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Family Court Corruption: Facts Manipulated to Support the Theft of Title IV Federal Funds Funneled Illegally to the States by the Family Court Fraud and Corruption

It is essential for the public to understand the underpinnings of the bureaucratic structures that support and direct the ability of judges and their court-appointed supplicants and facilitators. 

They have manufactured an assembly-line process that siphons federal funds established for the public welfare to, in fact, be siphoned into state programs that are self-serving enrichments for system manipulators. 

Needy and dependent children and women, who were defined to be abandoned by men and unable to work, were the recipients of funds meant to resolve issues of financial support and dependency. 

The federal programs through social security paralleled family court processes that defined women as the only proper caretakers of young children via the statutes defining “Tender Years.” 

The Tender Year Doctrine spelled out the treatise that defined mothers as the sole appropriate caretakers of young children from infancy to adolescence. Fathers were regarded as noncustodial caretakers. 

As enlightenment informed public programs and created wisdom around parental rights and equality, this impacted social programs, the movement towards equal rights and equal parenting, the family courts, and the view of men being entitled as co-parents and equal partners in parenting as not only a right but as a healthy, equitable, and appropriately meaningful resolution to the health and welfare of children. 

As social security and legislation attempted to ameliorate the issues around financial dependency, loss of a parent, or abandonment of one partner and children, creating the family crisis, Congress responded with the formulation of legislation that attempted to provide financial support for single-parent households with children. This support for single-parent households was reflected in programs that dealt with social security and welfare programs driven by income standards. 

We are referring our readers to a YouTube video, which is extremely instructive about a detailed understanding of the federal government programs established under Title IV-D. It would be helpful to the reader for their edification to view this video to understand in greater detail the nuts and bolts of a program that originated to protect the public.

This program evolved in ways that were constructive and protective, and then has, by dint of unscrupulous actors,  devolved into a program currently administered as a Federal Program, Title IV, which in brief, functionally manipulates a family to appear as if one parent is absent and must come both financial and legally supervisory under the protection of the administrative state. 

The administrative state is a separate entity from the court system that operates under the laws of the U.S. Constitution. The administrative state is not subject to the Constitution’s due process and, in fact, is designed to facilitate administrative processes bypassing due process, which with the provision under the definition of needy dependent and abandoned children would interfere with the provision of critically needed services to them. 

In brief, the departments and the services the Administrative State Department provided were combined via administrative hearings and the Constitutionally guided court systems directed by the U.S. Constitution. 

The interweaving of the mandates and functioning of these two agencies creates another world, abstract from the realities that need to be addressed in family court proceedings concerned with custodial fitness, shared parenting when appropriate, division of marital assets, and child support. The marriage of two systems that address desperate issues creates a third world of disposition within the family court arena that has no relationship with the reality of the family court conflict before the judge.

The conflict created is a false narrative, which is directed at falsely funneling funds to what has become a manufactured single-parent household. That household has been created by a false narrative generated via the debunked concept of parental alienation and supported by the racketeering cottage industry of many moving parts that include lawyers for parents and children, guardian ad litem, a collection of entirely fictional therapists created by licensing boards that are themselves part of the assembly line fraud put together by the state to siphon funds from the federal government to the states via federal program IV-D. 

Again, to recap, the family court and the administrative hearing governmental divisions have generated a process together that begins with a family court process, in which a couple seeking to terminate a marriage and to resolve issues of custody and division of family assets, comes into a system in which there is a preconceived plan to construct a parenting situation in which children are effectively allotted to one family member and that family member is defined as the person who has been unfairly and improperly removed from the family from the life of the children via false allegations. The false allegations are accusations of child abuse, domestic violence, addiction, etc. 

The children are subject to the automatic disposition of claims brought against one parent as false without evidentiary exploration and discovery or with a false narrative invalidating multiple valid claims.

Children are thus defined as needy and dependent children subject to a need for services to reunite them with the parent that, as per the guidelines of the program that supports the flow of federal funds, defines the children as needy, dependent, and eligible for federally funded services. 

Thus, it creates a cash flow from federal coffers to multiple state services and programs, all administered through state agencies such as the Department of Revenue and Child Support. The Department of Revenue and Child Support can penalize and punish a targeted parent accused of withholding financial support from the parent the court has appointed as the sole custodian of that child. 

Punitive action can involve seizing bank accounts, removing driver’s licenses, canceling insurance, imposing incarceration, and immobilizing a subject targeted by a family court judge, who becomes the prime mover and arbiter in an autocratic system that has the power to destroy lives thoroughly.

Fictionalized court processes that bear no resemblance whatsoever to real-life unfolding activity create a conundrum of unfathomable dimensions. 

A case in point, one of many to be described, involves a man who has had a pleasantly unremarkable life in that his personal life has been bereft of tragedy and trauma. Family, education, profession, and employment have all proceeded unremarkably/successfully. He marries, has children, and is successfully employed. His wife is a stay-at-home mother. 

The doldrums of a prosperous and stable life become interrupted when a doctor’s visit, occasioned by frequent and increasingly painful headaches, reveals the existence of a massive brain tumor, which requires immediate surgery. The surgery takes place over more than twenty hours and involves teams of neurosurgeons and experts. A two-month hospitalization leaves the man temporarily fully brain-impaired. Rehabilitation requires speech and physical therapy over an extended period. 

