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The Predators Among Us: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The Predators Among Us Wolves in Sheep's Clothing


In 2010, the fledgling Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts unknowingly encountered an obsessed predator who enlisted the assistance of attorneys and the organization The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to further his own cause.

We have had the unfortunate experience of being deeply involved in situations with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The cases in question had well-documented, credible, authenticated material attesting to the family court’s persecution and false prosecution of the protective parent. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children aggressively participated in the persecution of the protective parent through false publications.

The publications of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children placed pictures and identifying information about the parties involved, children, and, in our cases, the protective parent who was running from dangerous predators. The activities of this organization effectively led to the arrest of the protective parent and the transfer of children into the isolation and custody of the abuser under the authority of the family courts.

In 2010, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court was in its infancy. We were contacted by the director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Mr. Failen. He asked us to assist an individual who was a citizen of the United Kingdom attempting to seek contact with his child. The mother was an American and had managed to bar him from entrance in the United States under reputedly false charges of domestic violence.

I was asked to assist this individual by allowing him to come to the US with the support of the Foundation to seek an ability to appear before an American court. The location of the Foundation in 2010 was in Nyak, NY, and the individual in question was seeking to appear in a family court in Deland, FL. I gave permission for this person to contact me and agreed to provide a location for him after his initial arrival from the UK with the understanding he would then move on to his court appearance in Deland, FL.

I spoke to his attorneys and felt confident to proceed. The individual in question then contacted me from the UK and made arrangements to fly to NY to begin his journey.

In the course of my brief dealing with him as a bridge from him coming from the UK to FL to gain access to the court, I became aware that this individual had been in prison in the UK for rape. This information came from a third party who received it from the British police in the form of documents related to this individual’s arrest and imprisonment. We learned this was reason he had been blocked from coming to the United States.

The attorneys for this individual and Mr. Failen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were aware of this information because they had it from court documents. That information was withheld from me which meant this individual, through the auspices of my organization, was then allowed access to the US. Under the hospitality of my organization, he was then allowed to seek contact with the child he was pursuing and the mother who was running from him in the process of seeking to protect her 5 year old daughter.

This individual was married but separated from his wife and two children whom he abandoned without notice causing, as I came to understand, enormous distress to his son and daughter. The Foundation board members and I met to support this individual and to applaud his efforts. He described his efforts as seeking to protect his daughter from a terrible situation. He regaled us with stories of his military bravery and the medals he received in the course of his service.

After our first meeting, he returned to the UK with a second trip planned where he would go on to Deland, FL, for his court appearance. We went to meet his flight from the UK, and he never appeared. This caused us great concern and alarm for him that occasioned a search for his whereabouts.

The story that unfolded involved him meeting a woman on the flight from the UK to NY and a romantic relationship that ensued. It then evolved into a marriage which gave him access to US citizenry via his residence in Virginia and an establishment of a cyber security business also in Virginia. My initial concern for his welfare that occasioned the search then unearthed a dark history that involved no less than five women with children who were evading contact with him because of claims of predatory behavior.

When this individual surfaced because he claimed to have left personal property at my home and wanted to come to claim this property and to search my house for the property, a combative, hostile, and threatening personality replaced the affable “protective parent” with whom I had been originally presented.

We contacted the attorneys who represented this individual to confront them with the dangerous situation they had placed us in. They gave no comment and offered no assumption of responsibility. This individual then wrote disparaging articles about the Foundation and me personally which then had to be dealt with through aggressive litigation.

In retaliation for uncovering his secrets, he found a way to entirely take over the Foundation’s website, placed his picture and contact information, and replaced all contact information related to the rightful owner – the Foundation for the Victims of the Family Courts. The court litigation that followed in federal court involved complex international litigation through federal court to remove him from my website.

The attorneys who represented this individual took no responsibility for the damages they caused and the potential end of a newly formed organization that was taken advantage of in the course of misrepresentation by attorneys on his behalf and the organization the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The initially presumed protective parent in fact turned out to be a dangerous predator. The attorneys and incredibly famous organization that represented his interests in fact were successfully supporting the predatory behavior of an extremely dangerous individual.

The events that surfaced in 2010 appear to have continued.

This person has continued living in the United States, having married the woman he met on the plane coming from the UK to NY. He settled in Virginia, married, divorced, then moved to Pennsylvania, where he still resides.

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