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Reunification “Therapy” Atrocities Understood In The Context Of Parental Alienation Concept Fraud And Family Court Corruption: Repetition Compulsion Is The Hamster Wheel Of Psychiatric Defenses That Condemns Traumatized Victims To Be Immobilized And Trapped To Repeat Victimization Over And Over Again

As a witness to history, I know that the past must be commemorated, documented, belabored because that which is not remembered, understood, come to terms with, will be repeated over and over again. It is for this reason we retell the truly tragic stories of the lives destroyed and how that destruction took place and by whom that marked an inflection point in history. The  past must not be  like words in the wind lost to oblivion.

The past atrocious cases must be examined, documented, and justice pursued  until there is justice for the many millions of children swept up in the tsunami of family court corruption, fraud, malfeasance, child trafficking and racketeering.

The perverse erosion of American morality resulting from family court corruption driven by judicial collaboration with financial fraud that continues to worsen, deepen and consume American society and culture must be understood within the historical framework precipitated by the unleashing of the vilely corrosive, destructive concept generated by the marketing program Creative Therapeutics of Richard Gardner MD. The concept of  parental alienation unleashed the undermining of evidence-based litigation in the course of litigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is well documented to occur in more than ninety percent of the population, whether documented by police reports or not.

An accurate understanding of the perverse fraud enacted by the concepts generated by Richard Gardner  must be railed against, never left lost, never left without a precise understanding of how we have come to the point of utter massive judicial fraud, corruption, child trafficking and financial racketeering through the US family courts uniformly across the country because protocols begun in the 1970’s have been developed, evolved and perfected over the years.

The cottage industries placed in motion by the diagnosis, treatment, false management of so called parental alienation that has caused good parents to lose custody of their abused children to the abuser from whom they sought to protect their children has become an epidemic and a plague across the US to which all those who interact with family court officers have become the captive audience, the halt leading the blind because of the suppression of truth and threats against liberty, intimidation of court participants who become conscious of the fraud and malevolence, lies and larceny to which litigants in family court are subject.

A malaise has affected the American public, causing them to fail to rise up, to protest, to educate themselves, to trust organizations that fight issues that  appear controversial and beyond conceivable to exist in modern day democratic society including political and ecclesiastic elements that promote support for racial superiority and political agendas. We must exercise vigilance for protecting rights of thought, communication, access to legal defense.

The atmosphere of befuddlement must be disbursed and the cloud of confusion cleared via a clear understanding of how we have come to be in the situation we now find ourselves in. The situation is becoming worse, increasingly cruel, autocratic, threatening via punitive actions taken against a vulnerable audience the subject of predatory attorneys, a corrupt bar association that raises money on creating bar courses to inform the phagocyte attorneys to become better liquidators of clients assets in the course / absence of severely compromised authentic litigation defense.

The purpose of journalism is to report on events unfolding, to lay bare the bones, to present facts, to portray the consequences of actions, to present alternatives and possible solutions. The function of Forensic Evaluation is to define a scientific, medical, psychiatric  assessment/explanation of motivations/ derivatives of such motivation as well as the meaning and impact of such actions and behaviors with a conclusion as  / understanding of who is doing what to whom, why and the impact / culpability of such actions. Recommendations/directives as to custody and child best interests should also logically flow from the evidence presented

The consequences of reporting facts based on hard evidence and exemplary expertise was for an outcry against the reporters. Horrendous historical events such as the Salem Witch Hunts which demonized women and  condemned women to burning at the stake was similarly manipulated by Richard Gardner MD (Sex Abuse Hysteria:Salem Witch Trials Revisited: Causes Of The Present Child Sex Abuse Hysteria In The United States published by Creative Therapeutics, Incorporated, 1991).

Gardner  altered the facts of history to conform to support the “fairy tale” that child sexual abuse / incest did not exist. The facts that were the grotesque fabric of Gardner’s twisted mind and character lay in the secrets of his own bodily genital disfigurement that was  never medically corrected by plastic surgery at birth. The sins of his parents inflicted on the once innocent child impacted Gardner’s psyche and character, creating a rage of monumental proportions.

Whether one ascribes Gardner’s intellectual capacity to sublimate voluminous hatred and rage by every single known psychiatric defense mechanism harnessed by his superior intellect and weaponized by his demonic character, does not excuse or explain the transfixion of the psychiatric and legal communities in their obsessed embrace and extensive weaponization of the parental alienation concept.

The shortcut to dismissal of charges of sexual abuse became associated with the labyrinth of defenses raised by the parental alienation concept that generated a cottage industry of factory like worker bees in the form of the cast of characters with titles  – so called experts in diagnosing, defining, explaining, treating so called parental alienation.

It must be noted that toxic interplays between parents and children exist in many forms. The diagnosis and treatment of these disorders must not be dumbed down into snap chat word phrases, smoke and mirror nonsense that mean nothing on the journey  through the court-created bureaucratic structure  deployed to control, manipulate and trap captive audiences in a time warp of involuntary commitment to an ideology of sadistic abuse and control administered by the minions of the family court system across the US.

The exponential growth of the treatment teams of therapists per child, per parent, family therapists, parental coordinators has created a multimillion/billion dollar industry of collaborators with the legal team that then drags out custody litigation from months to years in order to exhaust family assets, personal fortunes and emotional energy.

The costs of contested divorces moved from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars waged between parents whose outcomes were based not on the facts of the case but who could sustain wave after wave of exhausting legal argument and hearsay psychological testimony. The introduction of lie detector tests for all professional reporters should have been the basis for including or excluding testimony.

