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Judicial Power To Destroy Lives In League With Attorneys Who Facilitate The Ability Of Predators To Gain Custody  Of The Children They Abuse

Federal financial aid program TItle IV was meant to provide funds and services as aid to dependent children. It was intended to be a wonderful program to protect and rehabilitate vulnerable children and their protective parents by facilitating state mental health and legal programs. This can include rehabilitation and restoration of broken families, families in which one parent has been estranged, a parent deemed critical to their emotional and personality development.

That estrangement should not be construed to include estrangement because of protective orders that should have theoretically or actually been put in place by the court. 

However, the courts have reinterpreted the “need for restoration of a relationship” as one in which one of the parents has been kept from access to the child because of abuse. A parent who has been estranged because the protective parent has managed to keep that individual away or that individual has voluntarily been estranged from the child’s life is now financially incentivized to reenter the child’s life and take possession of it.

The court has chosen to interpret that separation as a parent who has been alienated. Implementing the disputed and debunked concept of Richard Gardner and parental alienation [see the article “Richard Gardner in His Own Words”], the court has appropriated services and funds for dependent children,  labeling the abuse as false allegations and branding the parent protector as an abuser.

In this way the court has joined forces with the incompetent and corrupt services of CPS, a massive incubator of corruption, to siphon off federal funds to the states. These two agencies have provided a windfall of funds for the states from the federal government, totalling in the billions.

Instead of being investigated, attributions of abuse are now automatically denied and viewed as false allegations so that the new aggregation of children ripe for transfer–once protected under the umbrella of abuse victims – now become ripe for transfer, because the allegations of abuse are immediately considered to be false.

The position taken by the courts and justified by the perverted theory put forth by the Gardner concept of parental alienation allows this bonanza of children to come through the pipeline, turning on the spigot for funds from the federal courts. Then this bonanza of funds can be allotted in any way they choose.

Once the children are in the custody of the abuser, the protective parent has no access to them and no credibility in terms of their ability to present evidence of abuse. They cannot themselves communicate what the child has said about abuse. They are suffering in the courts of the sua sponte transfer by the funds-voracious financially driven court, who are tripping over themselves to transfer these children to abusers.

If there is communication and information comes forward from the child that seems dire, the parent is accused of brainwashing the child, influencing the child, because the child is desperate to get back to the protective parent, the “alienator.” The child is charged and branded as a liar.

The parent may then seek help outside the four corners of the death chamber that constitutes the court processes for depriving the child of any independent communication, the court who only appoints evaluators who are part of the pipeline of false allegations and false supporting and/or part of the reunification services now being appointed by the court to further cement and take all the oxygen out of the room.

If the parent seeks professional consultation with independent third party professionals of impeccable character and credibility, then further action is taken by the court to discredit, defame, and purge all access to such individuals. 

That intervention is called an Ex Parte Motion For Temporary Restraining Order And Supporting Memorandum, stating that “immediate and irreparable harm” would result if the parties are allowed to see a non-agreed upon third party.

That ex parte motion contains inflammatory language normally used by the parties reporting the most heinous and depraved acts of abuse against children. Now, attorney language of “irreparable harm” is now being incorporated into legal documents describing those professionals who are in fact mandated reporters reporting abuse, credibly capable by training and experience to accurately report the confidential statements of children who have trusted them with secrets. Now, attorneys are accusing the mandated reporters and experts who are reporting horrendous abuse as the ones who are harming the minor child and tampering with the court process.

Savage multi-millionaires plunder the resources and careers of their mates and then hire equally savage, amoral, depraved attorneys who continue their adventure of plundering and destruction and engagement in personal and financial destruction of their adversaries, their ex partners and their helpless children.

Such is the case as experienced by Jill Jones Soderman, licensed, highly educated, highly degreed, with every credential associated with her field of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and family therapy, licensed in areas of child, adolescent, adult, and family treatment in a practice of nearly 40 years that included institutional care as well as residential treatment of children, adolescents, and adults, all facing psychiatric illnesses of the most severe nature, namely borderline personality disorder and psychotic processes, where she was the professor educator as well as the clinical supervisor of the treatment team involved in the administration of research on human subjects being conducted by the hospital medical teams. She also worked as a partner in the collection of data for the DSM conducted at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons under the direction and supervision of the most famous psychiatric teams of the U.S. and the world. She has an academic profile and references from the most prestigious institutions and the most accredited medical and psychiatric luminaries in the country. 

