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Too Little and 50 Years Too Late

An article published by ProPublica, “Parental Alienation, A Disputed Theory with Big Implications,” raises important questions with regard to the destructive influence of the Richard Gardner MD concept of parental alienation and the impact on families, as the concept has been weaponized by the judges and officers of the court across the United States by dependency, juvenile, and family courts.

“Parental alienation is a theory in which one parent is accused of brainwashing a child to turn them against the other parent,” says Hannah Dreyfus in the ProPublica article.

The words of Hannah Dreyfus minimize the enormously viciously destructive impact that the junk science of parental alienation has had on the ability of courts to remove children from protective parents and then to isolate them in the custody of abusers.

The shocking superficiality of the Dreyfus article is a matter of profound concern because, first, she fails to investigate the core conceptual basis of the concept of parental alienation.

The Gardner concept of parental alienation eviscerates the medical and scientific facts surrounding childhood sexuality by stating that children are sexual beings from birth capable of sexual arousal and engagement in sexual pleasure. These statements are medically and psychiatrically untrue, and yet they are the core elements of Gardner’s theory, which presents children, including very young children, as sexual provocateurs who seek to engage adults in sexual activity and then lie about the child’s influence in seeking physical and sexual engagement. There is no misunderstanding about Gardner’s theories, as he states them very clearly as to his intention to increase the population of the white race by increasing the birthrate among white populations. Gardner in his writings, which you can see here, states that causing children to be engaged in sexual activity at an earlier age should result in more teen pregnancies. Engagement of children in perverted sexuality that comes from rape and childhood abuse has produced now more than 5 generations of children who are emotionally, physically, and sexually deeply troubled and traumatized, as well as, we strongly suggest, increasing the population of child predators whose engagement in abusive sexuality and accompanying psychiatric diagnosis of Stockholm syndrome has increased the population of children trained to be sexual predators.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has periodically over the last 20 years encouraged ProPublica to properly investigate family court corruption and the assembly line production of dysfunctional children and child predators who have graduated to become adult pedophiles. The interest in this subject has been minimal, and the reporting has been deplorable by its failure to report the facts around the genesis of Gardner’s personal pathology, which ultimately led to his suicide death in 1983.

Gardner’s legacy has impacted generations of children and families. That escalation of a plague on the American house has been propagated by a significantly amoral bar association and generations of attorneys who have paid good money to be bad lawyers and bad citizens promulgating legal interventions, disputing accusations of child  sexual abuse and being responsible for transferring children into custody and isolation with a parent who has been accused of various forms of abuse in addition to sexual abuse of children.  The family court has seized upon the concept of parental alienation as a moneymaker, by distribution of funds through the development of the cottage industry labyrinth of expertise demanded by the court to seal the deal of processing children from parents who are seeking to protect into the isolation of accused abusers. The legal industry has created processes that twist and bend the production of evidence and has created an industry of so called evaluators of parental alienation who specialize in discrediting the accounts of abuse and defaming protective parents.

The process of the evaluation industry, which began with the testimony of professionals, was dumbed down to deal with psychologists and has been further dumbed down to capture the services of even less trained and experienced licensed professionals by using licensed social workers and licensed mental health professionals, a broad spectrum of individuals with a 2 years masters in social science. The highly unethical and unprofessional behavior of the court appointed hired guns corralled to assist in the unethical practices of amoral attorneys has expedited the separation of children from protective parents by further developing another leg of the industry known as reunification services, a subject barely mentioned in the ProPublica article.

Reunification services is a process of coercive control in all aspects of the technical sense of positive and negative reinforcement in regards to MK Ultra training and processes related to training US soldiers to psychologically not reveal military secrets when captured by enemy forces. MK Ultra in fact does involve mind control and brainwashing via movies and video and audio tapes published under the rubric of “A Trip to Pluto.” These multiple films contain subliminal messages along with music and country scenes, and yet when children awake from the somnolence of these films they remember nothing other than headaches and feeling nauseous.

