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The Bench Murders: Update On Further Court-Cleared Slaughter — The Jane Gallina-Mecca Murders Continue

A letter written by anonymous expert witness on January 15, 2024


Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct – Administrative Office of the Courts
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
Post Office Box 037
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0037

RE: ACJC 2023-134, Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca
Bergen County Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part

Dear Committee Member:

Since my letter, dated November 19, 2023, with new information on Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca’s misconduct that led to two confirmed and one suspected murders, yet another murder has surfaced.  All have to do with Judge Gallina-Mecca’s discounting evidence of domestic violence, removing permanent protective orders in place after trial under other judges, without proper examination of facts before doing so, or falsely accusing child abuse without evidence, due process, or trial, based on her personal impression alone.

There is new information regarding all three murders of litigants, and possibly one additional murder, that may be directly traceable to the Judge’s abuses of authority.  These results are unsurprising, as Judge Gallina-Mecca has had a long and pervasive practice of placing victims of domestic violence deliberately in harm’s way, while violating the U.S. Constitution: a foremost Constitutional scholar, Professor [Name Redacted] of Harvard Law School, personally wrote a letter to her, warning against her Constitutional violations.  Consistently with her generally dismissive and disdainful attitude, she ignored the letter.

Judge Gallina-Mecca indeed seems to believe that she is above the Law.  She has shown not only a pattern of depraved, sadistic enjoyment in harming litigants who come before her, resulting in multiple preventable murders, but also a pattern of aggressive coverup.  Predating the closure of the above case, but new information to this Committee is the fact that Judge Gallina-Mecca intervened far outside her jurisdiction to take down articles that had already been published.  When major magazines published my fact-checked interviews on Family Court abuses, Judge Gallina-Mecca violated the First Amendment to order that they be “unpublished”, which caused one outlet to take down its article for two days, and another to do so for two months.  She eventually received a stern warning from one of their legal departments, excerpted as follows:

this order requires that the [referenced article] must “be immediately removed, deleted, and unpublished”…. I would appreciate hearing from you as to how the order possibly could apply to [Magazine], given that [Magazine] is not a party to this lawsuit, had no notice that such an order was being sought, and almost certainly is not subject to the court’s jurisdiction. In addition, it appears obvious to me that even if the order expressly covered the [Magazine] article, it would functionally be a presumptively unconstitutional prior restraint against ongoing publication.

These were far from the first incidents, as Judge Gallina-Mecca was once a subject of national ridicule when, in 2015, an author of the Washington Post reported on her extraordinary act of ordering the takedown of a newspaper article.  The newspaper responded at the time:

While the Bergen Dispatch reviews its options we have confirmed that Bergen County does currently remain part of the State of New Jersey and that currently New Jersey is still part of the Union of states that is governed by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As such, Bergen County citizens continue to enjoy the right to freedom of speech and the right to a free press.

This Committee has received an earlier affidavit, confirming and predicting these tendencies in Judge Gallina-Mecca, through signs of her dangerous unfitness.  The affidavit stated:

A first criterion for determining mental capacity is the ability to take in information.  In Judge Gallina-Mecca’s case, she has refused to accept—or even to admit into court record—critical, high-quality and copious medical information that is contrary to her fixed beliefs….  A second criterion for mental competence is the ability to change one’s mind according to new evidence.  Judge Gallina-Mecca … would invent all manner of implausible stories than change her mind….  A third criterion for competence is the ability to consider consequences of one’s actions and to make stable decisions, without vacillating on them.  Judge Gallina-Mecca aided and abetted [the violently abusive father’s] kidnapping of the children, [acting] in a more and more brazen fashion….  A fourth and definitive criterion evaluations of competence take into account is dangerousness, which [makes one] automatically unfit.  It is a medically indisputable fact that Judge Gallina-Mecca has endangered a litigant’s life, not once but repeatedly and intentionally, despite direct warnings by at least three medical professionals….

Despite the above warnings, the Committee did not investigate her unfitness and did not request the more than one thousand pages of medical and other documentary evidence, shunned by her Court, and now actual murders have surfaced.  There are also at least a dozen other litigants with whom I have been in contact, describing similar constitutional, ethical, and human rights violations.

I appeal to this Committee not to overlook these disturbing practices.  I will be safeguarding the full interview transcripts and other evidence related to these murders, until there is confirmation that a serious investigation has begun.  Even a “Teflon Robe” ( policy should not include permission of murder.

As a major book, a documentary, and a television series on one of her cases is underway, these judicial abuses will not be kept secret for long.  I ask that the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct be on the right side of judicial ethics, the United States’ Constitution, the United Nations’ Convention against Torture, and the laws of human decency and humanity.

Sincerely yours,

[Name Redacted]



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