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The FCVFC Confronts Family Court Reunification With Litigation On Behalf Of Protective Parents And Vulnerable Children

A complaint filed by the FCVFC regarding one of our clients:


I am Jill Jones Soderman a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, family therapist, author, forensic expert by training and many, many years of experience. My credentials and personal history that led me to become the founder and director of the Foundation For Child Victims Of The Family Courts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit can be found on the web site FCVFC and in my book Family Court Corruption, Speaking Truth To Power and the Consequences Thereof. I also refer you to the website particularly with reference to the article on “Gardner In His Own Words” and articles on so-called Reunification Therapy.

Please be advised that this case has been referred for complete psychiatric forensic evaluation to document and fully establish the history of cruel and sadistic abuse of the children and threats and coercion against their protective parent. The damages experienced by these individuals in the form of trauma and undermining their trust and faith in the American legal system has massive, lifelong consequences to the individuals and society as a whole.

The financial forensic team will be looking at financial fraud and manipulation of funds directed by Judge Riquelme to punish and fully immobilize the Protective Parent. We intend to report documented irregularities and report our findings to IRS.

Prejudice against this Respondent litigant has not only been present in the rulings of Judge Riquelme but has been evident even in her dealings with court clerks. Access to her records and court filings, information availability and basic rude dismissiveness when requesting information about her case are events documented with names, dates and specific circumstances.

This court, via the perverse and illegal rulings of Judge Riquelme has fostered an unconscionable environment of physical abuse and emotional torture upon four children whose voices have been ignored and their character and intellect slandered, in favor of court orders that pander to generating revenue streams under Title IV-D, in concert with the Department of Revenue and Child Support.

The scam that advances child torture and forces false narratives transferring children from the custody of Protective Parents into the custody of documented abusers will not be tolerated, as the actions of this judge are being reported via full forensic and legal documentation in the form of Appeals, Federal Complaints against Judge Laura M. Riquelme’s immunity and criminal charges for child trafficking, child endangerment and child abuse.

It must also be noted that this litigant is no longer a resident of Washington state, as she fled the state to evade her abuser spouse. Judge Riquelme has refused to release jurisdiction of this case that correctly belongs in Idaho. We are in fact alleging that Judge Riquelme and her unholy alliance with her court appointed henchman are holding onto this case to extort further financial gain and to continue to exercise abuse and control over these individuals, this captive audience subject to her threats, coercion, financial extortion and control of their lives.

Judge Riquelme has been given free rein and a first row seat to the details of beating, strangling, locking in closets, beating their pet pygmy pig, exposing male genitals to female children, starving children, beating their mother. In short, Judge Riquelme has displayed a depraved indifference to the lives, welfare, feelings of children who have been witnesses to their mutual suffering and years of suffering by their mother. The fact that Judge is heard to “chuckle” and smile in the course of hearing testimony of gut wrenching events occurring as presented in testimony in itself displays an act of despicable cruelty visibly on display to witnesses who have provided affidavits to these events.

The partner in crime that Judge Riquelme has chosen to carry out her foul deeds, Dr. Isabel Kaufman, appears to have no CV presented, no legitimate licensing, and no legitimate place of practice other than the Zoom meetings in which she traps her young clients. Judge Riquelme is forcing the parent under threats of contempt, fines and jailing, to comply with brutal encounters and cross examinations by herself and the hated, feared parent she forces upon the children Bodies and souls squirming in the presence she imposes – all caught on tape and in the possession of the forensic and legal experts of the FCVFC. The torture imposed is fully documented in the court record as well as the medical and psychiatric documentation supplied by legitimate practitioners who are outraged by the treatment of these captive subjects before this court.

Accounts of the court proceedings and forced physical and emotional torture imposed upon captive audiences, cruelty, fraud, judicial cruelty and racketeering will be fully documented in every legal, financial, psychiatric dimension. Reports of our findings will be forward to criminal authorities, licensing boards relevant to each and every practitioner, lawyer, and so-called therapist, as well as every legal and governmental agency that holds authority over this court and subject participants in what is being designated as child abuse, child trafficking, financial fraud and abuse of power and authority.

The case before this judicial body, Presiding Judge Brian Styles is extremely well documented and will be forwarded to all Congressional authorities for exposure / investigation into the connections to Title IV-D funding and examination of cash flow through judicial orders to all providers ordered to be paid by Judge Riquelme.

We are immediately demanding a postponement of the hearing ordered for Feb 1, 2024 so that proper filings can be completed to defend and protect the children and their mother and proper litigation and prosecution of perpetrators of harm can be pursued as rapidly as possible.

