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Dumbing Down Credentials for Court Appointed Evaluators: Captive Audiences Caught in the Bind of Corruption and Incompetence Face Losing Custody Faster and Cheaper

In a recent custody decision generated by a court in Oregon, an established abuser parent who murdered her husband, the father of her child, via the auspices of DCFS was able to maintain parental rights and decision making for the child, even though she was in prison. DCFS failed to protect the child from abuse based on the evidence brought to the agency by the protective parent, who was ultimately murdered.

Further steps were taken to suppress the damning evidence against the abuser parent, which was never addressed by DCFS. This, despite the fact that they were in full knowledge of the evidence of this mother’s abuse of her child with a potential diagnosis of Munchausen by Proxy. DCFS suppressed the fact that they were fully aware of the mother’s abuse and that her charges against the father of the child were false, as per written DCFS reports.

Clearly to cover their tracks, DCFS proceeded to place a façade of defense via support for the offender parent, murderer of the innocent parent, which paved the way for the offender to be able to direct the course of custody support to be afforded to the family of the abuser. The family of the abuser were documented to have been the abusers of the parent who became the murderer of her child’s father.

She then sealed the deal for custody transfer of the child to go to the family that abused her and where there was evidence that the child now in their custody was entirely isolated and removed from all public scrutiny by the auspices of DCFS and family court in Oregon.

The evaluator appointed by the court purported to be a licensed clinical social worker. However, not only was this individual not licensed, but the report that she prepared was incompetent and illiterate, replete with lies, misrepresentation, deceitful distortion and defamation (not only of the grandparent who sought custody of the child but also of the deceased, the murdered father).

The court appointed Jan Falk of Oregon, Family Resolution Center of the Cascades, who filed false reports against a vulnerable subject. This unlicensed individual, whose company appears to have been awarded other custody assignments, went on to defame and publicly vaunt criticism and gossip about the case and persons from whom custody had been removed as a result of her nefarious act. Jan Falk, who lists herself as MSW LCSW, of Family Resolution of the Cascades in Bend, Oregon, has violated every fiduciary duty and oath and confidentiality oath imaginable, and yet she has continued to face no consequences whatsoever from the family court of Oregon. Jan Falk’s so-called expert report paved the way for the award of custody to the family of the mother who murdered her husband and who are noted to have had a troubled personal history of their own, a history that would have been disqualifying if facts were properly disclosed and investigated and understood.

Multiple other violations of ethical practice and responsible court appointments of professionals are being seen throughout the country via the appointments of so-called family reunification services and professionals, individuals who are generically credentialed as professional counselors with no specific, in-depth training in the multiplicity of areas relevant to diagnosis and treatment of complex biological, medical and psychological issues. In brief, the most unqualified are given the responsibility to make decisions that impact lifelong consequences to children, their families and society as a whole.

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Reunification therapy is an area of practice that does not exist and is a fabrication of the court meant to facilitate the processes established to fit into the racketeering network that has facilitated family court fraud by the transfer of children and their captive audience, the protective parent. The network of licensing that supports the lack of credentials and training of people who should never have been given the authority to engage in any kinds of services to families and children, much less those under the autocratic directives of the court, now have the keys to the kingdom of life-altering decisions that involve literally life and death, intense suffering to targeted, vulnerable populations all under color of law and deep state secrecy.

In short, families who are captive audiences are placed at the mercy of the discretion of an authoritarian populace of so-called therapists who have no training, no expertise, and no moral compunction when it comes to sacrificing children for personal financial and prestige  advantage. The licensing under the generic term of state therapists or counselors is completely inadequate to the level of scientific training and accountability that professionals should be held. Further, the mandate to report fraud, malpractice and malfeasance on the part of experts who contest the credentials and lack of expertise and who confront the dangerousness of these officers of the court are placed in the crosshairs of the conflict in reporting bad behavior on the part of so-called colleagues as they themselves become the target of state prosecution. These are issues being studied and addressed by the experts associated with the FCVFC.

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