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Family Court Corruption: An Elephant Hiding Behind a Tree

In recent weeks, the FCVFC has received a plethora of critical evidence brought to us by the beleaguered body of protective parents who are facing the loss of their children via custody transfer ordered by judges transferring children from protective parents into the custody and isolation of abusers.

I am Jill Jones Soderman, a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, family therapist, author, and forensic expert by training and with many years of experience. My credentials and personal history that led me to become the founder and director of the Foundation For Child Victims Of The Family Courts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, can be found on the website and in my book Family Court Corruption: Speaking Truth To Power and the Consequences Thereof. I also refer you to the website, particularly with reference to the article on “Gardner In His Own Words” and articles on so-called Reunification Therapy.

The elaborate structure conveyor belt assembly line of legal battle erected to facilitate children from protective parents to abusers has been promoted across the country with court orders of so-called reunification therapy.

This so-called therapy that has no scientific legitimacy is an element of fraud for the cottage industry established by Richard Gardener, MD, as part of what has become the dynasty of parental alienation theory—the force behind custody transfer of children deemed to be in danger of abuse.

The movement begun in the 1980s by Richard Gardener has evolved from the 1980s into what the experts of the FCVFC have designated an industry for corruption, racketeering, and ultimately, transfer of federal funds under Title IV-D from federal coffers to states.

The scam which facilitates the transfer of children from the custody of protective parents into the custody of documented abusers will not be tolerated by silence and protestations of ignorance. Therefore, we, as whistleblowers to the public interests are taking more and more dramatic steps to expose judicial fraud, corruption, and commission of heinous crimes against vulnerable children and protective parents.

The recording fully documented the lengths to which judges are taking steps to engage not only in acts violating due process but also crossing the line into criminal activity; the original live court testimony is presented and embedded in this article.

Click here to read the transcript of the hearing: Tucker Hearing Transcript

For this reason, because of the callous conscious, brazen disregard, the treachery associated with the consequences of this judge’s actions, which are typical of the abandonment of judicial ethical practice displayed by court actors across the US, must be brought to the public consciousness in every conceivable venue, particularly those with the power and authority to take action.

The outrage experienced by the harm caused by the emissaries of social media executives and agencies should be equal to the outrage experienced by the functioning of family courts, judges, and other players across the country.

We seek to make critical authorities aware of this threat to our country and population. Therefore, I am taking extraordinary steps as indicated by disseminating the material enclosed in this communication.

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