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Fear Of Fighting The Family Courts: Children Bruised, Beaten, F’d, Protective Parents Bankrupted, Jailed, Fighting Back Seems Incomprehensible

The court denies the existence of sexual abuse and all other forms of abuse, as children are transferred into the hands of predators, as per the Gardner mantra that child sexual abuse does not exist and parental alienation is the underpinning for allegations for sexual abuse to support custody transfer based on false allegations.

The renowned experts of the Foundation For Child Victims of the Family Courts clearly state that there is sexual abuse and that courts across the country are engaged in racketeering as we see massive numbers of children transferred into the hands of their abusers.

These abusers include court appointed officials and evaluators, appointed by the family courts to deny the existence of abuse or to justify the engagement of children with their abusers.

The insane concept that is currently being floated by the courts suggests that because the abuser is a biological parent, the child needs to come to terms with the abuse.

However, we posit that the only terms that the child needs to come to term with are the facts of betrayal by the parent and the betrayal of the courts.

If this abuse was done by a neighbor or stranger, they would be in jail for years.

The fact that the child and the abuser have a biological relationship is no excuse for forcing a child into the day to day insanity of feeding mice to snakes. But there is not the needed press and publicity around these horrific cases that have been populating the courts since the 1980s but have now found a solid place in the protocols and court processes that have created a conveyor belt of institutional blessing of such insane transfers.

The reaction of the general public when we confront authorities with the facts of these cases, the reflex response is often, “There must be more to this,” or “There must be something you aren’t aware of,” or “This can’t possibly be happening.” But it is.

We are aggressively developing vehicles to pursue and prosecute perpetrators of child trafficking. One 5 year old boy, who had anal venereal disease along with the medical reports to support the allegations along with forensic pictures of his anus with purple pustules, has still not been rescued from the isolation of his father and all others who have access to his little body.

The courts forced him into visitation with his rapist. This little one who had a sweet beautiful gentle spirit, was dragged out the door. This child screamed and ran to his mother and grandmother who were being forced to physically drag him into the car to be with his father.

The child screamed, “I don’t want to go to daddy’s!” When the mother tried to tell him, “we have no choice,” the child screamed again and punched her in the face. This was the last visit we had with this baby, when he was about 4 years old. The experience of dragging him to his abuser and shutting the door behind him, was our last memory as we cried out to the child sexual abuse caseworker, this child has STDs. How can we be forced to send him?

Not only was the child sent, but because there were complaints to CPS, only supervised visits were allowed for the mother, and since that was under the control of the abuser, there has been no contact with the child whatsoever.

Another case to report is a 5 year old who came to her mother saying that her bottom hurt. The mother reported that over the years this child has been in the custody of the father that the mother separated from while she was pregnant because of what the mother alleged to be controlling and impulsively violent behavior. Despite police reports and extensive evidence of dangerous domestic violence, the court ordered 50/50 equal custody to the parents, and for years of this child’s life reports of her screaming as an infant when her diapers were to be changed – she didn’t want anyone touching her body and changing her diapers – and her bizarre adverse reaction to her father when he reached for her, did nothing to dissuade the courts that there was a problem here. Physicians’ reports of vaginal disorders and infections did nothing to dissuade the courts. Police reports, forensic reports through CPS that confirmed the presence of sexual abuse did nothing to disrupt court orders of equal contact, other than that the court assigned supervision of father-daughter contact to his parents and extended family with whom he lives, all of whom lived in the same residence, so that the perpetrator had full and continued access to the child.

When the case was referred to the Foundation, when the protective parent and her family experienced a new nadir of crisis, when the child complained of continued pain “down there,” their frantic requests for help continued as they reached out to the Foundation. The position of the Foundation is that when there is clear and present danger to a child from abuse, we will take every action necessary known to us to make sure that child never returns to the custody of an abuser.

There are many laws and forms of intervention available to protective parents. The fact that they are not instituted by attorneys and other officers of the court is a fact of life. The courts are permeated, infused, littered by a population of amoral to corrupt racketeering partners who know exactly what they are doing, who have a protocol for continuously transferring children into the hands of their abusers for financial remuneration that begins with Title IV funding via partnership with the states’ department of revenue and the ability to pull funds from federal coffers into state programs, which include family court programs, DCS, and pet projects for judges.

Each case must be individually investigated and prosecuted by the IRS and FBI, among many other agencies, but most of all those responsible for child trafficking through the courts must be held accountable through civil court personal injury damages. Five generations of children have been sacrificed, and the rise in crime rate raised among the populations is in part fed by the futility experienced by families and children who have lost their lives through the ministrations of corrupt family  court judges, attorneys, and other court appointed personnel.

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