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What Litigants Involved In High Conflict Family Court Custody Litigation Need To Know In Order To Make Accurate Decisions Related To Legal Representation

Litigants subject to family court high conflict custody litigation as of 2023 have already been subject to more than 50 years of the age of Richard Gardner debunked concept of parental alienation and the concept of children as sexual predators.

These unscientific, counter intuitive, contrary to scientific authority ideas have populated the family court process involving transfer of vulnerable, innocent children into the isolation and full custody of documented abusers.

The documentation ignored by family courts who have become the gateway for child trafficking and racketeering corruption facilitated by transfer of federal funds to states under Title IV aid to dependent and abused children. See this article on Title IV.

The definition of dependent abused children has been converted from children who are protected from being subject to the atrocities to children who have been “brain washed” into thinking they were abused. Protective parents have been redefined as abusers, as “alienators”, in fact themselves, perhaps, violent, mentally deranged predators. In this scenario, the good parent’s rights have been violated by conniving co-parents who are seeking an advantage in the division of marital assets and child support. Title IV by definition redefines the positions, and the state is paid for the programs they implement to correct the “imbalance” and restore “order”.

The department of revenue has become the bill collector for the predator and the predator has become the gateway for funneling massive amounts of taxpayer money to programs that support the facilitators of a world that has become infected by the brain rotting venereal disease of financial fraud at the expense of children and the vulnerable, naïve, ignorant population that seeks to protect them.

The process  described is so counterintuitive and so counter to the lore that accompanies constitutional law and a democratic republic that the sane normal public entertains such statements as something between blasphemy, insanity, and cajolery.

Litigants who find themselves in the crisis of high conflict custody litigation find themselves in urgent need of legal advice. Based on life experience as well as being socialized citizens they expect that the rule of law and the respectability and credibility of licensed attorneys are sources of safety, credible as authorities to be relied upon. They do not know that this judicial system is about to threaten the integrity of the world of one’s entire personal, marital, and familial assets, the integrity of one’s family, and the protection of children.

As of 2023, the deterioration of the integrity of the legal profession has undergone a transformation that can only be described as authority once respected now has taken on the status of a profession that reflects only a guise of authenticity and moral fiduciary responsibility.

The profession of law has devolved into an amoral practice that involves collusion with criminal child trafficking and racketeering enterprises in which the interests of clients are betrayed in favor of creating a system in which children are chattel and representation of adult clients is a process of separating parents from their money, their marriages, and ultimately their sanity.

The FCVFC experts, authorities in the history of the degradation of the legal processes entwined with the guise of legal practices and practitioners. The rule of law as practiced in family courts across the US, the litigation process as it exists distinctly in family court, as differentiated from criminal and civil court is unique to the practice of family court. Family court process is driven by “judicial discretion”. Judicial discretion is a practice that allows judges to be viewed as having supreme knowledge of the family interactions, dynamics, and personality based on intimate knowledge within the informal practice in family court. This practice in fact lowers the bar for the application of scholarly legal practice and process. The critical presentation of evidence through a formal discovery process is often substituted for the “smell test” delivered by the “sensory ” acuity of the judge – otherwise known as violations of due process, abuse of process and the gateway to violations of constitutional law. Civil and criminal law is not absent black letter law, statutes and legal process . Only family law is this loose aggregation of “smell test” and grease the palm of the acting court factotum.

Toward this trend, the bar associations across the country have developed courses to initiate young lawyers into the alternate conceptual universe designed to undermine the rule of law and to provide an advantage to the ignominious concepts and practices related to the  debunked, unscientific, anti-medical concept of parental alienation. Only in courts associated with separating children from parents, placing the state in loco parentis is the black hole of family court litigation where practices separating children  from protective parents promoted. Children handed over to the most dangerous abusers for a lifetime of personal destruction are met with disbelief and horror from those who experience themselves as helpless while represented by attorneys they paid and trusted.

For those who view these words as hyperbole, you may pray only to never be personally engaged in any aspect of the process which will teach you the truth of these sentences.

For those who have already been encompassed and enmeshed in the process of dismantling their lives, you are already true believers in the words put forth.

Lawyers who advertise their wares in the advertisements of father’s rights and words suggesting protection of children generate phrases that advance a guise of legal practice and legal protection that has no relationship whatsoever to the practice of law and the tenets of the United States Constitution for which they stand.

A terrorized population facing the nightmare of custody litigation imbued with false allegations, defamation, and various  threats, welcome the dumbing down of the rhetoric of lawyers who mouth the words “trust me.”

Public interest law  was once the pipeline to the Supreme Court and  the advancement of law through the refinement of logic  and options.  Law is developed and refined as a  conversation  over time. Family courts of the past fifty plus years have become an arena of horse trading, betrayal, child trafficking via back bench ex parte deals to the highest bidder.

The force of denial and the wish to be relieved of anxiety is a false pathway to seeking insight and tools to prevail in the life and death battle that protective parents must face in making accurate decisions for their children.

The Foundation experts can only advise and direct action on behalf of our clients as per the protocols that we have designed and know to be successful for the population that we have served for more than eighteen years.

There is little that the Foundation can do other than to speak about our own experiences as experts in the field and continue the work to fight for justice and rescue children and all who love them. The public must educate themselves and must seek an independent process of review of knowledge of a dangerous environment that they have never experienced before.

The experts of the Foundation take it upon themselves to present a clarion call of warning and advice for the public to educate themselves to make the best decisions possible to protect themselves and their children. We provide legal, forensic, financial/accounting, psychiatric expertise to litigate, seek prosecution and damages filings to bring light, insight and remediation to a cruel, broken system and to restore lives.


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