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Family Court is not for the Faint of Heart

In this era of sixty years of parental alienation genocide, litigants in family court must be brave in confronting the lies and larceny of a corrupt court.

The work of the Foundation seeks to hold accountable the parties involved in the transfer of vulnerable children from protective parents into the hands of documented abusers. We address the lack of law and violation of due process that routinely occurs in family court through facts and hard evidence. The clear patterns established in the well-organized, thoroughly orchestrated activities of court actors are meant to threaten, intimidate, and deceive the captive audience of litigants trapped in family court litigation jurisdiction in the territory of family court.

Litigants who are too intimidated to confront the fraud and connivance of court actors will likely lose their children forever as they attempt to cooperate and to seek what they hope will be an end to the litigation process brought about by their cooperation.

What litigants must know is that there is no end to the depth and breadth of induced pain and suffering because of the cash flow from litigants to lawyers and then from federal government and the states to all the agencies associated with crimes committed by family court officers and their minions. Custody litigation in 2024 must be viewed through the prism of a life and death battle between good and evil, between the preservation of democracy and the subsuming power of autocracy/fascism.

Litigants must come to terms with the fear and trembling that is implicit in this form of hand-to-hand combat in court via means of truth, evidence, and belief in the rule of law and the US Constitution. One must learn how to live with a certain level of fear and anguish until one can learn to gain control of the legal situation. The litigant who will not confront the fraud of family court is forfeiting any prayer of a successful outcome for themselves and their children, in the opinion of the experts of the FCVFC.

The FCVFC wrote a letter the Broward Family Court regarding the kidnapping of Maya Moore. These are the court actors and minions of this court whom we are seeking to litigate against and prosecute for complicity for crimes associated with kidnapping and child endangerment. These are some of the prime bad actors in this case who will be named in press articles and public speaking.

Date: May 3, 2024

To:      Judge Kristin Raybon Kanner

201 SE 6th St #11-127

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Jamie Alman, Guardian ad Litem

200 East Broward Blvd, Suite 1800

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Dr. Matthew Simon, Psy.D., LMHC, ABPP

Lisa Saponaro, PhD, Inc.

Cc: Federal Bureau of Investigation

2030 SW 145th Ave

Miramar, FL 33027

(754) 703-2000

US Attorney’s Office, Ft. Lauderdale

500 E. Broward Blvd

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33394

Anthony W. Rosa, Chief of Police

Sunrise City Police Department

10440 West Oakland Park Blvd.

Sunrise, FL 33351

(954) 746-3511

Joanna Saxton Shields, Esq.

Shields Family Law

Jordan Abramowitz

Abramowitz and Associates

Rhaki Moore

Doug Laurie, President

American Heritage School

Osmel Rodriguez, High School Principal

American Heritage School

Darryl Trowbridge, Academic Advisor

American Heritage School

From: Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director, Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts

Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest

Re:  Advisory to the Court on the kidnapping of Maya Moore, Broward County Family Court

I am Jill Jones Soderman, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, a 501(c)3 organization as of February 2008. I am a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, family therapist, mediator, forensic expert by training and experience, a nonprofit program developer, and the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts nonprofit, and administrator for the Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest. The FCVFC confronts the atrocities committed by the court and its minions without fear or favor, facing insults, pusillanimous threats, and level attempts at intimidation and coercion.

I am writing to you as the advocate for Maya Moore. She reached out to us and was in contact with us shortly before her kidnapping by this court. I am enclosing the articles published with regard to Maya Moore’s kidnapping.

Maya was in contact with us regarding the false allegations placed by the mother, Rakhi Moore, whom she related that she loathed and feared.

We have detailed statements from Maya Moore – directly, in writing, and in recordings – with her very clear descriptions of abuse at her mother’s hands and the ongoing attempts by her father to care for and protect her.

