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The Cannibal Courts – Devouring Our Young! Judges Removing Protective Orders – Protective Parents  Murdered

Judge Jane Gallina Mecca is known to have directly facilitated the death of several Protective Parents by having removed long- standing Protective Orders that were in place in states other than New Jersey.

Among the well publicized cases was that of Alicia Arnone.

Judge Gallina – Mecca removed a Protective Order, allowing custody contact to resume with the established perpetrator of harm. The violent murder that followed, stabbing the young mother in the head nine times had a witness to the presence of the murderer.

Alicia Arnone’s mother has been left to care for her grandchild, as their lives are in shambles and they are forced into hiding, as is the case with the great majority of crime victims who are subject to the fast and loose directives  of judges who seek to dismantle custody with secrets that need not to be hidden by subjects who require protection.

The FCVFC has on a long standing basis taken the position that judges who commit crimes against litigants, in violation of Due Process, Abuse of Process and outright identifiably criminal behavior, which is documented by the experts with whom the FCVFC works, are to be reported to the FBI for removing children from protective parents  where spouses known to have committed violent crimes then murdered the spouse once protected.

In one case a New York protective order against the violent litigant was removed, because, Gallina-Mecca said, “New Jersey is not New York.” While New York has its own monster lawless  judicial miscreants, Judge Jane Gallina Mecca  has been identified as a judge whose arrogance, hubris and disdain for litigant rights presents a danger to the community and to Democratic society.

Judge Gallina – Mecca was  referred to and accepted by the FBI as a case for investigation. It has been the practice for years to report judges alleged to be engaged not only in malevolent abuse of court process, Due Process, among other forms of legal intervention and confrontation but also to be engaged in racketeering, collusion and case fixing with wealthy litigants.

In addition to Judge Gallina Mecca of Bergen County, New Jersey, promoted to Presiding Judge for Bergen County Family Court, there are numerous other judges across the US who engage in exactly the same abuse of power practices, sentencing children to the horrors of being isolated in the custody of abusers via the so-called reunification treatments, serviced by the frauds perpetrated by licensing boards providing support services for lawless family court judges to put a “legal seal” on high-priced racketeering and child trafficking carnage.

Family Courts across the country are sealing the fates of children, removing them from loving, safe environments where children are thriving,  via the support of a profession that does not exist, “reunification” therapy. “Reunification therapy” is an outgrowth of the cottage industry of the Gardner-driven parental alienation theory that invokes the false concept that child sexual abuse does not exist. The Gardner false narrative and the torture protocol of “reunification therapy”   exist as a designated provider of torture, as labelled by the United Nations Counsel.

So-called reunification therapy is a practice that routinely uses deprivation, gaslighting, lies, threats, coercion, false narratives as form of persuasion, subliminal influence, many forms of deprivation to coerce children into compliance.

Astronomical fees are associated with the practices of sadistic, cruel executioners of family court missions to drive funds to court providers and federal funds into state coffers under Title IV, Aid to Dependent Children, by designating children protected from abusers as deprived of the presence of a parent who is being “wrongfully accused of abuse,” when in fact the abuse is real, the torture is real, the depravity and lies are real and the sadism and cruelty of court practitioners and officers of the court across the USA are real, just as real as the suffering implemented by dominatrix “therapists”.

Judges who have removed Protective Orders exist all over the country as they preside over family court custody and the now ingrained process of transferring children into the custody and isolation of abusers. Publication of judges responsible for the murder of litigants has not existed as far as is visible to the best of our knowledge.

That fact is about to change as the FCVFC intends to defend the civil rights of the children of their murdered parents and the rights of the murdered parents violated by judges who were instrumental in causing the deaths.

The FCVFC is reporting malfeasance, fraud, child trafficking, and the production of pornography made possible by judges who “overlook” the bad acts of abusers being awarded custody in their courts. Reporting on each judge and all court actors associated with crimes against children and Protective Parents is disseminated to the FBI, Judicial Review Boards, Bar associations, Department of Justice and state politicians to create a public record and a warning.

Civil litigation holding judges accountable as well as damages cases are additional vehicles of prosecution to hold the depraved, lawless misconduct of court actors once under the impression they were beyond the law, in fact accountable to the law, which indeed does exist.

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