A one-time stable life interrupted by a remediable catastrophe tests the coping skills of all parties. This man, who survived surgery and was the father of three young children, was about to launch into rehabilitation when he was suddenly about to be faced with the abandonment of his wife and abduction of his children. 

These schemes occurred through the nefarious acts of family court fraud and racketeering as the instruments deployed by Title IV Federal funding flow, which was about to be initiated without his knowledge. 

This father learned from neighbors that his wife, tired of his illness, had extensively cavorted with their husbands. When she was confronted with questions about the state of the father and her marital relationship, she packed and left home, leaving her ailing husband with three very young children. 

Friends and family moved in to care for the children and the man, who was bedridden and impaired, unable to speak, read, write, or move from his bed. 

Months of uncertainty were followed by divorce proceedings, and divorce proceedings began the nightmare of a false narrative instructed by attorneys whose palpable malpractice led to the contracts involving the marital relationship dissolution that never should have been engaged in by the father. 

The commitments, at the advice of counsel, were so egregiously destructive and impairing to the one-time husband and father that the results of the contracts drawn up by the defendant’s lawyers resulted in the man being stripped of all marital property, substantial assets, and custody of his children.

The process by which funding under Title IV-D could be invoked involved the conscious, nefarious planning and collusion of court actors and lawyers acting in lock-step with each other to file false criminal complaints of child abuse. The mother, who had abandoned her three children when their father returned from the hospital, had subsequently gained custody of the children when she filed evidentially false claims of a head injury to the oldest child. The fictional claims caused the court orders to inflict massive punishment on the father, defamation of his character, alienation of the children’s affection, and complete separation of the children from the father and his entire extended family. 

The father has not seen or spoken to his children in two years. Further, he has never been permitted to collect personal property from the marital home since the divorce period. The court has allowed his former spouse to dispose of all of his personal property as uncollected. 

A protective order against the father prevented him from accessing the marital home, and the court provided no provision whatsoever for alternative collection of personal property. 

Adding insult to injury, the additional devastation piled on by court actors, which included the man’s own attorneys, as well as judicial authorities and appointees, this father was ordered to serve many months in prison because of failing to pay the legal fees for his ex-wife’s attorney. 

The agreement to pay the wife’s legal fees was part of a divorce settlement contract written by his attorney at the time that he was still in the process of recovery from a completely disabling brain surgery. 

These claims were not adjudicated in a criminal court where evidentiary hearings and due process would be a matter of course; rather, claims were undertaken via an administrative process and administrative hearings, thus defining the children as abused and abandoned by their father and awarded with full benefits and protections to their mother. 

The mother had, in fact, abandoned the children and father and created a false claim of abuse. Evidence of the mother’s collusion with oldest her daughter to conspire against the father, to lie and set him up for charges of abuse exist in text messages that the child failed to erase as directed and were detected by the father who became aware of bizarre behavior and interactions between mother and daughter. That evidence was ignored by the court as the attorney failed to object or take proper appeal defense on behalf of the client who remained too ill to attend to legal matters to protect himself.

Many months prior to the divorce proceedings, the children’s mother had begun an affair with an individual, and they both became involved in a long-term relationship. She proceeded to become pregnant and subsequently gave birth to another child, allegedly fathered by her paramour with whom she now lives, with the three children whom she had initially abandoned. This child abandonment occurred along with leaving their severely ill father at the time of his hospitalization. 

This mother now lives in the marital home with her paramour, allegedly the father of her fourth child, along with the three children by her previous husband, from whom she is now divorced.

The ability of lawyers and other court actors to manipulate and pervert the provisions of Title IV-D to articulate a false narrative that defined the parent victim as an abuser and the abuser as the victim, who became awarded the assets of the marriage, both property and children, is a ruse that is being perpetrated through family courts across the United States for states to falsely and lawlessly transfer Federal funds to state coffers, victimizing innocent protective parents and vulnerable children. 

The crimes committed by the reversal of roles from those who are victims to abusers and abusers who are culpable of enacting heinous crimes against children and spouses is a scenario that must be exposed, litigated, and prosecuted. 

The  FCVFC fully vets the allegations of our clients. The FCVFC only publishes cases with which we are thoroughly familiar and feel we can validate and justify. Our assessments provide the preamble for litigation, prosecution, and pursuit of compensatory damages for harm done by culpable court actors and bad actors associated with child and spousal abuse. 

We, the experts of the FCVFC, are appalled at the superficial, incomplete, biased, and dangerously inadequate reporting about the heinous crimes committed by judges and associated court actors in the course of family court corruption, fraud, and racketeering across the United States. 

Crimes committed  under color of law and with the support of the practice of judicial discretion,  bifurcating constitutional legal practice from administrative agency processes that allow the admission of hearsay testimony and the bypassing of the proper presentation of authenticated and vetted evidence are the hallmarks of lawless courts unencumbered by mandates against abuse of process and failure to observe due process.

Those who are forced to interact with family courts are captive audiences, subject to the pathological abuse of power and exercise of cruelty for which US family courts have become incredulously, increasingly infamous over the past fifty plus years. Silence that surrounds protest against the abuse of officers of the court for crimes committed against innocents is deafening. 

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