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 Family Court Corruption — Judyhelene: Say Her Name, Say Her Name! She is a 8-Year-Old Child Endangered by Family Court Corruption — Danger on Display

Proof of utter disregard for the rights of protective parents. Proof of utter disregard for child protection. Proof of family court as a danger to the public welfare.

In the words of this enraged, grief stricken, tireless advocate for her child –  endangered by years of isolation in the custody of a deranged, documented violent abuser, the father now can be shown to being a danger to the public welfare as he is grooming his child to be a violent predator just as he himself is known to be.

My daughter Judyhelene was ordered by the court to have a mental health evaluation, as she was reputedly diagnosed with mental illness.

The Gwinnett county judge stated on the record that Judyhelene is to stay away from the plaintiff’s younger step-daughter because of her mental illness and violent behavior.

When my child was awarded to her violent abusive father, the father who violently injured and repeatedly assaulted her—complaints that are documented in police reports—the court of Tadia D. Whitner awarded my child’s abuser sole physical custody.

Court orders thoroughly isolated my child.

The plaintiff, represented by Alexa N. Lewis and Hayley E. Settles, and respondent mother, have appeared, represented by attorney William Gill, and Guardian ad Litem Ashley Wine.

The court stated that they were not comfortable finalizing the matter and wished to engage further experts to ensure that the child’s best interests were served.

However, during the minor child’s temporary custody, orders came that custody  be transferred into the custody of the petitioner, while the respondent mother, whose complaints were documented by medical and psychiatric professionals, was accused of not attending to the child’s needs. The complaints of physical and sexual abuse documented by the child’s evaluators, which formed the basis for complaints and allegations against the father, were dismissed by the court, who illegally responded to the documentation that was provided by dismissing that documentation and sealing the fate of the child from being able to seek protection and medical and psychiatric treatment, by providing the father with sole legal and physical custody of the minor child, who was at that time 6 years old.

The father removed the child from the care and treatment of medical and psychiatric providers. He was able to do so with the court’s approval because he was awarded sole custody to do so, including all decisions related to school and health.

Among the allegations being made by the mother was that the child was isolated and was being educated in a private religious school that preached an ideology that was misogynistic, male dominated and reclusive in all elements. The father was directed to follow the recommendations of a Dr. Todey or any other experts recommended by Dr. Todey to give him the requirements for the upcoming school year. The court ordered that the mother have no access to the school or medical providers.

The court order further stated:

“Father shall send an update email two times per month on the Friday before any weekend she does not have visitation with the child. The email shall include any updates on school (progress reports, report cards, and other updates), medical appointments, extra-curricular activities, or other general updates. Father may also send pictures from any of these events. Father’s update email shall be sent via the Talking Parents Application or Website.”

Neither visitation nor phone contact has taken place in any way that has provided the mother with any modicum of access to her child. Despite multiple attempts at having communication with the child either in person or over the phone, not only has the communication been thoroughly obstructed by the father, but he has used these interactions as a means of taunting the mother and the child.

The father has used the brief phone contact as demonstrations of his ability to censor and physically threaten and harm the child over the phone, as the mother is forced to listen to her child’s screams and then muffling of her voice as the phone is hung up on her.

All phone calls and attempts at communication as court ordered have been recorded. The evidence of the father’s continued threats of assault and murder towards mother and child are recorded, and the evidence has been protected for authentication in federal complaints and federal civil rights cases to be pursued.

Attempts at prosecution through contacting the police and DFCS have been useless, as both police and DFCS, upon visiting the child with the father’s presence, have insinuated that there is no abuse, that the child states that she has not been abused, and that she is safe with her father. The recorded phone calls that have included verbal threats of murder against mother and child by the father in his own words have been dismissed by police and the DFCS supervisors.

Complaints were attempted against the supervisors through DFCS. The statements of the DFCS supervisor stated that the mother  was attempting to use these incidents as an attempt to have custody returned to her. The only statement that was correct was that the proof of the neglect and abuse and violence towards the child would certainly be grounds for custody transfer.

What should have happened is that the child should have been immediately removed from the household of her father.

Each attempt by the mother through her attorney was met with further retribution by the court. The court ordered that the mother shall be responsible for and pay for supervision fees for parenting time, which  would continue until further order from the court. The mother was ordered to pay child support to the father. Support, maintenance, and education for the child was to be paid at $875/month, an exhaustive amount of money. The child support order provided that the mother pay directly to the father via an online peer to peer payment application by Venmo into an account of his choosing.

Adding insult to injury,  the child made it known to her mother in the moments of brief communication that she was starving, that the father deprived her of food and basic nourishment. She disclosed that she was fed dry crackers and minimal amounts of food and that she was starving. She further disclosed multiple episodes of injury and lack of care for her recurring medical issues that were related to her own biological proclivities towards very sensitive skin and chronic stomach ailments. The minor child’s medical maladies have included a diagnosed hernia and a herniated disc. There are dermatological issues that have been documented by the mother and other serious medical and psychiatric issues that have been evaluated that are related to trauma, abuse, and neglect as documented to have been related to abuse at the hands of the child’s father.

The child disclosed that the father did not take her for medical care or provide medications that she required for her personal care that was previously administered by her mother.

The court further limited the mother’s access to medical oversight by having the father cover her insurance through this employer. The father was to maintain health insurance, but it is questionable whether she has access to any of the services she needs or the insurance he is supposed to provide.

