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Family Court Atrocities: Weekly Update

Washington State: Baby Gabriel, now age 5, a victim of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse since the age of 3, is now threatened with complete transfer of custody into the isolation of the alleged but well-documented abuser parent.

The documented abuse in this racketeering wall of conspiracy includes police, CPS, an aggressive activist guardian ad litem, and the judge. They seek to transfer the child from the custody of his protective mother to the biological father.

The child was described by his mother as highly responsive and alert from birth. From the beginning, his responsiveness to his mother’s and grandfather’s voices was notable. He was described as a highly outgoing, sociable, and empathetic child driven to reach out to children and elderly he saw as sad, isolated, or shy.

He was described as intellectually advanced, at age two learning to read and able to identify letters into words. At age five, the child spent time with this father with exposure to acute domestic violence and acute physical violence. When the child was returned to his mother after the visit, he looked at her and said, “Do you know my name?”

In a recent disturbance involving police, the sergeant detective on the case relayed that the mother was “compelling” in her confabulations. He stated the child had been observed by police after custody transfers over and over again, and he saw no problems in the transfers from the mother to the father. He said he repeatedly observed the child greeting the father enthusiastically.

However, videotaping of the transfers and eyewitness statements of independent observers provides a different account.

Police have stated that, because the mother has had a brain injury, the court’s willingness to continue to work with her and not remove custody has been based on giving her “second chances” and “opportunities to improve her behavior.” It was assumed her intent was “not to disrupt the relationship” but based on distorted perceptions because of brain injury, she was “misinformed.” Police authorities understood the court’s patience would be discontinued if she did not change after repeated complaints.

The police officer noted that he was “a father, a husband, loves children, and would never want a child to be abused.” He stated that the mother stabbed the father in the midst of a physical altercation but she was not charged.

An alternate take on the stabbing event was that the father was attempting to kill the mother and was stabbed as per her defense of her own life. The actual documents of the assault read differently from the verbal report of the officer.

Oddly, when attempting to speak with an officer who was present at a given exchange, the name of an officer who was not at the exchange was provided. The officer named as being at the exchange was not the officer who made contact and provided an alternate reality of events. The officer who called back provided the name of the officer who was present, but it appears his was intentionally withheld.

This officer acted as defender for the accused abuser and only provided the name of the responding officer to the visit exchange once he realized that the responding officer was the subject of a complaint due to a documented attempt at threatening and humiliating the protective parent mother of the child.

We refuse to use illegitimate terms that suggest there is a lack of proof of abuse and danger when such proof exists in tangible, credible terms but has been suppressed and distorted by the court and officers of the court.

Florida: Maya Moore Is Not Missing.

Maya Moore is a brilliant young woman, nearly 16 years old, an honor student, and an articulate reporter of the circumstances of coercion, intimidation, and abuse that she has sustained in the litigation seeking transfer of her custody from her protective parent father to that which she has described as her threatening, intimidating, destructive biological mother.

The collaboration between court actors and biological mother has engaged her in the clutches of the practice known as Reunification Therapy, a spawn of the cottage industry known as the Gardner Parental Alienation Concept. Parental alienation alleges any parent or child who articulates a situation of abuse is seeking to manipulate the court into taking a position that abuse has not occurred.

Family courts across the country have dismissed evidence, production, and discovery by instantly taking the position that any complaint of abuse is a false allegation and then transferring the alleged victim into the custody of the abuser.

Such is the case of Maya Moore, who was forced into Reunification Therapy. It is considered a violation of human rights and an act of torture against subjects forced into this coercive, punishing, humiliating process of submission when the subject is seeking protection from an abuser. Both child and protective parent are subject to the court’s order to engage in so-called therapy sessions with practitioners whose malpractice and violation of judiciary responsibility have subjected each and every one of them to malpractice and damages actions.

The forced financial compensation to those who act as enforcers, not therapists, include endless access to credit cards and payments by court order. If payment is interrupted, the payee is subject to contempt charges and imprisonment. We are seeing protective parents ferried off to prison and

children psychiatrically hospitalized and medicated with psychotropic medication to “encourage their cooperation” with the program.

The current abuser professional has aligned with the court to attempt to force the child into the custody of her abuser. When the child and father refused to attend a session – paid for under court order by a credit card on file for the providers to bill at will – the guardian ad litem filed an immediate custody transfer.

The custody transfer from the documented protective parent to the custody of the documented abuser was followed up, even before a hearing could be held, through a statement to the press. It said the child Maya Moore had been abducted by her father and was the subject of nationwide search under amber alert.

The police report was a fraud as it stated that the teen had been abducted by her father, which was not the case. The police contacted Maya Moore; her father was subject to a protective order preventing him from having contact with her or the abusive mother.

The child was seized by police to be returned to the isolation and custody of Maya’s accused abuser, her mother. The police were compelled to bring the child to a hospital for observation, where she was unable to be contacted by her legal team and forensic psychiatric team.

She has been maintained in complete isolation and control of a local children’s hospital. Word of Maya’s physical and emotional condition had been withheld from her father, and her status at this time is unknown.

Litigation against the malpractice of providers of so-called reunification services is in process, as well as litigation against all reunification service providers. Actions taken constitute involuntary commitment with time limits of detention that are without limits.

The damages incurred by the vile acts of exercise of power and control, humiliation, isolation, deprivation of food, communication with loved ones, separation from all forms of electronics, threats, coercions, multiple forms of physical and emotional abuse, subliminal communication torture (A Trip To Pluto – 1, 2, 3, and on), verbal attack and insult, are all well established in lawsuits to have caused suicides, attempted suicides, and conversion from victim to abuser cohort.

Children can be held against their will for years by court orders that extend even beyond the legal authority of the family court. Action is being taken against the judge, guardian ad litem, and all minions of the court associated with this constitutional violation of the rights of the child and her parent.

Parents have been known to give up the fight for their children. Sibling survivors live with the guilt of surviving and feeling that they have not done enough for their beloved siblings who remain in captivity Ad Infinitum.

Children across the country are being subject to custody transfer into the isolation of abusers. Upon their complaints and failure to submit, we are seeing a pattern of children being hospitalized and medicated against their will, medicated with psychotropic medications that have lasting and dangerous consequences to their permanent neurological functioning.

Such consequences as induced suicidality because of medicating an illness that was induced by trauma through the court and by parental abuse is creating a dissociative and dysfunctional psychiatric state related to reality testing that is both frightening and biologically incapacitating to the victim subject. They are using excellent medications improperly to inflict pain and suffering on the subject child.

The abuse of power and control both through the legal and medical systems are acts of violence against protective parents and children. Actions seeking prosecution against all actors involved in harming protective parents and children are being pursued by the experts associated with the FCVFC.

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