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Judges are Not Above and Beyond the Law, Not Even New Jersey Family Court Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca

By Guest Co-Contributors (experts on dangerous personality disorders)

Despotic personalities are alike in many ways.  Think of Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, “Papa Doc” Duvalier, and Marshall Applewhite.  An irrational hatred was the substrate of feeling that drove their dangerousness.

Not only were they corrupt, but they were insane.  Which came first?  We do not know, but power did not help their growing pattern of greater and greater brazenness, arrogance, and delusions of grandeur that made them believe they could flaunt every law, every rule of human decency, and get away with it.

A notorious judge, Jane Gallina-Mecca, was reported in the Washington Post for trying to violate free speech rights (“Family Court Judge Orders Bergen Dispatch To Remove News Article”).  Now she is doing it again.

Recently she instructed the party she favors in a case to threaten the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts to take down two articles she did not like—even though the Foundation did its own independent research and is covered by the First Amendment.  The party she favors is a father medically evaluated by two internationally-renowned professionals and diagnosed with “psychopathy,” one of the most dangerous psychiatric disorders known to humankind.  They declared him an extreme danger to his children.

But under this judge, he has full, unsupervised custody.

Astonishingly, the judge was party in yet another report by the Washington Post (“First Amendment challenge to broad gag order on family court litigants”), for issuing broad gag orders against protective parents whose due process rights she was violating.  She tried to dismiss a lawsuit against her and the New Jersey family court, where a respected local reporter accused her of issuing orders without making reference “to any findings of fact, conclusions of law, or any oral statement of reasons.”  This local reporter, extolled as a champion of human rights, died tragically under suspicious circumstances just two days after her motion to dismiss was denied and his request to amend his lawsuit granted.

Therefore, Judge Gallina-Mecca continues her practice to this day: she recently threatened the protective parent of this case with imprisonment for breaking a “seal” that she gave neither notice nor stated reasons for—while allowing the true abuser of his children and attempted murderer of his spouse to go free.

Many observers of family courts have seen a pattern play out over and over, so much that they call it a “playbook.”  In the midst of the threats and denials, mental manipulations, and gaslighting games that abusers play, family courts find unique opportunities to rule over their subjects.

If you, for example, have the rare courage to say, “My child has been abused…,” you will be ridiculed as a liar, there will be an immediate custody transfer, and all contact with your children will be suspended.  In fact, your civil rights, such as your First Amendment right to free speech and the right to due process, will be abrogated, as will the human rights of the children.

The accused abuser, on the other hand, will be exonerated by any means, and no amount of medical documentation or evidence that would meet the criminal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” will count.  Instead, if your level of proof is too high, you may face any number of court-approved hired guns as “experts” to fabricate false reports against you.  This is exactly what has happened in Judge Gallina-Mecca’s court.

Despotic personalities do not use judicial authority to help or protect; they use it to show what a judge can get away with: deny abuse allegations, suppress evidence, obstruct investigations, and intimidate and threaten witnesses.  Contempt charges are meant to retaliate against and to imprison those who engage in legal procedures to try to protect vulnerable children.

Family court is governed more by judicial discretion than actual law, thus permitting judicial indiscretion, violations of the law, abuse of process, and virtually no oversight, to the point of becoming a practice of such widespread profiteering that it amounts to child trafficking.  Every year, 58,000 abused children are transferred to their abusive parent, and 1 in 5 children who are murdered by their parents have been ordered there by family courts.  This is an undercount, as it is impossible to report an accurate number of suicides, “accidental” deaths, murders, and incidents of family violence that stem from the injuries that cruel and sadistic judges and associated court actors inflict.

This is a reason why the director of this Foundation, with four decades of experience defending children in the trenches, calls family courts “the killing fields.”

The practice of forcibly transferring children into the hands of predators has become so routine and widespread, a recent National Institute of Justice Family Court Outcomes Study concluded that it would be more correct to reverse every decision made.

The corrupt alternate upside-down universe of Judge Gallina-Mecca exemplifies this national crisis.  She has repeatedly demonstrated in the world that comprises her fiefdom consisting of her court that she can twist, dissemble, prevaricate, strongarm, and manipulate those in her sphere of influence or those she can intimidate into submission by maneuvering court procedures, court orders, and appointing experts willing to lie, cheat, and steal to accomplish ends she has set forth on behalf of her “chosen” litigant—that is, the one with money.

Judge Gallina-Mecca’s “chosen people” are litigants to whom she transfers the children, who are considered property, chattel, awards of custody, for where the children go also goes the money.

The protective parent and her children are the “scapegoats”, and in the above case, the children have not seen their mother nor been to the only house they grew up in all their lives through Thanksgiving, their mother’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, Lunar New Year’s, all their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and their beloved grandmother’s feast day, which all happened to fall at this time.  Instead, they are imprisoned with the man they call “that maniac,” with whom even the prospect of spending a few hours was so intolerable they tried to set the house on fire to escape that “torture” that is “worse than death.”  This is no surprise, since he is a man who almost killed his infant daughter when he “flung” her into the air to land head first onto a concrete and metal floor; who almost crushed his son’s skull and rendered him blind but ignored his screams of pain; with whom almost every encounter resulted in an injury, which he sometimes recounted with glee; and who nearly murdered their mother four times in just six months

Perhaps worse is his “soul murder,” through coercive control—not allowing them to have their own thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, or be their own persons—which is catastrophic for budding personhoods trying to form in the first place.  All so as to cater to the warped needs of a defective father.

The destructive, destabilizing, and deconstructing impact on these children who were once healthy, happy, and thriving cannot be overstated.  Much like psychopathic insanity in individuals, the pathology of family courts remains largely unknown, until one is unfortunate enough to become its tragic victim.  Yet at one time or another nearly half of American families will find themselves impacted by our family courts.

No doubt there are judges who are dedicated, fair, and reasonable.  But far too many are despotic, out of control, and without minimally adequate supervision, oversight, or accountability.

It is for this reason that family courts require major reform in ways that will stop this holocaust: no judge is above and beyond the law, and no court should be in the business of wreaking havoc on families for profit.

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