Certified documents ordered from the clerk’s offices have been in preparation and are being awaited to accompany Appeals, Federal Complaints, Civil Rights actions and malpractice action in process of being written. These documents are not ready for receipt by the Respondent as yet, though ordered weeks ago.

Judge Riquelme has ordered the children and their protective parent into a form of so called treatment that has been named and established by the UN Council on Violence Against Children as a form or torture. Despite extensive testimony by the children, their mother, numerous therapists and physicians, providing written reports and detailed testimony of cruel and sustained abuse, no mercy has been shown to this family. Judge Riquelme has refused to recuse herself from the case or release jurisdiction of the case to Idaho where the children and Protective Parent have resided for years now.

Judge Riquelme in a clear manner that suggest pathological enmeshment, lays the groundwork for a diagnosis of “a folie a deux” with Isabel Kaufman, the children prosecutor/torturer, enforcer of the father’s abuse. The soldering together of pathological connections enforced by judicial orders that have been allowed to go unopposed cannot and will not be allowed to continue in the dark recesses of this court.

The children have continued to be sadistically abused by a father who has been the source of cruel and unusual punishment of the children and negligence over the years he has had access to them. The serious psychiatric diagnostic issues raised by the manner in which this parent, the biological father, has been allowed to continue to abuse these children suggest a characterological disorder and a severe psychiatric disorder that is being reviewed as pseudo-psychopathic schizophrenia.

We have all the documentation to support these claims, and we will be pursuing medical and criminal records evaluation for further purposes of evaluation and subsequent litigation and prosecution of all culpable parties associated with the crimes committed against this family. Further, given the extended period of abuse and unbridled cruelty allowed to continue over time without any oversight or response to complaints, we suspect that there are many more victims of this judge and this court, and we will be seeking relief for other victims as they come forth as well.

In addition, the deportment/functioning of Judge Riquelme suggests psychiatric and characterological derangement similar to the abuser parent, which makes her unfit to act as an officer of the court, much less to be placed in a position that continues to set the children and their mother in harm’s way.

In our possession are certified documentation of court records of malpractice and ongoing physical and psychological abuse of children committed with the support and collaboration of this court and associated court-appointed factotum.

Full Certified court documentation is ordered and prepared with necessary criminal and civil actions to be brought against Judge Riquelme. All associated court actors and appointees, prior legal counsel and court actors related to presiding over the ongoing atrocities that this court has created as a captive audience binding the protective parent and her children into a process of child trafficking and severe child endangerment will be facing complaint and all available accountability. This letter and extensive documentation are being sent to all relevant oversight agencies that govern professional and legal licensing and proceedings.

Dr. Bandy Lee, M.D., has been retained to review this case thoroughly and to provide complete documentation of malpractice committed on behalf of court-appointed fraud and child abuser, Dr. Isabel Kaufman. Dr. Lee’s CV is attached to this letter of Complaint, as Dr. Lee is the psychiatric forensic expert examining and evaluating the extent of the harm experienced by this Respondent litigant and her four children.

This court has been placed on notice in the past that if reunification services were not immediately stopped and these children protected from further abuse by their father, criminal charges would be pursued against the father as well as Dr. Isabel Kaufman for engaging in actions that contribute to the emotional and physical torture of the four children.

A copy of this complaint and a prior warning statement submitted to this court will be disseminated, once again with complete documentation of the ongoing threats, coercion, and intimidation, as well as complete documentation as presented by the children which has comprehensively documented the atrocities detailed in accounts of torture submitted over the years to which these children have been subject.

The abuse of Judge Riquelme whose actions are in direct violation of the entire outline of judicial ethics, constitute actions of such a sadistic nature as to relate to crimes that rise to the standard of child trafficking and child abuse. We are at the mandate that this Judge would recuse herself, and we are placing you on notice that criminal charges and federal complaints against you in your personal and professional capacity are being arranged. Any attempts you make now, beyond setting aside this hearing and removing yourself from the case, will be used in complaints against you.

The development of the case and the documentation support the atrocities to which this mother, her children, and her pets have been subject are in the possession of the Foundation and the experts who will be moving this case forward.

You have been placed on notice, and we strongly suggest you act in a reasonable and responsible way, unlike your comportment in this case for the entirety of your engagement.

We are requesting a postponement of two months if necessary to gain access to the entire documented certified court file that has been requested and processed for a period of time.

Please be advised that any action you take that places this mother and her children in jeopardy will be used as part of the multiple cases against you and as proof of your depraved indifference, negligence, and behavior unbecoming of an officer of the court.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest

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