However, having become engaged as a volunteer with a family suffering from indescribably cruel abuse by a brutal and wealthy parent, Jill Jones Soderman was surrounded and threatened in the hallway of the family court by three certified family court attorneys retained and handsomely paid by the brutal abuser. She was told that if she testified in this case, she would never work in her profession again.

She never had to testify because she had the judge removed, and the case was referred to another judge who successfully and compassionately resolved the case with divorce and separation with agreement for reunification of the mother and her three children to her family in Kansas, which Jill Jones Soderman had facilitated. 

Two days before the family was to leave for Kansas, the judge clicked her heels and ordered the family back to court to be assessed for parental alienation by court-appointed evaluator Paul Dasher, who was afforded immunity and a license to lie, cheat, steal, and murder the oldest child, who, next to his mother, was the subject of the most extreme brutal abuse imaginable.

Dasher assessed the mother as being a parent alienator and transferred custody of the children to New Jersey DCFS, which then essentially turned custody over to the accused abuser and isolated the children from their mother.

The oldest child committed suicide on October 25, 2003 at the age of 12 .

In 2003, the New Jersey licensing board commenced action against Jill Jones Soderman, making false accusations against her in a litigation system that was equivalent to any third world country and any kangaroo court imaginable.

Federal civil rights actions were then commenced by Jill Jones Soderman as a pro se litigant after an attempt of over a year to execute extremely enormously complex legal briefs that were entirely beyond her pay grade, having attempted to work with multiple lawyers and having fired several of them, after having spend about $100,000 in useless litigation fees. It was clear that the court process and the attorneys engaged were enmeshed and the lies perpetrated by the court were not about to be prosecuted by the lawyers that Jill Jones Soderman retained. The lawyers were enmeshed with the court, aggressively asserting the need to cooperate and to engage in the process of regaining her license by recanting her allegations against all parties involved in the murder of this child, who was driven to his death by this corrupt court system and medical system that cooperated with the court.

Not only did those lawyers encourage cooperation with the court, but they also falsified documentation that she had prepared, submitting documents that were thoroughly contrary to her approval, behind her back. When she learned that documents had been submitted without her consent, without her knowledge, she fired and sued the lawyers involved in their complicity in undermining her attempt to prosecute the bad actors that she meant to litigate against.

Finally Jill Jones Soderman decided that instead of seeking to defend herself, a pyrrhic adventure that was not about to be accomplished, she would redefine her career.

Her nearly 40 years of licensed practice in four states, a lucrative and prestigious career working with state prosecutors, attorneys general, psychiatrists, and other luminaries, had been obliterated. That career had been desecrated and condemned.

Instead, she resurrected her career in the spirit of her tortured, damaged, and desecrated child patient, who was rescued and then destroyed, officers of the court and associated court actors.

The Foundation was developed in the name of litigation and prosecution of those who with conscious intent and malevolence seek to destroy protective parents and vulnerable children.

The protective orders and restraining orders being issued by predator attorneys and courts who are henchmen enactors of crimes against children for monetizing Title IV and perverting the good intent of dependent children acts  by creating a pipeline to their own bank accounts. These court actors are the enemies of a democratic society. The FCVFC seeks to litigate and prosecute against these enemies of democracy. 

For the past nearly 18 years, the Foundation has grown in knowledge and experience as well as courage. The cases before us, with the intent of destroying protective parents and their children, present actors who have created the newest nadir in predatory legal practices. 

Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution and federal practice provide remedies, and the inestimably brilliant scholarly legal, forensic, and psychiatric scholars of the Foundation have no problem whatsoever taking on the task at hand.

Third-party restraining orders are now being met with interventions to rescue the exploited and eviscerated federal program to aid children, Title IV.




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