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Murder For Hire – Contract Killing Via Removal Of Custody Orders In Place Against Established Violent Abusers

Judges in Connecticut, such as Jane Kupferman Grossman and  Judge Mark T. Gould have  provided preferential treatment to wealthy aggressors who range from the diagnosably insane, babbling-on-the-stand schizophrenics to so-called moneyed professionals such as lawyers and dentists.

Apart from the restricted licenses related to drug abuse and shady reputations for fraud, plagiarism and a variety of secrets and lies, predators come in all forms, but as long as they are rich or have some kind of deliverable / usefulness, these judges will find a way to exsanguinate all of the resources of the Protective Parent desperately seeking to shield their children from terrible abuse at the hands of an obsessed abuser and a sadistic psychopathic character disordered judge.

The evidence is in the transcripts and in the news unless the writers leave out things like facts and soften the language or simply leave out critical information dealing with who, what, when and why.

Judges such as Gould and Grossman in Connecticut family courts  empower  the abusers. To the winner goes the spoils – money, marital assets, the children as sources of sexual gratification.

In one such case, a lawyer commanded a retainer of $250k, more of a slush fund for pay-offs than a retainer, to retain the scum-of-the-earth pretender psychologists who lied, cheated and stole to further pervert the legal process by  defaming the protective parent, destroying their professional career, reputation, stealing their children, their  home, their financial assets and that of their own extended family assets.

In the court of Grossman, she leaves no survivors. Young children escaping from their vile abuser are kept from the protective parent  they sought desperately to unite with, but Grossman imposes protective orders against the protective parent, leaving the children helpless and effectively homeless.

No mercy for children who ardently, bravely and clearly fought for their own protection from abuse as they reported, wrote about and then ran, refusing to be returned.

The lawyer for the psychiatrically ill litigant abuser, conscienceless, bested her opposition. Her eidetic memory allowed her to spew random passages of law that appear to support some legal position or other, as discovery and examination of facts never reached the light of day in the Gould Court, who stated that the babblings of a psychotic madman made more sense to Judge Gould  than anyone else in the room.

The ridiculous commentary so well understood by Judge Gould went unchallenged by the incompetent, emotionally overcome with rage sputtering lawyer retained by the protective parent. Her  far smaller retainer fee was mocked on the stand  by the babbling insanity of the abuser.

The meandering idiocy of testimony punctuated by confrontations of objections upheld on behalf of the lawyer for the abuser, dismissed on behalf of the lawyer for the protective parent deeply resembled the environment of   the mad hatter’s tea party out of Alice In Wonderland.

The addition of phrases such as “off with her head” was reminiscent of the proceedings of Jane Kupferman Grossman as she acts as a one-woman cast of many, altering as judge, jury, and the gleeful executioner, as well as witness for the prosecution.

The transcripts and legal filings of Grossman trials are a treasure trove of discovery for autocratic  imposition of unconscionable, vicious, eviscerating humiliation of the litigant she clearly wishes to decimate, along with the slobbering, slathering,  praise heaped upon the litigant whose largess she has chosen to accept, the largess established by the legal team that drags out trials to increase the carnage of spoils shared by the packs of hyenas that surround, isolate, and then move in for the kill when marital and personal assets have been satisfactorily subsumed and disgorged to the waiting court-appointed officers of the court.

The mealy-mouthed reporting of so-called advocates and journalists who regurgitate half-truths, watered down facts that skirt the truth of fraud, corruption, murder and sexual abuse of children facilitate the rotten core of a corrupt court system.

The family court system across the U.S. has become a trafficking ground to extort federal funds to the states by  the use of Title IV funds earmarked to be used to for the care and protection of deprived and abused children. Title IV has allocated the population of abusers defended by the Gardner apologist for the defense of child sexual abuse and abusers as an endless source of the “disenfranchised.”

Those once excluded from custody and control have now become the new abundant resource population for candidates for rehabilitation in the upside down, inside out of the madness perpetrated by Gardner and the creation of a massive victim population by the court fiat  of judicial discretion and the dismissal of or simple denial of the weight and relevance of evidence driven by the denial of the very existence of child sexual abuse.

The family court system across the U.S.A. has created a population to be rehabilitated as a discriminated-against category of victims by dint of having been “accused.”

The vulnerable subjects are stripped from protection to the sole custody of an abuser who would drive little children to thoughts and plans of  suicide because of multiple forms of predatory abuse.



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