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The Gallina-Mecca Murders Continued: Explosive Report to the FBI

A forensic expert associated with the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has interviewed the mother of a murder victim. It was a murder that could have been prevented if Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca had cared to not ignore evidence in the family court of Bergen County, New Jersey and New York . Further, if the court system in New Jersey had acted upon numerous complaints and requests to investigate Judge Gallina -Mecca and other judges and court appointed cohorts who can be conspicuously associated with coordinated acts of collusion and conspiracy to commit crimes against a naive captive audience, multiple vulnerable subjects would not have met horrendous deaths or suffered brutal abuse.

After the interview, the expert made a report to the FBI and other oversight agencies that investigate judicial criminality, fraud  and misconduct. Following is that report, excluding details as to victims abused and murdered.


Dear Madam/Sir:

I am writing with information regarding Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca of the Bergen County Superior Court, who has been abusing her authority to place litigants and children in mortal danger for years. I am now writing to urge you to investigate information regarding  murders directly associated with Orders signed by Judge Gallina Mecca that were followed by the murders of victims once protected by Protective Orders from other states, such as New York..  . Judge Gallina Mecca has had a long and pervasive pattern of deliberately placing victims of domestic violence in harm’s way by removing or reversing protective orders.

Judge Gallina Mecca is not the only judge associated with crimes related to removing Protective Orders of various types of violence and abuse. Judges associated with such abuses include Judge Jane Grossman of Ct., Judges Martinez and Judge ……..of Chicago,  who have endangered the lives of domestic violence victims and children who are subject to sexual violence, neglect and abuse.

I have twenty-five years of experience evaluating violent offenders and their states of mind, as my area of expertise as a forensic psychiatrist, and I have evidence of regular practices of this Judge that may implicate her in several homicides. These cases have come to my attention through her numerous victim litigants, who have reached out to me on their own volition, in response to my public articles on my [family member’s] case (where she removed another protective order).

The Judge’s extremely dangerous practice of placing numerous children and women under great harm was bound to result in deaths. I am enclosing other sample interviews (Interview #2 and Interview #3) to illustrate her routine practice of removing trial-based, permanent protective orders without conducting any evidentiary hearing or even looking at the evidence.

Instead, there is a pattern of evidence tampering and witness intimidation, through almost universal interference with Child Protective Services and Police investigations, not to mention secret orders leading to false arrests, seemingly to intimidate and fraudulently criminalize would-be whistleblowers. On several occasions, Judge Gallina-Mecca has attempted to order the takedown of published articles, as reported in the Washington Post and directly related to me by major magazines, which their legal teams confirmed was in violation of the U.S. Constitution and thus refused her orders.

Under no circumstance should serial murder be considered “acceptable” under judicial discretion. Judicial  immunity does not avoid culpability for criminal activity as immunity does not provide discretion to commit crimes—especially when the harm seems not only to be intentional but habitual. A review of transcripts of multiple litigants betrays a pattern of  depraved enjoyment of others’ suffering and the direct ability to inflict and extend that suffering. This diagnosable personality disorder  violates every principle of judicial ethics, the very purpose of the judiciary, and the United Nations’ Convention against Torture.

I respectfully ask for an investigation.


[Forensic expert]


Interview on Gallina-Mecca #1

[Forensic expert]: Please tell me what happened.

[Murder victim’s mother]: I believe that she [Judge Jane Gallina Mecca] drew out and created this problem for four years with my daughter [who was murdered], by giving opportunity upon opportunity to this guy, my granddaughter’s father and I do also believe that when she realized that it was out of control, she immediately gave my daughter the order of protection. Once she knew he had just gone too far, because out of nowhere, she just called my daughter– She didn’t call her, the court secretary called to say that the judge wanted to have a hearing in January. All along she was giving this guy every opportunity and then he beat my daughter on three separate occasions, the police never did anything and then a couple of weeks later, she called to give her the restraining order.


The FCVFC has in its possession the full report and extensive supplementary documentation that implicates Judge Jane Gallina Mecca in completely preventable tragedies. We join the forensic expert in her call for this judge to be investigated and removed from the court.


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