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The hypocrisy of the arguments of the political right wing have become evident. Under the pretext of advocating for Christian Nationalism and Christian values, these groups champion the antics of abuse of the family court process. One such family court has denied the independence of freedom of speech and faith preferences for a child while promoting the authority of an abusive parent who rejects Christianity and who is seeking to force her daughter, in the most violent and unconscionable terms, into the practice of Hinduism.

The Greek philosopher Socrates was a patriot with deep religious convictions. He was regarded with suspicion and disliked, but he believed in the argument of writing and spent much of his life engaged in dialogue and argument. In 399 BC, a 501 Athenian jury sentenced Socrates to death for the moral corruption of Athens’s youth (Wan, 2019). The three great social philosophers, Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato challenged rational and scientific ideas and fought for the supremacy of discourse. In the age of the 21st century, the United States family courts are championing the antiscientific theories of an individual who promoted theories that condone sexual abuse of children and deny physical and anatomical psychiatric lore.

These theories have paved the way for cottage industries that have perverted the practice of law. Additionally, there has been undermining of critical, constitutional practices of due process and dissolution of evidence production. The formation of this form of law is unprecedented in its amoral engagement and service to psychopathy and greed, creating a master/slave society.

The American Family Court Systems are dismantling the processes by which youth are socialized, educated, and developed into functioning members of society. The courts have endorsed the practice of Richard Gardner, M.D., father of the cottage industry training ground for psychopathic predators under false law that prey on the vulnerable subjects of society

The lack of integrity and abuse of authority is a product of Gardner’s perversion of scientific knowledge, judicial practice, and perversion of scientific knowledge. It is an infection into the community practicing law and involved in enforcing the criminal justice system. There is no mystery about the trajectory of family courts after embracing the Gardner concepts, which infects the intellectual community, revealing evidence of destructiveness, fallibility, and an underlying false basis of knowledge and logic. Presenting such arguments would persuade the public to challenge these debunked concepts. Expert Witness Testimony to the Colorado Legislature, July 2022 – The Foundation for Child Victims (

Underestimation of the sway of carnal lust and greed was not met with the required strength and bravery to counter the barbarity of the lust for power that embodies the fulfilled conquest of the Gardner false prophet. In the words of one desperate individual whose experiences of her capture and torment through the Florida Family Court System offices are captured in her father’s words:

““I cannot emphasize this more strongly: (child) is being kept a prisoner from her faith and religion, the Bible, and worshiping in her (membership) church. I have a very strong belief based upon the history of the mother that she has taken (child’s) Bible away from her, forbidden (child’s) Bible study, blocked her messages – reading daily Bible devotionals, prevented her private study of God’s Word and private prayer (removed her iPhone). The mother visibly hates (child’s) church, the keeping of the Sabbath and already has denied (child’s) attendance of her Sabbath keeping church: now, with the edict from the corrupt Family Court judge the mother is legally enabled to deny her first amendment rights, all illegal. This mother’s history has been in evidence for years abusing (child’s) faith, cursing (child’s) church and God while… abusing Maya emotionally and physically. This is unlawful and a crime against children…. now enforced by this Corrupt Family Court judge – racketeering in concert with the guardian ad litem, both attorneys, and the Court appointed psychologist(s) – who have verbally abused her faith and belittled (child) for her belief.”


We are witnessing the effects of the destruction of six generations of families and children deprived of the guarantees of protection via the rights of protective parental authorities to assert the best interests of children as directed under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, the edict of the federal and supreme courts of the United States has taken a position of being hands-off regarding custody issues.

However, parental custody is an interest of generations of emotionally healthy, educated children schooled in democratic values that have been sacrificed under the auspices of family court judicial discretion. Judicial discretion was initially intended to protect the privacy rights of children and protective parents sensitively and confidentially. Instead, it has morphed into a cottage industry, which has blossomed with the ability to promote predator practitioners under the concept of parental alienation promoted by Richard Gardner, MD.

From its inception, the family courts unleashed the concept of parental alienation through Gardner’s marketing propaganda. It is now incentivized by the bar associations. Parental alienation has been weaponized by the legal community to undermine constitutional areas of practice within due process and civil rights.

This undermining has promoted judicial discretion as a means of aborting the discovery process and the production of hard evidence. Through the pronouncements of judges supported by their minions and other court appointed propagandists, terms such as “parental alienation” and “false allegation” become the shorthand for the termination of protective parental rights and transfer of abused children into isolation and full custody of documented, abusive parents.

This has unleashed a plague upon our country, furthering the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children under the lock and key of family, with the institutional support of fabricators. Such fabricators include some psychiatric hospitals and practitioners who falsely diagnose children, medicate them, and further confine them under court authority with medical interventions that the United Nations labels as “Violence Against Children,” a means of torture which is forced upon children with effects that extend to protective family and extended family. Gag orders are used by the court to impose silence, threaten, and force jail time. The automatic instant imprisonment with no bond and no ability to appeal is a thoroughly coercive practice.