The unfettered access to children’s psyches has to be repeated over and over again in order to reinforce ongoing attitudes. However, the initial assault has to do with breaking down a child’s psyche, their moral and ethical beliefs, affections, and sense of self. The idea of the program is that first you destroy the baseline of the child’s thoughts, feelings, and understanding of the world and then rebuild it in the image projected by the controlling authority. The goal of the ultimate baseline so-called treatment is that a child who has been abused goes on to reject and recant those statements, which requires repeated ongoing reinforcement of the statements referred to as false narratives. This way, the accusations against the abuser are negated by the child and the abuser, who wants to stay out of jail and wants continued access to the child for multiple forms of gratification, is thus able to bypass any protections that should have originally been afforded to the child.

ProPublica has received over the years numerous communications from the Foundation. Their sanitized, puny articles raising tepid issues about the concerns as to the scientific validity of the concept of parental alienation have contributed to the factorial exponential rise in murders, suicides, numbers of child sexual abuse, and the increase in criminality across the United States. We cannot begin to enumerate the depth and breadth of the crimes. Society as a whole needs to understand the concept of a democratic society that needs to have access to independence, to truthful reporting, to education, and to a healthy criminal justice system.

Money is raised via legal fees, court fees, and through the department of revenue through the states as per extorting funds from protective parents desperate to hold onto their children through any means possible. The coercion for the protective parent to cooperate with authorities and engage in detrimental illegal schemes is an unconscionable form of blackmail against the protective parent and a course of destruction for the subject child. It is remarkable that the plethora of writers and reporters on the theories related to Gardner’s concepts have in fact failed to read his writing and to study the fact that Gardner has a long history of studying children so that his understanding of their motivations are critical to the antithetical applications of so called treatment that he applies.

Further, the concatenation and interdigitation of professionals working together to create a façade of a legal and therapeutic program must be understood as a criminal child-trafficking network. The connection between court personnel and the façade of the so-called licensed mental health industry must be understood as a nefarious racketeering enterprise having nothing to do with legal or therapeutic intervention. The fraud perpetrated using the concept of parental alienation and the false narrative promulgated undermines the credibility of child reporters and parent advocates for children. This subterfuge has created an alternate reality comparable to the flat earth theory of science.

While pretenders who act as officers of the court are firmly tethered to gravity, their drive for financial gain for their own financial prosperity and the defense of the fraud that they perpetrate has become glacial. Penetrating the racketeering fraud that has engulfed family courts across the country, turning them into processing plants for child trafficking, extorting funds for child support through state department of revenues have created an ability to criminalize protective parents and those targeted as sources of child support funding, further eviscerating the capacity of protective parents to defend children. The bankrupting of protective parent assets undermines their ability to mount, much less sustain, campaigns to protect their children.

Anyone who has ever attempted to inculcate a child with the narrative they wish the child to incorporate understands that the exercise is not dissimilar to the process of herding cats. A 7-year-old child whom I treated stated, “I can’t get all the stories straight. I asked Daddy for $32,000 and he asked me what it was for and I told him roller skates, I think I was supposed to ask you for roller skates. I think I was supposed to ask you for something.”

Superficial reporting of the ProPublica article fails to recruit significant psychiatric expertise around the severe psychiatric diagnostic issues related to abusers. Those who suffer from severe psychiatric disorders or pathology related to psychopathology, such as pseudo-psychopathic schizophrenia. Functional psychiatric disorders must be separated from character disorders, diagnostically referred to as sadistic psychopathic personality disorder. Then there is another category that is designated as pure evil.

The concordance with an understanding of true evil can be conceptualized and experienced as a reality only when one has to face the accounts of child victims who have been subject to predatory abusers and a family court system that condemns children ripped from loving homes and protective parents into a world of excruciating pain and suffering.

In the opinion of the Foundation, we believe that our present society is deeply suffering from more than 50 years of the consequences of court-ordered transfers of children into the hands of abusers and that the detriment to society is being experienced at this point in time as per the rise of criminality and the intensification of hatred, divisiveness, and lawlessness experienced by wide swaths of the population.

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