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The Connection Between Panic Disorder and Reunification Therapy: Why the Designation of “Reunification Therapy” as Torture is Justified

What medical licensing board or scientific authority authorized so called reunification therapy? …None

A highly controversial discredited practice has developed within the family court system as a feature of the multi-faceted cottage industry associated with the Richard Gardner, MD, concept of parental alienation. It has been instrumental in separating children from protective parents and catapulting them into the custody of documented abuser biological progenitors.

Much has been written in association with the grief and rage associated with the ever escalating practices in family court litigation associated with the transfer of children under protest of protective parents seeking to maintain safety of children. Courts across the United States are insisting that children kept from contact with an accused abusive biological progenitor is tantamount to original sin, condemning the child to a life of emotional incompleteness. Courts posit that either the accused abuse never took place and, even if the abuse has taken place and may continue into the future, that’s just too bad. We refer the reader to the article “Richard Garner in his own words.”

In order to understand the full danger posed to children by the practices now followed by family courts across the country, we must bring to light the criminal activity the court is engaging in through massive funds transferred from federal funding to state coffers. In order to pursue this activity, courts must neglect to protect children from well-known and documented dangers. There are legions of professionals associated with court processes actively engaged in dragging children kicking and screaming from the hands of loving, secure homes into the mortifying isolation of abusers. Their only concern with a child is the transfer of funds through multiple sources including child support, division of marital assets, and a variety of back-channel sources of illegitimately procured funding.

Reunification services

Reunification therapy is a side product of what this author consistently refers to as a child trafficking and racketeering conspiracy involving court actors, the bar association, and a plethora of minimally trained “therapists in name only” produced by state licensing boards. They are part of the farm to table collaboration of factory production mass destruction of children across the United States along with their families, and all who love them.

The United Nations Council on Violence Against Children has designated this so-called form of treatment marketed by Richard Gardner’s publicity team as a form of torture. The UN has related the practices of this form of torture to that of the techniques of MK Ultra, the US military training used to prepare our soldiers for military action and torture to maintain military secrets.

Parental alienation theory has provoked massive opposition from the scientific community. The American Psychiatric Association, and the American Medical Association have expressed vehement opposition to it because it lacks scientific basis and will never be recognized as a syndrome. The vague objections expressed in repeated outrage does not assist the public in understanding the depth and breadth of the basis on which the rejection of this theory and virtually all of Richard Gardner’s theories are based. Scientists and medical practitioners understand that Richard Gardner’s concept of child sexuality beginning at birth has no basis in medical science, physiology, anatomy, and the basic concepts of human development. Child sexual abuse and assault are considered crimes among the sane rational members of society.

Panic Disorder

If these concepts appear too abstract and aloof for general acceptance perhaps an understanding of the condition of the medical psychiatric condition known as panic disorder labeled in the DSM-5 as 300.01 (F41.0) will provide a clearer picture. Panic disorder is characterized by intense, unremitting, and spontaneously erupting anxiety, irrespective of time and circumstance. This may give the reader some understanding of the pain and suffering that is induced to subjects who are the intended victims, punished for not loving and/or acquiescing to the need for control and possession by a biological progenitor who finds themself in a position to financially and, at times emotionally, profit from the possession of a child who is rejecting their attentions.

Panic disorder is an acute attack of anxiety that can occur with a sudden sensation of panic which can emerge seemingly out of no place, related to nothing in time or space that should precipitate this feeling of immense terror. The feeling rises to a crescendo during which the subject feels as if they are about to have a heart attack as they experience the blood racing in their veins and the blood pressure pounding in their heads. The explosion of the feelings and the seeming lack of precipitant of these feelings has the impact for many people of making them feel as if they are losing their minds.

