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A Clarion Call To The Washington State Legislature

“Reunification therapy”: this dangerous racketeering fraud being imposed by US family courts across the US to advance the flow of federal funds to the states under Title IV-D, Aid to Dependent Children, poses an immediate threat to every child, every family that is forced to endure the torture imposed by this form of court ordered swindle!!!

The FCVFC has written extensively and in detail about a so called form of therapy that seeks to force children to deny experiences of abuse, often heinous, terrifying, painful, repeated abuse by being told either that these experiences did not exist or that they “Must” adjust to dealing with the perpetrator of harm because …. The perpetrator is you (parent ) or – the court says you have to do this…….Further threats and intimidation to the captive is… and if you do not do this …… your parent will be sent to jail, or…. You will never see your parent again.

The techniques for the infliction of pain on the caprice by the contingent of court actors and so called therapists are supporting interventions that are straight out of the  military playbook of MK Ultra, a program that was developed by the CIA in their search for mind control to be used to protect US soldiers in the US Military to train soldiers to resist enemy torture. The contingents of the family courts transferring children from protective parents into the custody of abusers have adopted the military techniques to be used against children who resist submission to an abuser parent.

The book “Poisoner In Chief” by Stephen Kinzer chronicles the MK Ultra military development and notable psychologists such as Richard Warshack PhD and Randy Rand, a psychologist whose license was removed, allegedly for cruelty and abuse toward children,  worked with Warshack to develop the Family Bridges “Reunification Therapy ” program. Richard Gardner MD , Richard Warshack PhD, Craig Childress, Steven Ceci PhD are practitioners who study children to deploy behavioral modification tactics that compel behavioral alteration as a result of deprivation, confusion and abuse.

The public must rise to an awareness of the danger to each child, each parent and relative that seeks and is forced to betray their child by turning them over to programs driven by money motive/ cash transfers via Federal Title IV-D . Title IV-D, aid for needy and dependent children in a single parent family, with no income floor to receive benefits redefines definitions of protective parents and abusers, based o the original complaint of abuse initiated in a divorce litigation (link to YouTube Video IV-D). The flow of funds to state coffers from Federal grants amounts to millions of dollars per state driven through child support/ Department of Revenue per state. The Department of Revenue that enforces child support payments through family court has access to all state revenue programs – Disability – Tax – Motor Vehicles – Insurance so that automatic, autocratic directives to founded or unfounded directives of payment ordered by JUDICIAL DISCRETION can be nearly impossible to unravel and certainly  to unravel rapidly.

The threat to a democratic society is implicit, and a conscious mandate within this aspect of court-ordered directives, because of their very destructive nature, cause incontrovertible harm to the immediate and long term functioning of every child exposed to the vile tactics imposed for mind control, abuse and ongoing structured punishment, along with isolation from protectors under court surveillance.

The FCVFC has now launched the first of what will be an ongoing program of civil rights filings, in addition to our multiple federal complaints against the immunity of court officers who violate their fiduciary oaths to the court and engage in massive, destructive racketeering practices. Our cases are brilliantly written by scholars and relevant experts. Our clients are brave and refuse to be silenced by the threats, intimidation tactics and fraud committed by judges and other court factotum engaged in racketeering across the US as equal opportunity abusers to scam, threaten and intimidate the American public / captive court audience.

We of the FCVFC will not tolerate the practices of ex parte collusion to destroy children’s lives, acts committed with brazen impunity and callous disregard for human life!!!!

The public must follow our lawsuits and educate themselves to the threats that have been  contributing to the mental illness and mayhem of our society since the 1980’s with the ascendance and embrace by the  bar associations of the Richard Gardner MD concept of parental alienation.

PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI has been written and is about to be filed before the US Supreme Court addressing the multiple Civil Rights violations implicit within the family court directives ordering protective parents to force children into a so called therapeutic process that constitutes involuntary incarceration into a program defined as implementing TORTURE TECHNIQUES  as define by the United Nations counsel on violence against children.



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