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Family Court Atrocities: Weekly Update

weekly update

Family Court Corruption Book 2!

You know about the book written by Jill Jones Soderman, “Family Court Corruption.” We are excited to announce that “Family Court Corruption 2” is in progress! We hope to have it available soon. We will be publishing several articles in the coming weeks that will include previews from “Family Court Corruption 2.”

“Family Court Corruption 2” is going to focus on holding judges and those in the legal profession accountable for conduct unrelated to enforcing the protections of the best interests of children. The conduct of family court professionals can instead be described as between immoral and amoral.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts believes that, since the 1980’s and the adoption of the Gardner concept of parental alienation, family court actors across the country have sacrificed millions of lives for their own avarice and greed generated by a system of child trafficking and professional racketeering that has promoted the transfer of children from the custody of protective parents into the custody of documented abusers. The Foundation wishes to make it absolutely clear that we hold the bar association and the legal community associated with family courts directly responsible for what can only be described as a virutually invisible holocaust that has contributed to the degradation of democratic practices for the past six generations.

Exciting news in our advocacy world

In every case we are pursuing, we are sending letters to the state legislatures. We are letting them know of the criminal activity acted upon against families.

We are sending documents with the testimony of the experts at the Foundation and using direct experience from our cases to promote equity for protective parents and children.

We are writing to chairmen of committees of civil rights in the courts with the same information to bring awareness and change.

We hope to eventually send letters to the legislature and committee for civil rights in the courts in every state across the United States as we advocate for child victims of the family courts.

An Update on Maya Moore

We are working on an article with more details regarding Maya Moore’s case that will be coming soon. It has normally been our practice to maintain the anonymity of children at risk along with their protective parents. However, the heinous acts of the courts sometimes force the case into the public arena by disabling protective parents from the ability to protect their children, by placing protective parents in jail, and by filing injunctions against them.

As a result of this recently emerging practice, the FCVFC is taking the position that, as advocates for the child victim, we will be directly seeking litigation and prosecution of every court actor associated with the unconscionably cruel isolation of the child/children in the custody of abusers.

Maya Moore was not missing but is missing now. This is the first case in which the Foundation is taking a position as the advocate for the child independent of the parent because the parent has been illegitimately disabled and prevented from advocacy by the court of Broward County, FL. Therefore, we are publishing the names of all bad actors associated with the heinous abuse that this child and her protective parent have been wrongfully subjected to.

The court of Broward County and Judge Kristin Raybon Kanner have savagely attacked both father and child seeking to immobilize and eviscerate their capacity to live and thrive on their own terms to which they are entirely justified. Aggressive reporting on the status of this case will be an ongoing process as we hope to liberate both Maya and her father from the cruelty and injustice that has been visited upon them. We hope that this model of advocacy will create a new venue for protection for all of our clients.

You Can Help Children Like Maya

There are those who can’t afford the financial costs of experts, forensic documentation, and litigation. This is extremely distressing to us. To properly litigate and prosecute on behalf of these clients, the legal and psychiatric experts and expert testimony is critical to advancing the work that must be done.

We cannot take on cases that we cannot financially support. This is an expensive process. The fees charged by the experts who generously work with us are minimal in comparison to what other legal avenues cost, but they are still frequently beyond the capacity of people who need and would benefit from our services. Taking on a case that we can’t afford to fully support does more damage and creates ill will within the community that we’re attempting to help.

We are seeking to create a war chest to support clients who need our help. We are advocating for funds from the community at this moment in time to help us build our war chest.

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