This court has consistently acted with the financial interests related to transfer of federal funds under Title IV D, Aid to Needy and Dependent Children, as opposed to the actual best interests of the child. Using the debunked concepts of parental alienation that incorporate constructs generated by the scientifically inaccurate, psychiatrically, and morally deranged progenitor of this theory that denies the existence of child sexual abuse and thus created a conveyor belt of transfer of children into the custody and isolation of abusers. The fabrication of theories generated by a marketing team of “creative therapeutics” gained popularity with the family court bar associations  via the usefulness related to confronting the value of deniability and doubt by  dispensing with actual evidence production developed by bona fide experts.

I am referring the readers to articles published debunking false accusations placed by the child’s abuser mother in collusion with the court actors retained to provide false/non-existent evidence against the child’s father.

Maya Moore was forced into the isolation and custody of her mother with the aid of police and false accusations reported without a hearing of any evidence or meeting with the child herself.  The facilitation of a reunification therapist, Matthew Simon, who Maya had been refusing to participate or have anything to do with occasioned this court’s draconian, lawless actions.

Maya has described in detail, in writing and in recordings, the tortuous abuse to which she was subject with the guardian ad litem, Jamie Alman, the so-called psychologists Matthew Simon and Lisa Saponaro, PhD, and other court officers. Maya has described in detail her terror of her mother and the venomous actors to which she was being forced to meet.

Each and every one of the court actors and conspirators engaged in the coordinated process of lies and larceny enacted to strip Maya of the protection of her father, to separate Captain Michael Moore from any ability to protect his daughter, are placed on notice that federal complaints are being submitted to the courts along with malpractice actions and demands for internal investigation of all police authorities involved in the lawless kidnapping. We suggest that all parties place their malpractice carriers on notice of suits being prepared against them.

Actions and violations of the confidentiality and protections of an abused child will be documented in explicit details as part of the forensic team review related both to seeking legal intervention on the part of the child and damages lawsuits against experts and all court actors for the trauma and damage incurred by this child.

Prior to the kidnapping and current isolation of Maya Moore with her accused abuser parent, she was an honor student and a young woman enjoying healthy and normal development and activities of the life she should be allowed to live. She has been an active swimmer and a part of the religious community she enjoys. Since the assault by police by five armed policemen, aggressively removing Maya from the protection of her father who has been falsely accused of abuse, Maya’s grades have deteriorated and her involvement in her normal life activities disappeared, to the best of our knowledge. I am in possession of all of her school records, and we will procure the medical records from the Hospital where Maya was being held against her will under false pretenses and was in a state of grave danger. As those warnings were clearly ignored by the staff and the hospital did not engage the types of legal actions for which Maya would have been protected and benefitted, the hospital and all participants in failing to protect her rights will be pursued for accountability and damages as well.

My last contact with Maya Moore was when the police were descending upon her and removing her from her father’s care under aggressive, threatening force. I was on the phone as proceedings were taking place and are recorded for posterity.

The legal interventions engaged in by the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts are in process but given the known accumulated trauma, deterioration in her school functioning and absence from school, her swim team coach and peers, absence from her church, and absence from contact with her father, we know that this child is suffering incalculable emotional stress and trauma that never should have been allowed to occur in the first place.

We will be publishing the criminal activities of this court and associated minions going forward in great factual, documented detail.

We will be writing in the context of this family court functioning as a cult as well as a trafficking arm related to fraudulent activities manipulating the flow of federal funds to state coffers by falsely facilitating transfer of children from protective parents falsely labeled as abusers and abusers as protective parents. The family court across the country is fully conscious of the activities as per the uniform conveyor belt of transferring children to abusers with false allegations and the militant wings of the court implemented through police and so-called therapists that practice the debunked so-called reunification therapy.

So-called reunification therapy is an intimidating, threatening, coercively controlling form of torture implemented to force children to accept the abuse of their custodians into whose isolation they have been forced by a court that has abandoned all sense of best interest of the child, forfeited for the benefit of personal greed and power.

Further, criminal, and civil damages actions will be forthcoming against every single actor in this case. I am Jill Jones Soderman. I will be personally advancing exposure of your criminal destructive acts and will be seeking the immediate release of Maya back to her protective parent father.

Maya Moore should have been afforded the privilege of personal legal and GAL representation. No such representation was offered nor has such representation been forthcoming as was requested per messages to hospital staff.

Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director, FCVFC

Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest

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