board then provided a predicate for other states in which she was licensed and actively pursuing adjudication on the part of private clients who were being  deeply harmed by the actions of the court.

Publishing about judicial corruption began with Jill Jones Soderman’s first articles with regard to New Jersey Judge Alleged Corruption parts 1 and 2, featuring Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh. The judge subsequently filed fraudulent complaints with the New Jersey licensing board, between 2000 and 2003, consisting of statements that said Jill Jones Soderman had appeared in a court proceeding that never existed. There was no court proceeding at which I was ever present. Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh said she ( JJS ) had written a report and failed to provide copies to opposition counsel. Jill Jones Soderman never wrote a formal report for the court or about the case in any formal manner whatsoever and all of the statements as presented by Margaret Mary McVeigh in her 2003 complaint to the New Jersey board were absolutely false.

Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh was removed from the 1999 family court case ultimately, however her orders and her overarching parental alienation directives in the case were supported by each of the subsequent judges, who transferred the child into the hands of his brutal paternal abuser.

Independent reports from the director of St Clare’s Hospital psychiatric unit in Patterson, New Jersey, with whom Jill Jones Soderman had never met nor spoken, articulated in great detail early on in the case that this child was the subject of severe irreparable trauma and should never ever have any contact with his father again at risk of his impending suicide.

The report from St Clare’s Hospital was written following my recommendation that the child be admitted where he spent extensive amounts of time as an inpatient on the children’s ward.

This was years before the 2003 board complaints filed directly to the board chairman of the New Jersey licensing board.

As of 2022 the Arizona licensing Board reinstated the license of the psychologist accused, not once but multiple times in public complaints posted citing abuses by this individual who promotes his practice as a Christian and a reunification therapist.

The Arizona licensing board staff apologized profusely and returned the license to practice  to the offending therapist who had been confronted and accused of the actions reported to the police.

After being isolated in the custody of the mother who abused the young man and kept him from the father he adored, he ran from the home of his mother, refusing to return to her, and has remained homeless to date as the Arizona court filed an order against the father having any contact with his son.

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