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Family Court Corruption Viewed from the Perspective of Family Court as a Cult

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The hallmarks of a cult involve an institutional culture of secrecy with a procedural protocol that has evolved, been maintained, and elaborated over time, insulating itself from intervention by independent authorities outside of the cult’s interconnected government authorities. Institutional authoritarianism is guided by a stand-alone autocratic philosophy detached from scientific and constitutional principles yet governed by an independent abstract authority, unhinged and untethered from science, medicine, and the law.

There is a preoccupation with maximizing financial rewards to the administrators and organizational management of family court functioning. Policies enacted by judges, untethered from legal judiciary responsibility, and adherence to due process and constitutional and civil rights are routinely bypassed and rationalized within the structure and interpretation of the theoretical framework created by forensic psychiatrist Richard Gardner, MD. Gardner’s concept of parental alienation is based on precepts that have been debunked and widely criticized by the scientific, medical, and psychiatric communities.

Family court judges and their minions advance their actions of malevolence and torture toward the would-be clients as if they were lambs to the slaughter, sentenced to the authoritarian lockdown precepts of the program. The precepts generated by this are a rogue court – namely the family courts – legal bodies permitted to function under the auspices of judicial discretion, which has become a breeding ground of child trafficking and racketeering.

Organizational management policies are rationalized with nonexistent authoritarian precepts that mimic the Calvinist concept in Christianity of pre-ordained salvation, sanctity, superiority, and Divine right, demonstrated in life by the endowment of personal wealth and social achievement. The elliptical argument that earthly wealth and power are signs of the Divine proof of superiority and godly blessings is synonymous with the judicial immunity provided to those creating their laws in these rogue courts.

The concept of courts as cults is on full display before us as precepts of religious cults, whether it be Children of God or Jehovah’s Witnesses with their tenets related to bonds of community, rules of engagement, sustainment in the community, and expulsion of members who break the rules. The terror of expulsion is coupled with the mind-crushing burden of maintaining citizenship within a community that is ruled by thought, feeling, and learning models that turn human beings into remote-controlled robots.

Those within these cults are conscripted for labor, benefiting the community at large. They forfeit all aspects of life, liberty, and the personal pursuit of one’s defined goals for happiness, void of the ability to define one’s life course.

In the view of the experts of the FCVFC, the conflation of court and cult is a process that has been evolving over the past 60 years, since the 1980’s, with the advent of Richard Gardner and his marketing program of parental alienation concepts, the cottage industry spawned from the Gardner narratives. Judicial discretion and the directives within the scope of judicial discretion have weaponized parental alienation concepts. The practices of bar associations have been complicit in the abuse of process and violation of constitutional rights.

Wake up America!

Family courts consciously and deliberately transfer children from protective parents into the isolation of abusers during the adjudication process of family courts with the intent of transferring federal funds to the states through Title IV D, aid to needy and dependent children.

The lives of generations of children are being forfeited along with a functioning democratic society.

Jill Jones Soderman

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