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Letter from a Passionate Advocate

Capt. Surender Malhan is a passionate advocate with whom the FCVFC has had an ongoing correspondence since 2017. We want to thank him for his kind reference to us in this letter to Senator Gopal.



From Capt. Surender Malhan (retd.)

To: Senator Vin Gopal, Sen. D.O. []

Dear Senator Gopal,

This email is attached as pdf and is also available at –

Thank you for taking time out to reply.

New Jersey Legislature does not exist and has never existed, or has zero jurisdiction over Family Courts and over anyone enabling evil, injustice, crime and corruption in family courts — this is what a person will conclude if he reads the document attached – “Complaint-Malhan v State of NJ Filed 102522.pdf”

I have legal counsel since April 2013 and I have appealed to higher courts — State and Federal – “several times” and I have filed several ethics complaints.

Kindly please know, what I write (give and take more or less), same has been the experience of every litigant in every family court, in every State all over the United States of America.

In every family court all over America, one or both litigants and children are fighting for “dear life” – for the “right to live!”

I have legal counsel since April 2013 – Paul Alexander Clark. I think it will be fair to say, I am alive today only because of him.

Paul Clark is an ex-US Marine who served in Afghanistan when the soviets occupied Afghanistan (embedded with CIA) and he served during Operation Desert Storm.

Paul Clark’s father – Bruce Thomas Clark (passed away in Jan 2022), was a Purple Heart. Bruce Clark served in Vietnam – US Army Special Forces. He was wounded in Vietnam War and had a leg amputated.

When any person plants a tree, it helps the planet, it helps us all.

When any person fights evil, injustice, crime and corruption – it helps make the world a safer place for “you, your children, your grandchildren” and for all of us.

Since April 2013, Paul Alexander Clark, an ex-Marine has been fighting with incredible courage in all courts – State and Federal – to help make our world a better place for your children, for all children, for all parents. Please can you or anyone in the legislature say “Thank you Paul! Thank you for your incredible courage! Thank you for going above and beyond the call of Duty!”

Please may I know, if you know, what happens when we have a honest, courageous attorney like Paul Clark – fighting in our courts – evil, injustice, crime and corruption?

On September 11, 2017 in court of Judge David B Katz, myself and Paul Clark watched in horror as Judge David B Katz who masterminded the kidnapping and psychological murder of my children – executed his plan with Robert Kornitzer from Law firm of Pashman Stein Walder Hayden (PSWH).

Knowing that something gravely illegal has happened, within few months, Robert Kornitzer left the Law firm of Pashman Stein Walder Hayden and then Tracy Julian took over the case i.e., representing Alina Myronova (fraudster from Ukraine).

In 2020 Judge Katz passed unimaginable, sweeping unconstitutional gag orders. Myself represented by Paul Clark filed a new federal lawsuit challenging the gag order. On evening of July 7, 2020, Judge Katz was served at his residence.

Within hours of being served, Judge Katz sent 3 State Troopers in plain clothes, armed and having no body camera — to my residence and to my office – looking for me and Paul Clark. For several minutes they angrily pounded my door. Thank God I did not open my door!

In next few days/weeks, Judge Katz asked one of his staff to file an ethics complaint against Paul Clark. This investigation is ongoing and hearings are due to begin in about 2 months.

Despite grave risk to his career, Paul Clark has continued to stand by me like a rock.

Please know, we have a simple, one line proof, that the ethics complaint Judge Katz filed against Paul Clark is cold blooded retaliation for fighting evil, injustice, crime and corruption. “Follow the money”. Follow how much money has Judge Katz and the Judge after him – Judge Terri Bottinelli have helped Tracy Julian from PSWH earn in “illegal” legal fees – well over $3 million (and ordered that I pay $2.2 million of this and accounted this as “child support backlog”).

AND, lets “follow the money”, how much money has Paul Clark made since April 2013? Paul Clark is working virtually “pro-bono”. Well over 90% or may be over 95% of the work Paul does for me, is “pro-bono”. Paul Clark is an Ex-Marine who served in Afghanistan and in Operation Desert Storm. His Father Bruce Clark – a Purple Heart, US Special Forces, wounded in war, amputee, – served in Vietnam.

Please may I know if you or, if you can find one legislator who can say, “Thank You Paul Clark for the incredible courage you have shown in fighting evil, injustice, crime and corruption!”

Please know this is happening all over the country.

I know of one other honest attorney Evita Tolu who is being retaliated against. Evita Tolu’s client’s daughter – “Mikaela Haynes was fourteen years old when she took her own life on 11-24-2018 by hanging herself in her family home.” — Death Sentence in Family Courts!

