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The Lessons Of The Uselessness Of Laws Implemented Against Reunification Torture Camps Have Not Been Learned

A naive public is still at risk.

The idea that laws protect the public is shown to be the myth that it is in light of the understanding that it is judges, officers of the court, and all levels of civil and criminal justice, who are entrusted with implementing laws to protect the public. The basic truth that needs to be understood broadly by the public is that judges, lawyers, and officers of the court implement laws, or don’t, and place the public at risk.

The combination of ignorance and indolence of a public that protects themselves against knowledge of unpleasant truths is a path paved with the most immense danger to the integrity of the family and the safety of children.

Mass murder by gun violence has done little to implement the protection of gun laws. Gun laws that in fact protected the public interest were allowed to lapse because of public indolence, ignorance, and self-serving ignorance by apathy that asserts “this is not going to happen to me.” Just as gun violence is an imminent danger to anyone and everyone at every juncture of one’s life whether school or the grocery store or a run in the park, gun violence and crime can and does affect every community. Such is the same for family court corruption and the abuses of power by the judicial system and lawyers that assist in implementing the interests of cash flow and crime.

Hundreds of thousands of families have been directly impacted by the family court corruption that has been facilitated by the Richard Gardner concept of parental alienation (see the article “Richard Gardner in His Own Words”).

The concept and the cottage industry of law and so called mental health services that have been spawned by the usefulness of the legal applications to exonerate criminal activity via the concept of parental alienation and the incoherent assertions that child sexual abuse does not exist have morphed into an area of law that entirely supports what the experts at the Foundation refer to as the “flat earth theory of all things,” where science has been taken over by artificial intelligence.

The earth is not flat, gravity still exists, and child sexual abuse and the criminal predatory exploitation of children as chattel has become an epidemic in the United States and across the world that threatens the health and strength of a population that is capable of engaging in the intellectual processes necessary to engage in a democratic society. When the youth of a society are crippled, immobilized, and castrated, the capacity for autocracy to take hold is without question.

The United States family court system has been permeated by the perverted predatory concepts of the Gardner theories related to children as sexual predators luring adults into perverted activity.

The buck stops with judges and associated court actors who fail to access and implement laws that protect children.

Imbued with their own self-serving concept of “judges have absolute immunity” facilitated by courses developed by bar associations across the country that teach lawyers how to weaponize the concept of parental alienation and related Garnder theories, judges have run with the ball and completed multiple home runs with the permission of judicial discretion, have operated under the radar of the family court system and the apparition ascribed to judges by appeals courts that suggests that the family court judge has made decisions based on broad information about family history and interpersonal relations, side stepping the processes involved in production of evidence through discovery.

The winding and twisting of family court processes have allowed the intrusion into the court system of hearsay, violations of due process, and abuse of process facilitated by the arrogance, ignorance and greed of family court judges and the attorneys who operate in concert with them.

Just as gun violence has incrementally impacted more and more communities, communities that insisted “this could never happen here” have learned that it could happen here and now in families across the country. Child abuse, domestic violence, and murder is occurring in the wealthiest and most educated corners of the populations because of the increase in numbers of children grown into adults who have become the predators they were never meant to be because of having been subject to the dominance of sadistic predators imposed on them by the past 50 years of wrongful family court adjudications transferring custody from protective parents into the hands of abusers.

The FCVFC has been discussing this issue since 1999 when the first articles were written about a New Jersey judge with alleged corruption, the criminal acts of Margaret Mary McVeigh appointed in NJ by Governor Chris Christie. This reporting by the FCVFC was met with derision from the media community at large. McVeigh began in family court in Paterson NJ and, as a result of the complaints by Jill Jones Soderman against her for supporting the brutal abuse of children under the care of a parent who was alleged to have been a conspirator in the death of Amar Sadat, McVeigh was removed from the family court case in NJ. She was transferred to the richer killing fields of probate court in which her reign of terror was also written about by Jill Jones Soderman between 1999 and 2004. She was ultimately removed from probate court via her early retirement as a result of years of reporting on what Jill Jones Soderman continually reported as criminal racketeering actively involving multiple attorneys, medical providers, and lawyers associated with her abusive power in the probate court. McVeigh’s behavior was protected, supported, and had broad decimating consequences to the lives of multiple victims in NJ.

McVeigh’s’ career has been followed by judges such as Galina Mecca whose acts of villainy are being documented via the writings of Jill Jones Soderman and the FCVFC in articles such as “The Mecca Murders” that involved her removal of protective orders against violent abusers. Mecca has become recognized as the go-to judge for violent litigants from states such as NY to change jurisdiction, come to NJ and have protective orders dropped allowing the abuser to gain ultimate victory over their victim via murder.

Other family annihilators have been written about through multiple other states in articles on judges by Jill Jones Soderman. The antidote to judicial criminality and spearheading of racketeering and criminal actions through the courts named by Jill Jones Soderman as child trafficking is for damages cases placed against these judges via the federal courts and the application of federal adjudication of every available intervention able to be articulated by legal scholars as those associated with the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts.

Judges are not beyond the law, and the law is not beyond the capacity to properly litigate and prosecute judges such as Jane Grossman, Galina Mecca, Caffrey, and many others directly named in the writings published by Jill Jones Soderman, both in her book on family court corruption and in the writings associated with the FCVFC website.

There are few writers who are properly articulating the villainy and criminal predatory nature of family court judges populating courts across the country. Those independent professionals writing about these crimes face major serious consequences to their licenses and their reputations. However, creeping out of the shadows, publications such as ProPublica are finally timidly and too little too late creating public interest with their incendiary stories about such venal child trafficking rings as reunification services such as Turning Points as headed by social worker Linda Gottlieb and her reunification camps and Richard Warshack’s similarly vile torture chambers known as Family Bridges.

The Richard Gardner perverted concept of parental alienation has been weaponized and commercialized as multi-million dollar industry promoting threats, intimidation, coercion that implements submission of children to parental abuse, implementing the proliferation of the forced concept that either sexual abuse is acceptable or doesn’t exist.

A society that generates false concepts based on the smoke and mirrors of its lies that destroy generations of children will fall victim to fires that consume the society.

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