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Gaining Control Of Your Family Court Custody Case

The decision to report child abuse when that abuse is connected to and conducted by members of the system of medical, mental health, government, police, or court authorities that are associated with violating the fiduciary responsibility for the protection of children and authorities who are subject to the care and protection of children is a critical issue.

That issue becomes complicated when the authorities who are failing to report child abuse are themselves the perpetrators of abuse.

Children have long been objects of exploitation. Child labor has been exploited as a result of child labor laws that emanated from circumstances that should have long before shocked the conscience of civilized populations. The benefits of child exploitation by governments and institutional authority – courts, police, child protective agencies — wavered between the concerns around the benefits of child exploitation and humanitarian concerns. The valence that tipped the balance has always been cash flow and the power of the purse.

Humanitarian concerns that are motivated by the long-range picture as to benefits to society and future socialization, acculturation, peace and prosperity are driven by education, dissemination and access to literacy, plurality and the rule of law based on shared respect for diversity and the power of mutual cooperation. Contradictory forces of autocratic dominance, control based on brute force, threats, intimidation, prejudice, isolation of those subject to authority through failure to report abuses of power and exploitation degrade the viability of the entire population to grow, prosper and progress.

Similarly, the conflict over the benefits of exploitation of children and their accessibility to exploitation have been found in the criminal world of the sexual exploitation of children through the use of pornography,  prostitution/child trafficking as has been experienced in the functioning of the family courts across the USA who have emulated the practice of the criminal mind via the adoption and implementation of the debunked concept of parental alienation advanced by the Gardner theories dealing with children as sexual beings (see article here).

The idea is promulgated that sexual abuse does not exist and all who profess abuse are liars, and this includes the children who indicate harm promulgated by an adult. The driving concept of fear, threats, intimidation and simple answers to complex questions are consolidated to dismiss complex claims.

Claims that are by nature criminal and subject to severe penalty and which would under normal practice require discovery and evidentiary review are dumbed down to the barest elements so that  all claims of abuse are dismissed. The Complainants  who raise such issues are instantly dismissed as liars. They have become subject to court administrative decisions demanding loss of custody, isolation of the subject child in the custody of the accused abuser, without Due Process investigation. Sua Sponte – the accused abuser is exonerated and the accuser/victim becomes the instant subjects of false allegations, accusations and punishment.

Motivations for the simplification and streamlining of arduous legal processes were complemented with the generation of a complex cottage industry of anti intellectual, anti scientific / medical /psychological practices. The rewards for those capitalizing on the shortcut to exoneration of capital crimes committed within a family context created a new market for those capitalizing on a population vulnerable to criminal prosecution by providing a get out of jail free argument that has no basis in reality, morality or legitimacy. The arguments promulgated by Bar associations and mouthed by lawyers whose amoral representations result in the destruction of children and families have become the foundations for the support to children’s transfers to the custody of documented abusers across the USA as a practice that has developed and matured over the past 50 years.

As the unmitigated pathological concepts promoted by the Gardner theories have taken hold of the USA family court systems which include dependency, juvenile and family courts in all jurisdictions across the country, the erosion of Due Process, Legal Process and Black letter law has succumbed to the abuses of power underwritten by the paralyzing fear that encompasses litigants subject to the coercive controls of sadistic, character disordered judges who have been chosen by their cohorts to populate courts driven by profit motive and disregard for the public interest.

The direction of what the FCVFC has documented is the growth since the 1980’s of malevolent practices  that capitalized on defending a criminal population motivated by threat of prosecution for crimes against children and crimes that also involved domestic violence, violence against women as a protected population and crimes against children, an unprotected population having no legal rights and no representation.

Family court is a unique entity as defined by the exemptions of judicial discretion and Absolute immunity of judges within their professional capacity. That which is little known and less popularized is that judicial immunity is regulated by boundaries within a professional role and when those boundaries are acceded, Immunity is limited and responsibility in a personal capacity becomes an entity to be reckoned with.