A case in point was a Howard County Maryland case (2019) in which a young father of three children between the ages of 7 and 12 was fighting to maintain joint custody where the concern was that the children’s mother was an alcoholic who not only denied the existence of her alcoholism but attempted to state that her drinking problem emanated from her husband’s “covert emotional abuse.” He was designated by the family Reunification team as a “covertly threatening domestic abuser,” despite the fact that absolutely no evidence to this effect existed on any level. Intensive Forensic / psychiatric investigation and excellent legal defense for the client could never produce a scintilla of evidence against the father.

Statement of the children’s fear of their mother because her drinking resulted in the erosion of the children’s trust and affection. Her chronic secret drinking, inebriation and daily unavailability to the children due to her inebriation and dysfunction caused increasing resentment as the oldest child was forced to become nurturer and daily caretaker to her younger siblings while the father was at work and initially unaware of the circumstances hidden from him by his wife and children until deceit failed.

They feared she could set their living quarters on fire. Her choices caused them to be rejecting of her and adamantly defensive of their father.

The facts of the case were supported by  the maternal family history of massive denial of addiction problems despite the recent death of the subject parent’s brother from a heroine overdose, multiple generations members of acute alcohol/ drug addiction and multiple generation members of her family having died as a result of suicide and drug/ alcohol poisoning/ overdoses – all documented in obituaries and police reports.

The appearance of out of control drinking that was apparent as a result of car accidents with children in the car that involved police intervention, DCF investigations as a result of leaving children in a car unattended and seven extended rehabilitation hospitalizations from which the subject signed out prematurely were defended against by the lawyers and therapists for the mother. The mother’s legal and medical bills were paid for by her family.

The father who had an unblemished history of support for his wife, because he thought her problem to be a “rare”, undiagnosed medical condition. When alcoholism emerged and years of multiple luxurious treatment programs failed, an inflection point was forced and the wife’s family, refusing to confront the family history of alcoholism, took charge by hiring the killer Howard County legal team. A demand of full custody of the children, possession of the home, all marital assets and 10k per month support was immediately advanced

As the case dragged on with absolutely no ability to establish any culpability on behalf of the father, numerous false/ vacant accusations by lawyers and therapists relating “alienation of the children” and  the “legal defense” of character assassination and defamation was advanced but with no effect.

The  Reunification team of frauds continually provided palpably false statements and reports. In a last desperate attempt to indict the father of some charge, the father’s own attorney, number 4 or 5, was recruited  to frame a false  scenario where she acted as a witness and provided testimony to an event that never occurred. We know that this event never occurred because of the easily available evidence documented in time and space through phone and video evidence  readily available.

The father’s attorney suborned perjury filing a false statement against her client. The statement   charged that she felt threatened by the father in his presence, asserting that she was threatened by the father while meeting with him. The police report was able to be proven to be false as the father was on a recorded phone call to which there was a third party witness as was established by the manner in which our calls and all contacts were orchestrated. The attorney stated that she felt personally threatened and the meeting was in person with the father .

A Domestic Violence hearing presenting incontrovertible evidence of falsified testimony on the part of the client’s attorney, in collusion with opposing counsel found the father guilty of a DV charge that then resulted in the police being dispatched to the father’s home to forcibly remove the children and place them in the residence recently established by the mother with her new ….boyfriend…..fiancee.

Multiple cases that emanated from Howard County, Maryland, composed of the elite swat team for fabricated custody litigation that involved transfer of children from protective parents into the hands of abusers are fully documented  as a literate team of attorneys who worked in lockstep with each other as separate practitioners hired each other’s firms as the litigating attorney and GAL. Together they carved up the carcasses of their victims as they  recruited the services of incompetent, inept psychologists who were poorly trained and disinterested in the meaningful dynamic of personality disorder, treatment and personal professional management of their own psyches, much less concern with their unbridled criminal megalomania and avarice.

The imprimatur of authority granted by Governor Larry Hogan with well-meaning intent but infinite ignorance of the practice of psychiatry teamed with the  glorified inept, superficially trained husband/wife team of psychologists appointed to the governor’s committee on mental health. Provided with a license to prey upon captive audiences of parents seeking to protect children, they had no idea as to the sadistic psychopathic predators who were about to be richly rewarded to dismantle their lives with canned reports that always ended with the same pronouncement – “This parent is so dangerous to the welfare of the child and the prospect of the child’s ability to bond with the alienated parent that this parent should never be allowed contact with the child / children again.”

These fraudulent claims made by the prepaid pronouncements of sadistic psychopathic frauds, whose pronouncements were executed by the phalanx of the  chorus of paid functionaries – court officers and the parade of therapists for each child, each parent, sustained by the parent coordinator functionary, served as an assembly line butcher processor sending children into the isolation of brutal abusers and lives separated from beloved protectors.

The stories of these children must be told, their sacrifice documented and prosecution of their abusers pursued.

The protocol for corruption success has been replicated by legal firms and practitioners across the USA, empowered by bar association courses that enhance and expedite skills to expedite custody transfers that enable the plundering of fortunes by abusing court process, violating due process and undermining constitutional tenets.

The population of high conflict, high risk custody litigants with children who require protection from transfer to predators is ignorant of the peril that awaits them in family courts across the country because the system has grown in expertise and ability to execute with military precision.

The failure of journalists to report, along with the failure of experts to hold culprits accountable, have contributed to the ignorance and vulnerability of the public to be aware of a public health crisis that threatens the entire fabric of society if one views the family as the backbone of societal culture and values.

Ongoing reporting on the state of fraud, corruption, child trafficking and family court racketeering will continue in the articles and publications promoted by the FCVFC.

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