Because panic attacks are known to be spontaneous and seemingly unrelated to events in the immediate environment, their unpredictability impacts functioning in such a way that many sufferers have been known to wish to never leave their homes, be unable to work, and unable to function in any or all of their daily pursuits. The pain and suffering associated with panic attacks is known to have left many sufferers as victims of suicide. Others fear that at some point they will be forced to commit suicide because their lives are being destroyed from the inside out.

The Treatment of Panic Disorder once Diagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disorder has continued to defy consistent intervention. The unscrupulous nature of the disorder and the difficulty to manage it causes a form of agoraphobic illness in the patient. The unpredictability of panic disorder and the number of patients who require short term hospitalization and long term institutionalization causes this disorder to be viewed with great fear and concern. It also causes the psychiatric profession to be fully aware and mobilized against the potential for patient’s seeming spontaneous suicides.

One of the delays in effectively treating panic  disorder was facilitated by the fact that the psychopharmacology applied to the treatment of panic disorder in fact intensified the presence, intensity, and erratic appearance of the disorder.

The psychophysiological substrate (or brain to body connection), identified by Dr. Donald F. Klein, revolutionized the understanding of childhood anxiety disorders and altered the understanding of the precipitance of anxiety and how the brain/body physiological connection actually works.

One of the treatments of anxiety disorders was to understand that less is better. Minimum doses of medication were the cure. Large amounts of medication meant to suppress anxiety did the opposite and created a pushback in the brain/body dance of defiance in the embrace of anxiety. The desire to control a body that was overwhelmed with an attempt to suppress anxiety actually increased the chemical productions in the brain that created anxiety instead of suppressing those chemical elements. Once doses of the relevant anxiolytic drugs were regulated to work with the body’s production of anxiolytic control, and once the partnership minus the sledgehammer was developed, panic disorder and acute anxiety disorder was not only well controlled but eliminated as the body’s ability to process and regulate itself was supported and allowed to return to a stable level of natural infusion.

The study of psychiatric disorders and the medications under the science of pharmacology did not come about in a scattershot manner. There was no sudden epiphany or burst of “let’s try this and see how it works.” The evolution of diagnostic categorization and multi-faceted study of all physiological and emotional illnesses and/or disorders were arrived at by a careful minute study of thousands to millions of patients under the watchful eye of medical organizations. They observed quantified data and measured over time the processes of the rise and fall of symptomatology and the efficacy of the treatment.

Medical review boards that govern the practice of scientifically designated categories of illness or disease were carefully regulated by such professions as medicine and psychiatry. The analysis of the components of any disease were studied in a logical, sequential, controlled environment over an extended period of time, taking apart the components of that illness. The manner in which study was conducted involved the development of instruments to measure the psychological aspects of illness as well as the deployment of treatments in order to find what is most effective and meaningful to any disorder.

Further, the elements of discovery that were then categorized to keep track of every element of any disorder was managed by medical review boards and those boards were subject to the oversight of agencies that were meant to keep the general public safe.

Testing, exploration, and management of the elements of disease and treatment of the disease process included not only the physiological aspect of the disorder but also the psychological aspect of the diseases, discussion of the pain and debilitation of the disease, and the length of time that it took them to recover after being brought to a medical facility for care and treatment.

Analysis of both the categorization of an illness and the medical and psychological elements required to treat an illness eventually did fall under the auspices of the DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which was in itself composed of scientists and technicians. These teams were recognized by an oversight body of scientists who funded research in the form of interviews, describing the diagnosis and nature of an illness in finite terms.

Human subject review board

Medical boards are empowered, trained professionals called the IRB or Institutional Review Board. Under the FDA, the IRB was established for the protection of human subjects in clinical trials that established the existence of a known studied disease entity. They also regulated the clinical treatment for interventions in caring for human subjects. The institutional review boards across the country are empowered with the authority to review, modify, approve, or disapprove research on human subjects. The boards are meant to protect the rights and research of human subjects so that those who apply to be part of human research are protected and not exploited for their engagement in studies before a treatment has been approved.

