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Lawyers Linked To Sexual Coercion, Threats And Intimidation Of Protective Parents As They Force Children Into Reunification Therapy Ordered By The Courts

Cases of lawyer-driven coercion of clients being forced into taking action that was antithetical to the interests of the client and their children have been well known for years.

Such ill-advised directives  as dropping critical protective orders to curry favor with courts that follow the false narratives of parental alienation have posed a threat to the lives of protective parents  and children for years.

This has resulted in murders and suicides of victims being forced to seem to “cooperative” with the judge despite such cooperation posing dire threats that too often resulted in deaths and always facilitated torture and years of abuse.

The perversion unleashed by so-called  reunification therapy ordered by judges and facilitated by their factotum and minions–lawyers and those who pose as therapists and evaluators, licensed by the state–has reached a fever pitch.

Lawyers are telling their female clients “You comply with me or I will not represent you.” “Get those children to see their father  or the court will order full custody immediately and you will have no contact with them at all.” Or  “You will bend over for me right now, or I will tell the judge that you are irrevocably non-compliant.”

This sadistic behavior even involves beating and torture of children’s pets in order to force them to engage in acts coerced by their abusers are sanctioned by the court.

The FCVFC has a pet rescue division called  “Rescue Me and Me and Me,” which has been involved with rescuing cats, dogs, rabbits and horses in danger of being shot and killed or were being beaten, starved or tortured. One miniature poodle that was picked up and thrown against a wall was injured and required intensive veterinary intervention. Children who lived on a farm were subject to watching cows and pigs placed in stanchions and beaten by their brutal father.

One family of four was subject to their father’s impulsive rages which would devolve into attacks that involved kicking to death their small dogs. All of these children were maintained in the custody of their sadistic fathers with the support of lawyers and judges who were aware of the behaviors and who kept the children from the parent and families who sought to  rescue them.

The explosion of children transferred en masse into the custody of increasingly unapologetic, openly perverted, sadistic, violent  abusers, with the blessings of judges in lock step with their psychopathic personality disordered lawyers is a process that continues the saga of the Franklin Files and the Jeffrey Epstein era of frolicking with the literati, politicians and millionaires whose fortunes bought them freedom from all norms of civility,

The Family Courts make it possible for every criminal to frolic in their own family farm circus via funds siphoned from Title IV, which redefines protective parents  as abusers and perverts, and redefines murderers as the parent entitled to custody.

The unleashing of billions of dollars in funding from Federal courts to the states and through the Department of Child Support Enforcement has become the new norm in family courts.

Protective parents with guns to their heads from the lawyers the hire flood society with new generations of children who either are destroyed by immobilization from trauma or are being trained into hardened criminals unleashed onto a helpless public.

The inmates have taken over the asylum, and the asylum has become the American culture of violence and depravity. No one except the FCVFC is accurately reporting on these facts.

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