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Uvalde Texas School Massacre and Other School Shootings Across the U.S. Must be Viewed in Concert with the Massacre and Destruction of the Lives of Children and Protective Parents Across the U.S. as a Result of Family Court Corruption

Just as the processes that support the continuation of the massacre of innocents across the U.S. caused by gun violence are embedded in institutional processes, sanctioned by government authority, the massacres of children and protective parents across the U.S. are embedded in the court processes of the U.S. family court system.

This massacre of children and protective parents is being sanctioned by government authorities who embrace the love of money and autocratic control with dedication to savage suffering over the rule of law and preservation of life.

Under color of law and through manipulation of government programs, federal and state, with funding to CPS, funds are being used to transfer children from protective parents and loving homes to the depraved, often violent, abusive control of predators.

The use of the terms alienation and abuse have been weaponized to castrate protectors of children and to weaponize abusers and those who seek to milk child support and subvert family assets to funnel federal funds from state programs through Title IV-D Aid to Needy and Dependent Children. Manipulation and reframing words and meanings have served to reroute custody and therefore funding of government programs meant to uplift vulnerable populations.

Historical/ecumenical punitive sentiment around the vilification of dependency, vulnerability, weakness as is natural to children, stems from the admonition to suppress intimate feelings of fear and shame with the direction to submit to authority, where authority is  seen as superior to the individual.

However, when that superior authority is based on the power that has derived from greed and aspirations for control and power over others– not protection  or growth in personal health, emotional and intellectual strength and free speech–that power is then used for purposes of manipulation and control because the subjects of manipulation and control are dehumanized, minimized, vilified  and subject to disdain.

Richard Gardner MD, author of parental alienation theory, viewed children as liars and manipulators, tricksters of adults. With disdain came the inoculation against empathy, love and endearment, desire for extension of care and protection and by extension, entitlement to advantage taking abuse and overpowering.

Democratic society and the propagation of a strong, healthy population depends upon the ability of each individual to cope in healthy ways with feelings of shame, vulnerability, inadequacy, weakness. This means that these feelings must not be forced into hiding so as not to be dealt with by family, school and community resources of support, illumination, habilitation. Protection, care and love must be sources of strength in opposition to giving up personal will to the control, domination  and authority of the other who claims superiority in all things.

Claiming humanity with respect, humility,  sense of self sufficiency in the ability to hear, to think to figure out difficult situations must be the goal of a democratic society that seeks to actualize the talents, strengths, intelligence and energy of citizens in order to share resources and care for the needs of the full population with room to thrive and grow for all.

The Department of Justice, under U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, has clearly stated in their reports dated January 18, 2024, that the Uvalde Massacre could have been stopped sooner and that lives could have been saved.

The murder of 19 children and two teachers is one of the series of many mass murders of children and innocent adults via school shootings and mass assaults on the public, whether it be at concerts, movie theaters, or marathons.

The lives of innocent citizens are placed at risk daily because of the avaricious and autocratic leanings of those who possess access to levers of power that can open the pockets of those who act with depraved indifference to the lives and suffering of others as they benefit via access to the financial assets and manipulation of power and authority over public captive audiences.

The DOJ reports critical failures in leadership among specific law enforcement officers who rushed to Rob Elementary School. They are blamed by the justice department, whose 575-page report nearly twenty months after the massacre, is the most official accounting of what happened at Rob Elementary School even though a great deal of information has been disseminated on this massacre through various investigations.

Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 students and 6 adults were shot and killed; Parkland, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Miami, FL shooting where 17 people were murdered and 17 other individuals were severely injured; and now, Uvalde has joined the headlines of atrocities that have served to desensitize the public’s consciousness as the “boiling frog syndrome.”  This syndrome refers to frogs left in boiling water, initially placed in room-temperature water as the heat increases until the frog dies. The frog, unaware of the process leading to their deaths remains docile in the pot until being overcome with heat.

Such is the inured  consciousness of the public toward that which should never be allowed to occur in the first place, yet the devious invested with a sensitivity to the understanding that confusion and vulnerability lead to fear, stoke the pressure points that continue to immobilization.

Lack of knowledge and public awareness are not to blame for the continued disasters, but the lack of immediate reaction and proper intervention to stop a humanitarian crisis that would end civilized society, because the incentives to the most depraved among us are fed by not terminating the sources of repudiation for continued ability to profit in the spoils of historical tragedy.

The Gardener Legacy of Parental Alienation, capitalized on by bar associations across the U.S., teaches attorneys how to capitalize on an amoral technique of being able to argue both sides of intellectual concepts, removing the impact of consequences and morality from the outcomes and consequences that are at the heart of the argument.

This concept of Parental Alienation was first developed by Richard Gardner MD to construct an argument for men accused of crimes of incest. The concept of parental alienation as involved in custody litigation trials has been weaponized to deny the existence of child sexual abuse by introducing defenses related to probable cause and criminal deniability. The denial of sexual abuse  must be countered with the protection of evidence production, not the automatic revocation of the need for evidence production.

The shortcutting of complex legal processes to expedite financial gain and accrual of power has created an imbalance in the family court system that has operated covertly, abusing the power of judicial discretion.  That imbalance and associated accrual of power to judicial authority  has demonstrated a failure of respect for moral, ethical, and scientific values while generating the protocol for the so called treatment team / process for “defining” alienation and creating the demonic practice of reunification services named the the UN Council as a force associated with child torture.

Critical families in leadership among specific law enforcement officers rushed to the Rob Elementary School are blamed by the Justice Department for failure to act to rescue the children faced with an active shooter. In family courts across the US protective parents  and vulnerable children are losing their lives and are subject to acute suffering because family court judges are recklessly removing Protective Orders and failing to acknowledge child abuse and the predatory status of those hiding behind the false narrative of the alienation nomenclature.

Judges, attorneys, so-called therapists, and various court-appointed officers are named and blamed in multiple writings published in articles by the FCVFC for their roles in the conscious and deliberate destruction of children’s lives in favor of driving federal funds to state programs and judicial back bench coffers.

The outrage that should be forthcoming by the captive audience, victims of judicial and governmental abuse, remains at a passive level that continues to allow predator perpetuation of harm to children by removing abused children from the custody of protective parents into the custody of abusers. Public independence and rage against child exploitation must rise to consciousness to combat the racketeering and fraud that pervades the egregious acts of harm to children, families and democratic society at large.

The nature of abusers receiving custody ranges from documented abuse by reports, evidenced in protective orders and police reports, or the jailing of sex offenders, and yet perpetrators of very serious to heinous crimes are receiving full custody and control of children, with complaints against them dismissed as lies and falsehoods.

However, if the clarion calls for public uprising and outrage against the trends of child trafficking and racketeering through family courts across the U.S. are not confronted, the tsunami of utter destruction of children and families who support the healthy, thoughtful, intellectual development of ideas through knowledge, science, and education, dedication to democratic values and respect for human rights, will be destroyed.

We invite the public to restudy the Foundation’s writings and join the FCVFC’s work in combatting embedded institutional corruption, conscious malevolent corruption driven by greed, and an autocratic embrace of power.


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