To accomplish the purpose of efficacy and safety of treatment protocols for a given medical or psychiatric procedure or medication, a body of subjects are defined, isolated, and used to create a research pool in order to protect the rights and potential treatment for research subjects. Protocols are established related to the medications or devices being implemented in a treatment and informed consent is provided to the subjects of an investigation. The IRB is tasked with regulating good clinical practice in clinical trials. The rules and regulations defining the limits of experimentation for dosages of medication to be used and the responses of human subjects are to be carefully monitored by each and every aspect of the intervention.

At no point in time has there been any study whatsoever of the undefined factors associated with the definition of so-called parental alienation as a disorder. In fact, the precepts of parental alienation only make sense when defined as a legal technique for undermining deniability of actions that are presented as harmful to one human being and enacted by the direction of another human being designated as an authority figure.

These moving parts have never been defined, studied, or controlled in terms of the validity of the very concepts themselves, such as the concept asserted as fact that children are sexual objects, born as mini sexual predators from birth seeking to entrap adults into sexual activity. Precepts formed seeking a problem to fix is antithetical to the whole concept of research and development that comes from observation of a problem and the search for its resolution. Parental alienation and so-called reunification therapy are constructs of whole cloth to resolve a problem by overpowering it with a resolution that seeks to deny the existence of the problem posed before it can even be investigated. The lack of investigation leads to a process that seeks to say the problem that came out of the complaint never existed and therefore does not need to be investigated. However, the fact the problem did exist and seeking to undermine the investigation, means completely destroying any accuser of a personal experience that did irreparable hard to that accuser and caused them incalculable lifelong harm.

The problem posed, what came first the chicken or the egg, must be looked at as if there was never a chicken and there was never an egg. The terms used do not exist in nature or in the nature of the universe.

Reunification therapy is a form of torture because the implementers of this construct are seeking to uninform and disengage the subject of a crime from not only the physical and emotional evidence of the crime, but they wish to deprive the victim of the experience of ever having been subject to a crime, denying the existence of the crime and making themselves culpable as liars. This creates a conundrum for the victim in an abusive process that seeks to absolve the perpetrator of all crimes.

The reunification process is not only a form of torture used in family courts across the country. It is a crime committed by a series of professionals who are familiar with the facts that the tortuous actions being imposed are excruciatingly painful and have lifelong consequences to children of all ages, driving people to suicide through panic attacks and terror. These people act in coordination, conscious of the fact that there is no authority or review board that seeks oversight, responsibility, or accountably to their actions. They are free agents and as such we refer to them as the Mangala Mob (in reference to Dr. Mangala) and understand that there is no basis for the pain they are creating and financial enrichment they are experiencing. It is clear from the repetitive nature of their actions that they take sadistic satisfaction in the suffering of vulnerable subjects.

Further articles and proof of the cruel, pathological, sadistic nature of these behaviors will be presented through interviews with children and adults subjected to the so-called reunification processes. They are inflicted by self-designated authorities where there is no authority and no basis for their appointment of themselves as predators preying on a captive audience subject to conscription, not unlike the tortures at Abu Ghraib.

The material that is going to be put forth is for the public’s understanding of the massive crimes being committed under the auspices of court authority. They comprise the lived experiences of subjects who have survived the reunification therapy process and have lived to fight back and to report on the atrocities and cruelty they have experienced.

The Foundation for Child Victims of Family Court has worked for the past 18 years by providing legal psychiatric forensic intervention to intercede in the conduct of civil rights due process violations. Now we fight the advancing practices of reunification therapy, a process advanced by those possessed only with a drive for profit and a gleefulness in the exercise of pain over the innocent lives of victims.

The public must become aware and outraged by such practices.

By holding accountable the court officers appointed as henchman to carry out crimes against innocent naïve victims, the full consequences will be enacted against them. Numerous adults and children have been murdered by their own hand because their spirits were broken, and hopelessness overwhelmed them.

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