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The Chilling Impact on an Already Traumatized Family Court Captive Audience: Reading about the Intense Challenges Associated with Confronting a Child Trafficking Racketeering Organization, Namely Family Court Systems Across the United States

Confronting the reality of the counter intuitive nature in the family court systems, the reading audience often responds in disbelief. The magnitude of it causes feelings of overwhelming helplessness, irrationality, and confusion. The news of this reality informs the public that family court judges are removing children from protective parents, isolating them in the custody of abusers, and sending protective parents to jail.

These judges are stripping protective parents of all marital and financial assets, plundering reputations, and generally destroying the lives of parents attempting to rescue children from not only malignant, predatory abusers but also from the predatory, psychopathic criminals who pose as therapists engaged in the process of so-called reunification therapy.

Some cases known to the foundation include both clients and non-clients seeking assistance. These three case examples include direct statements or emails from parents.

  1. Example #1 – Dragged into “Reunification Therapy”

“My case is in California. I am dealing with domestic violence through the court. I have twin girls. They have been suffering the abuse during visitation. Everything is backwards. We were never married. He was a stranger when I got in vitro embryos. He pushed for quick involvement. He hurt me while pregnant. I fled but he came back and kept trying to get me and I felt forced to show him the kids.

Eventually I had to accept he was going to be around and we moved (child 1) with him. Along with my mother in the new house he bought. He had put my family on his side. My family pushed me to move (child) with him. But then he became more abusive. Never paid for anything for the kids. And was constantly abusive. I bared with it trying to leave several times. But it was hard – he always was one step in front (he had iClouded my phone).

When he hurt (child 2), a 4-year-old, we fled from him. But now he is going through a lot of drama through the court. There are no final orders and not that I could appeal. Yet visitation was what I posed from the beginning. And that just made it so that he could hurt the kids without any supervision. It has been terrible for the girls who started visitation with a guy who was like a stranger to them (who never was a caretaker of them) and forced visitation. Without a chance to be able to appeal because things are corrupt in the family Court. Orange County, California is a very corrupt place affecting the wellbeing of children.

Please help,”

-Anonymous Client

In this first case, the distressed mother of these vulnerable children was forced into “reunification therapy” with a man whom the children believe to be a total stranger and cruel person. His quick involvement with the client and increasing control and abuse reveal that he has no intentions of adequately parenting the children or emotionally and physically supporting the mother.

Not only are the children being forced to spend time with this abuser, but an unscientific, so-called reunification therapy is being pushed by the family court in California. Why are the voices of protective parents and vulnerable children ignored in favor of profit-driven judges and legal representatives?

  1. Example #2-Reunification Case with Institutional Situation

“Just a few updates,

Last month the judge took away my legal custody “temporarily.” It wasn’t even discussed at the hearing, but he knew he needed to do it so they could do what they did this week and today.

A few days ago, my ex began attempts to drug my eldest child. I was notified by the pharmacy that she got antidepressants in (child’s) name. (Child) is a very happy and healthy child normally but continues to go through more and more trauma because of this. The last thing she needs are these drugs. I know the purpose of the drugs is to aid my ex in this immersion therapy in an effort to break her and punish her, so they can succeed in brainwashing her through this reunification therapy.

Today got much worse. My ex pulled my daughter from school to check her into a long term mental health facility. Fortunately my daughter got the word out to friends before it happened so that they could tell me. I don’t know where or which facility but I’m constantly in shock of the things she is willing to do. It’s pure evil. I know you are very familiar with this, as I am reading in your book.

“So-called Therapist” was hired to be her divorce coach and she is known for sending kids to mental health institutions as a punishment if they refuse to lie and reject their safe parent. And insist that their reality is true. I found a letter from “So-Called Therapist” emailing a judge to issue this stage to the kids in another case. I found this early on and thought goodness, that would be the worst. And then I found out she was working on my case and now it’s happened.

Working on getting your retainer still. But I do still have my Attorney. We are in the process of filing a writ with the Supreme Court in hopes to fix all this.”

From Anonymous, “C” (not a client)

In this second case, the child’s protective parent has a concern that is being overlooked. The protective parent wants careful consideration before the eldest child is placed on psychotropic medication.

As is well documented in the scientific community, placing children on antidepressants before the age of 18 must be done with discretion and caution since studies have shown that antidepressant medication can cause children to self-harm or may trigger suicidal thoughts (National Health Service, 2021).  Furthermore, the frontal lobe and brain are still developing significantly. The child is being drugged to comply with the brainwashing performed in the debunked concept of reunification therapy, which has no scientific basis but is still being promoted within family courts.

  1. Example #3

An abusive mother brought charges of parental alienation against her legally separated husband. The children were separated from both parents and then sent through Linda Gottlieb’s intensive Turning Points reunification program. The program led to the children being forced to live with their mother. The two older children have been consistently punished for expressing their views of their mother. Now the court has determined that the oldest child, now an adult, will have no contact with her siblings. The court believes that the older two children are influencing the younger children and preventing them from “reunifying” with their mother. One of the younger children began expressing suicidal ideation after being forced to live with her mother. Mother has placed the child in a mental hospital.

Statements within this court order are slander and lies. There are documented and verified complaints of abuse by the children against the mother. Based on the case history, the mother was tired of her marriage and needed a justification to leave it behind. She leveraged unreasonable complaints against her husband in order to terminate her marriage and used the parenting of their seven children as a tool in court. In the evaluations of the psychiatric forensic team of the Foundation, it was clear she brought the rage of her conservative religious community and the courts against both her husband and children in the course of justifying her desire to terminate both her parenting relationships and her marriage.

Among the grounds for lawsuits are claims that the therapeutic concepts the courts promote, such as reunification therapy, are fraudulent with no medical or scientific support.

The unique manner in which we deal with these cases is tailored to client needs and scientific rigor because the bar association is promoting a fraudulent child trafficking industry, one without medical and scientific basis.


Jill Jones Soderman

FCVFC Director


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