It is also ordered that the parents split the medical payments.

“The parties shall split the child’s uncovered medical expenses equally. Uncovered medical expenses include, but are not limited to, deductibles, co-pays and reasonable and necessary expenses for uncovered medical necessities including prescriptions. Uncovered medical expenses shall include any uncovered medical expense for the minor child whether they are in or out of network from the minor child’s insurance provider. This shall also include payment for any evaluation of the minor child, including expenses for any and all learning coaches, behavioral evaluations, therapy, surgery, psychological care, and psychiatric care.”

The father has been placed in charge of all education and psychiatric providers, whose reports under the supervision and control of the court and in which the mother had retained attorney Gill, has deprived of any oversight or ability to nullify those providers as per knowledge of their bias against her and their incompetence and history of  complaints against their licenses.

Further of note, the father who is a known gun owner in possession of multiple firearms in the home and a subject of police complaints, the court ordered that the father should secure all firearms as well as  bats and knives while the child was in his custody, and that the child never be left alone with the father’s 4 year old stepchild.

Needless to say, the mother has been restricted from phone contact, and on the occasions that she has been allowed to speak to her, the father has used it in a cruel and sadistic manner which vaunts his ability to control the communications between mother and child and to humiliate the mother in front of her child by making it clear that the child “will never again have contact with the mother” and that the only contact she will have will be controlled and administered by him.

The cruelty of this court and the bias against the child is evident in every single court document and in the medical and psychiatric evaluations of each of the providers from the court or allowed by the father to further defame, humiliate, and demean this 8-year-old child and her mother. He repeatedly vaunts his flagrant violations of a duty to care for his child as he exploits the child’s innocence on social media.

The picture of this 8-year-old is, who was 7 at the time of the post, is posted on social media on display for the child’s mother to see as she is held helpless to intercede in her child’s protection by order of officers of the court who have failed to acknowledge evidence of the appointed custodial parent’s evidence of documented violence and against his wife, mother of Judyhelene, as well as severe violence against Judyhelene.

This court has defied logic and reason by turning all evidence presented against the father as if it were in fact against the child’s mother. The false narratives and ability to present evidence used against a protective parent is fully documented in this case. Appeals in process as well as multiple federal complaints against the judge and Guardian ad Litem and police will eventually prevail.

However, while these times of scholarly legal writing and graphic documented complaints make their way through court, this child remains in the custody and complete isolation of a deranged violent abuser while the mother has no recourse whatsoever via the court, police, or DFCS.

The FCVFC has most recently taken over all aspects of advocacy and support for this case and will be pursuing all areas of litigation and prosecution. However the mother has languished in agony and despair for prior years as she has been subject to the malpractice of lawyers who have represented her in court and knowingly failed to confront the multiple abuses accrued against her by Judge Tadia D. Whitner, Superior Court of Gwinnett County, GA.

The Guardian ad Litem Ashley Wine of Hackett and Wine Law Practice, LLC, of Atlanta, GA, has been complicit in the network of false allegations, sabotage of evidence, and failure to submit documentation of medical and psychiatric records on behalf of the mother. This mother has been defamed and humiliated.

This mother who herself is a medical professional, highly educated, loving mother and grandmother, an individual known to be of impeccable character and dedication to her child, has been subject to utter neutering of all legal rights and due process that are supposed to be available in any court of law in the United States.

In the court administered by Judge Whitner, there is no justice, there is no law, and the alternate state of facts and reality are a threat not only to this family and every case that comes before her, but to the society in which this child will be released as a citizen.

Given the nature of violence and perversion to which we know this child has been, is, and continues to be subject in the isolation and custody of a father who is himself a danger to the public welfare and to this child, we are able to make these statements based on facts known to us, which are about to be delivered to the courts.

The subjects of our allegations:

On October 3, 2023, the plaintiff posted a picture of  7-year-old Judyhelene (now 8 years old) shooting a Tikka T3X tactical assault rifle.Because this picture was displayed on social media, we are not taking any steps to suppress the visuals displayed by the documented abuser. We are also not suppressing the identities of court actors who have engaged in child trafficking, exploiting the benefits of Title IV funding through back bench fraudulent filings.

The plaintiff has been diagnosed with a mental illness by the military and it is our understanding that was the basis of his discharge from the military.

He has a history of gun firing in the home on two occasions.

He has a charge of family domestic violence for threatening to shoot his wife and himself while she was 7 months pregnant with Judyhelene.

He was charged in a trial in the state of GA for gun violence.

All evidence of the plaintiff’s history of violence and domestic violence and documented charges of family violence were never addressed in the Gwinnett county family court.

He repeatedly vaunts his flagrant violations of a duty to care for his child as he exploits the child’s innocence on social media.

The FCVFC will continue to write individual case illustrations of family court corruption and articles elucidating the reasons and financial incentives for this type of transfer of children from protective parents into the custody of violent abusers and traffickers of children.

Litigants must prosecute and confront officers of the court who are directly responsible for and must be held accountable for the types of abuses that destroy children, families , and ultimately the entire fabric of a democratic society.

The family courts are directly responsible for creating the nightmare of criminals and deranged violent abusers that society should most fear, the nightmare that will be directly responsible for undermining a civilized, democratic society.

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