The court system has become a breeding ground of corruption via child trafficking and racketeering as per the alliance of attorneys and judges who direct the investigations of protective parents by such authorities as the police. The police then direct investigations with a defined directive indicating that the parent filing a complaint has already been designated as a liar and the source of abuse and that the spouse/partner who is the subject of the complaint is automatically an innocent party and subject to court protections.

The alliance of police with child protective services and medical facilities has created a violent war on children. The product of this is the decimation of our youth, which is a direct product of conscious, intentional, institutional employment of monetizing programs using vulnerable child subjects as the coinage to unlock the cash flow of tax-funded programs like social security and veterans’ benefits. These funds are then used to pay for guardian ad litem, attorneys, and the so-called experts whose credentials are nonexistent. Additionally, benefits are used to fulfill directives of courts under the institutional authority of lying and cheating licensing boards who suppress critical evidence against practitioners who have been reported as pedophiles preying on vulnerable subjects under their care.

Like mice fed to snakes, the family court system is acting like a trafficking conveyor belt of a steady flow of children removed from protective parents who blindly seek to protect their children through everyday complaints. Instead, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a court that is entirely conscious of the illegal actions taken to seize children, remove them from protective parents, and siphon them into a lifelong pipeline consisting of children isolated from protective parents and all family members, excised from their lives and never in contact again.

The Supreme Court has rejected, as of April 12th, a certiorari Fighting Against Reunification Therapy in the Supreme Court – The Foundation for Child Victims ( because custody and family court are sacrosanct in terms of legal authority. The blanket province is only to be enacted by the family court. The darkness, blackout, and silence of family courts across the country from the scrutiny of constitutional authority that would address issues of due process and constitutional rights have been entirely blocked with an abracadabra, mumbo jumbo of family court discretion, which amounts to meaningless sound and fury, blocking any pathway of rescue for desperate protective parents and helpless children.

Our articles include Maya Moore is Not Missing and Baby Gabriel: Do You Know My Name? Maya Moore Is Not Missing: Florida Custody Battle Exposes Systemic Failures – The Foundation for Child Victims ( Family Court Atrocities: Weekly Update – The Foundation for Child Victims ( Gabriel a brilliant, aspiring little intellect who now asks his mother: “Do you know my name? Do you know who I am?” After a brief period of isolation with his accused abusive father, the child returns to clearly articulate descriptions of violent abuse, as documented in the bruises on his face, body, and genital areas.

The complaints brought to the police were responded to with the police providing false information concerning the investigating officer’s name. When the Foundation called to follow up, not only did the police provide false information about the officer’s name, but they also provided additional false information from an officer who had never made the indicated report. The indicated report came from an officer who responded to a complaint against him even though, at that point, his name was falsely presented in place of the officer who had seen the child.

Upon investigation, it appeared the officer to whom the detective sergeant was directed had been the source of false and defamatory information against the mother and in support of the abusive father. Actual documented information providing hard evidence of the facts around child-parent interaction strictly contradicts reports of the officers, yet the reports of the officers were sent and provided to CPS. Thereby, an order was disseminated to remove the child while visiting his mother to return him to the total and complete isolation of the abusive father, from whom the child was having some respite. The police arrived late, on a weekend evening, when the police may have felt that the mother might have been unable to contact legal authorities to act in her support and discretion.

Fortunately, the police were wrong in assuming that assistance wasn’t available to the mother as assistance was readily available to her. Documentation of the police banging at the mother’s door in the middle of the night to extract the child is being countered by immediate legal action and expert criminal and forensic intervention as per the work of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court. The Foundation will continue to report, produce articles, and disseminate to the press the process of fraud, manipulation, larceny, lies, and deceit of seeking to capture and isolate children in the custody of their abusers. The press, such as the so-called whistleblower publication ProPublica, has been absent and negligent in reporting the atrocities being committed by family court corruption involving the transfer of children from protective parents into the custody of abusers.


We are drowning in the devastating consequences of the destruction of more than six generations of children, the implications of the devastation of families, and the ability of court ordered directives to transfer federal funds to the states until Title IV D. Title IV D, aid to needy and dependent children, is being manipulated by family court judges and their minions who are advancing at lightning speed, unrestrained. Not only are corrupt judges and their minions unrestrained but they are also being promoted by the bar associations, allowing the larceny of governmental programs, such child support, across the country. There can be no excuse for ignorance and no apology for the arrogance of perpetrators, whom we are unapologetically naming as those involved in family court child trafficking, racketeering, and those promoting atrocities that devastate children and all who love them.


Jill Jones Soderman, FCVFC

References Used in this Article: Wan, Y. (2019). On the Significance of Socrates’ Death. Francis Academic Press, 1561-1564. DOI: 10.25236/icess.2019.301

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