Catherine Kassenoff – an attorney and former federal prosecutor who once worked for Gov. Kathy Hochul – lost her children, lost everything, and for a while she was homeless. She passed away recently – her life cut short by several years. — Death Sentence in Family Courts!

Attorney Dr. Leon Koziol, please read about his life and achievements at –  He lost his children, and for fighting crime and corruption, the State took away his license to practice Law, and on August 24, 2023 he lost his life – he went down bravely fighting evil, injustice, crime and corruption in our family courts. — Death Sentence in Family Courts!

On Oct. 5, 2005, a twelve year old boy Islam Elkaryoney, (New Jersey) committed suicide – victim of family courts. The psychologist in that case was Dr. Paul Dasher – the same Psychologist hired by Tracy Julian from PSWH – who aided and abetted in kidnapping and psychological murder of my children. — Death Sentence in Family Courts!

On Oct 6, 2022, 11:25 PM – Victoria Hong Kasperski, a recent victim of Judge David Katz sent me a message:  “Hi Surender, I need to talk to you to see what you’ve gone through with David Katz.  He’s killing me.  Please call me at 973-885-7701.  He’s been my judge for a year and I can’t be doing this for another few years with David Katz. Please give me a call.”

Victoria Hong too filed federal law suits against Judge Katz. I heard Victoria Hong tell me, that in court, Judge Katz mocked at Victoria Hong – said words to the effect that several law suits have been filed against him and nobody can touch him.

Please google and study the work of few BRAVE journalists such as – Jill Jones Soderman, Keith Harmon Snow, Michael Volpe, Paul Argen, MaryAnn Petri, Ginger Gentile, Frank Parlato, Christine Morrison, Janice Wolk Grenadier, Dr. Leon Koziol (died Aug 24, 2023), Eric Carroll, Megan Fox, Dr. Richard Cordero, Wayne Dolcefino and Marti Oakley.

Recently Mark Momjian who also teaches Law at University of Pennsylvania, Temple, and Widener Law Schools — called my attorney Paul Clark. For several years he has been following my Federal Cases especially the one that has now like a ping-pong ball gone back on Appeal to the Third Circuit (2nd time). Mark Momjian said he will write an Amicus-Brief. He said he has been using pleadings from my case as course material for his lectures (Law Students).

Legislators make Laws. For what? To protect criminals or to protect “we the people” from evil, injustice, crime and corruption?

If we have Legislators, then how can we have Evil, Injustice, Crime, Corruption and Death Sentence in Family Courts?

It is the moral and legal duty to at the very least – to be aware of evil, injustice, crime and corruption – that is happening in broad daylight in every family court, right in front of our eyes.

What does it say, what does it mean, if a legislator says words to the effect that “there is no evil, injustice, crime and corruption”.

What does it say, what does it mean, if a legislator or anyone ignores my emails?

For how long can we bury our heads in the sand? For how long can we be in denial?

Every Cigarette pack has a warning “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health!”

Should every Citizen, every human being be warned – “If you enter the Family Court, (a) there is a high chance your children will be kidnapped and psychologically murdered. (b) your entire life’s savings / earnings, past, current and future earnings – will be extracted out. (c) your life span will be cut short by at least 10 years. (d) Every day you and your children will be fighting for dear life – for your right to live!”

Kindly please read the copy of my federal complaint attached. It has clear and convincing evidence of “pure evil, injustice, crime and corruption”, in Family Courts, CPS and Guardianship/Conservatorship.

Please can you look at your aide in the eye and say — “you are safe, your children are safe!”
Catherine Kassenoff was not safe – she was an attorney and former federal prosecutor who once worked for Gov. Kathy Hochul, yet she and her children were not safe!

A simple question is – how can any legislature say “we have successfully enforced humanity, honesty and integrity in every department of the government except in Family Courts and DCPP/CPS!”

If I am a lawmaker and if I have a drop of humanity, if I truly care for my children, I would make it known – “I am studying, observing, analyzing this case – Myronova v. Malhan – the biggest criminal case in US family court history!” And I would have congressional hearings, public hearings ASAP!

We have public hearings for Cannabis. We don’t have any public hearings for (a) death sentence in family courts. (b) NJ Legislature having no jurisdiction over Family Courts. (c) Kidnapping and Psychological murder of children in family courts and DCPP/CPS.  (d) Bank of Litigants robbed in Family Courts. (e) Our Constitution ceases to exist in Family Courts and DCPP/CPS., etc.

Public hearings can take weeks, months, years. The immediate, most powerful, most effective step a person having active human genes is expected to take is – to announce – “I am studying, observing, analyzing this case – Myronova v. Malhan – the biggest criminal case in US family court history!”

Enjoy Your Day.

Capt. Surender Malhan. (retd.)

President and CTO.


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