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Consequences  To The Public – Grappling With Pure Evil – Bearing Witness to a History of Atrocities 

Jill Jones Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts , has written a book called Family Court Corruption: Speaking Truth to Power and the Consequences Thereof. It is written as a naive and incredulous observer of judicial and legal corruption unfolding in its early development.

As a witness to history, a case of child residents of a domestic violence shelter in New Jersey who sought protection from the murderous abuses of a violent parent who had been alleged to be a co-conspirator in the murder of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. The case began jubilantly with successful family interventions that promised a hopeful rescue resolution of the mother of the children by a court order to allow her and the children to reunify and relocate with her family in the Midwest to escape the brutal violence they suffered at the hands of her husband.

One judge issued support for the marital dissolution and custody awarded to the children’s mother, along with longstanding protective orders against the father. However, this was followed by a case transfer to another judge who then overturned the orders of the prior judge based on the charges of parental alienation brought by the father.

The father, along with the involvement of an infamous corrupt evaluator who has been alleged to have provided a false psychological evaluation, denied the fully documented medical and criminal abuse of the father against the mother and her children.

Despite complete, credible psychiatric evaluation and documentation by the medical director of St. Clair’s children’s psychiatric center, Patterson  New Jersey, the court, under the offices of a second judge, ordered custody transfer of the children to DCFS, who then transferred the custody of the children to the father. The director of the psychiatric unit of the hospital stated that the oldest son was subjected to incapacitating abuse and trauma at the hands of his father, and there should never be any contact with his father.

Despite the written documentation by the psychiatric facility and medical records afforded by the medical facility based on the long-term hospitalization of the child, DCFS and the court ignored medical directives and transferred the child into the custody of the father following an extended time of unconscionable abuse fully documented by therapists, the hospital and the forensic reports of Jill Jones Soderman.

The subject child committed suicide at age 12 (Oct. 25, 2005). None of the court actors involved were held accountable for driving this child to his death, which Jill Jones Soderman stated not to be a suicide but a murder. This allegation of murder was based on the fact that medical providers under DCFS and the father’s custody continued medicating the child improperly and, in fact, directly going against black box warnings on the directive related to medication management.

Jill Jones Soderman and her early engagement with this case brought attention to the multiple forms of mismanagement by the various judges who dealt with this case, beginning with Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh and then a series of others. These decisions sent this child to his death via ongoing abuse, trauma, and medical mismanagement.

The initial understanding of this case in isolation provided insight into a dimension of judicial fraud, malfeasance, and focused vendetta against Jill Jones Soderman, which subsequently was understood to be part of a pattern of functioning emblematic of family court fraud and corruption that defined family court functioning in New Jersey and across the entire country.

With the threats, intimidation, retaliation enacted against Jill Jones Soderman, based on defense of this child and his family, Whistleblower public alerts against court actors and public officials became protocol for silencing voices of ethical practitioners and activists seeking to protect vulnerable children and Protective Parents.

Elements studied in this case eventually became understood as a prototype of fraud, corruption, and malfeasance, a feature of the driving forces that have come to be understood as the cottage industry generated by the concept of parental alienation, weaponized and codified into legal interventions enacted by family court judges imbued with the power of judicial discretion, punishment via contempt charges enforced with crippling sanctions.

Further impetus to enact cruel and unusual punishment in the form of family separations were implemented by government practice of driving government federal funding to the states under Title IV and Title IV-D (see explanatory video here). Title IV and IV-D funding has been creatively/ perversely defined as aid to needy and dependent children in single family households, with no income limit, to allow lies associated with the false narrative that abuse has not taken place, to in fact move children from protective parents’ custody into the custody of documented abusers. The abuser parent is redefined as the “alienated” parent, “victimized” parent, whose position must be rehabilitated and compensated.

Title IV-D is a supplement program meant to support and protect endangered children in single-parent families where the child has been moved from an abusive parent into the hands of a protective parent. The problem with the program is that for purposes of government funding, in collusion with family courts across the country, has taken with conscious intent directed their rulings to transfer children from protective parents to the custody of dangerous abusers. Protective parents who sought to take steps to keep their children from all forms of abuse, physical, sexual, and emotionally dangerous individuals, found themselves being accused of alienating children against the parent from whom the children required protection.

The dangerous parent suddenly became defined as the protective parent, and the protective parent who sought protection was suddenly described as the abuser, liar, and alienator. In transferring children from the custody of the protective parent redefined as an abuser, the courts have been able to initiate federal funds under Title IV-D to support programs for the care and protection of child victims.

Judges buying into this scenario have been able to write their scripts to create false narratives of history and events that either never occurred or to rewrite history that did happen, which ends up endangering the child.

As such, building on the Gardener model of Parental Alienation and the cottage industry created to support the various facets of an assembly line program of fraud and abuse, it opened widely to spigots of cash flow from the federal government to states that isolated children, created a false narrative.  The abuser’s control, which forced children into a lifetime of unconscionable trauma and abuse, defined by experts who understand and are willing to attest to the atrocities committed by officers of the court, have been defined as torture programs administered by court actors diagnosable as exhibiting personality traits of sadistic psychopathy.

The court practices that are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and the adults who love and care for them are creating generations of dysfunctional American citizens and populating jails with ever more dangerous predator criminals produced by the family, juvenile, dependency and so-called child protective government systems across the US.

The counterintuitive consciousness marked by the phrase: “Don’t believe your lying eyes,” describes a system of financial fraud, judicial maleficence, and a rogue judiciary that functions in a rogue environment of secrecy and criminal coordination which the experts aligned with the FCVFC refer to as child trafficking and racketeering enterprises. Within the court system of today, the explosion of murders, suicides, and deaths by “accidents” is at a rate that is beyond anything that has ever been seen before, in numbers that cannot be suppressed.

A most recent case in point is that of a case in Washington State in which Judge  Laura M. Riquelme has not  ordered children into so-called reunification therapy with a father who has continued to engage in brutal, violent, sexually perverted, disgusting behavior, which include acts that must be viewed as attempted murder enacted upon his four children and their pet. Judge Riquelme has admitted in court testimony, documented, that she understands that the father has engaged in despicable behavior, but she commands that the children be subject to the father’s authority and that they continue unsupervised visitation with him. Further perverse, bizarre pronouncements in the same realm of morbidity are mouthed by the GAL Ann McDonald and reunification practitioner Isabel Kaufman of Through Life Stages. These practices are counterintuitive to any possible resemblance to a therapeutic process, but the similarity to those of the sadist Marquis de Sade are most relevant. It is most unfortunate that the extensive medical, psychiatric, personal documentation from the children relating acts of abuse, cruelty, attempted murder should have been delayed by years and have failed to stop the atrocities visited on the subject children. The interventions necessary are in process to litigate, prosecute and exact punishment on all key actors including the brutal, obscene parent. They are in process of moving forward and justice delayed will in fact be justice delivered, not only for this family but all children subject to the heinous crimes of this depraved, out of control malignant cast of court actors as well as  court actors of this ilk across the US.

The FCVFC will be reporting on the progress of forthcoming litigation, prosecution and damages claims against all parties as we seek protection for the children and as we publish widely about the documented heinous acts of brutal, depraved abuse enacted against children and their protective parent.

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