Just as Richard Gardner MD  promulgated the unfounded, unscientific  theories indicating children to be sexual exploiters of adults, the Bar Associations across the country leached onto a theory that mitigated the need for discovery and scientific, medical expert testimony. Bar associations across the country are teaching courses on how lawyers should support the Gardner concept of parental alienation and all aspects promulgated by the rapidly expanding illegal practices of the cottage industry related to the many co conspirators facilitating via the malpractice of professionals both psychological and legal practitioners associated with the amoral practice of transferring children into the custody of abusers by promoting a “don’t believe your lying eyes” alternate reality where fact is fiction and fiction is science fiction.

Here is an example of the advertisement and promotion of reunification in cases using parental alienation. This is the article that the United Nations uses to show that parental alienation is a form of torture.

The public must become aware – it is not aware at all at this time – that the American bar is promoting practices that are antithetical to the interest of parents in protecting their children. We are dealing with what should be a protected population protected by American democracy and the US Constitution.

Under color of law, bar associations across the country are guiding legal practitioners in a direction of selling out their clients in the public interest for profit motives driven by driving federal funds into state coffers via the manipulation of title IV programs. Title IV programs administer aid to dependent needy children by redefining children who are endangered as per the harm inflicted by violent and sexual predators. By redefining these groups as having been impaired and blocked to access to parents who were improperly defined as bad actors these children are immunized against rescue from the abuser. Accurate allegations against those from whom children should be protected have now been reversed and the wolf is guarding the henhouse as a source of continued and sustained food supply.

The funds that are being moved from federal to state coffers are funding the destruction of children and families across the county and contributing to the undermining of the health and welfare of the general population at large. The children who are forced into the custody of abusers whose lives were once ensconced in safety and protection are now in predatory situations that disrupt health and development. The population of children that has been generated since the 1980s is one that the Foundation is stating are the population of mass murderers, serial killers, drug addicted, alcohol addicted, population that are the “survivors” of abuse. The family courts across the country are as per the opinion of FCVFC experts entirely responsible for a rise in the undoing of  at least 5 generations of children who remain psychiatrically and educationally deprived, deranged and incapable of acting as functional citizens in a democratic society.

The legacy of 5 generations of the courts terrorizing the population had an incremental impact on the quantity and quality of an adult population capable of functioning in a democratic society. The rise of violent rhetoric and destruction of a level of social morality and respect for equity and pluralism we attribute to the erosion of the social structure of the family within American life directly as result of the abuses of judicial power inflicted on a vulnerable unsuspecting naïve public.

The combination of fear and disbelief on the public’s behalf has generated a blanket of silence and a conspiracy of fear of reporting the abuses of judicial authority and of legal professionals. The failure of a mandated reporting system has greatly contributed to an erosion of public mutual respect and deference for competing opinions. However, there is no opinion when it comes to physical sexual and emotional abuse of children. These are actions that have clear parameters and clear markers for diagnosis and treatment. The  illiterate and perfidious groups of professionals that propagate all fields of mental health, litter the courts with the detritus of their lies by stating that children, even babies cannot bring testimony against their abusers because of failures of articulation ranging from ignorance to despicable liars as the behavioral and emotional markers of abuse, consistent in the diagnosis of trauma and terror. Dogs who pancake and pee and shit on the floor when faced with an abuser – horses who whinny and scream, buck and rear when faced with an abuser are no less clear than children whose language of terror and torture speak volumes to what they have experienced. The despicable prevarications of those who condemn a life of fear and torture via family court officers of the court and so called experts who lie, cheat and steal their ways into court records, then sealed to protect their criminal activity must be held accountable..

Statements from those parents paralyzed with fear, or those protecting their wealth, their comfortable lifestyles, new relationships and marriages, with hopes of new children may not rest in peace for the knowledge that is embedded in their psyches. The privilege of not acting to speak on behalf of brutalized children, placed by court officers and officials whose character disorders match that of the abusers with whom these predators have ensconced these victims must find ways of overcoming their paralysis in order to act for the benefit of children.



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