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Evil and Misuse of Power in Family Court

Evil is defined by the directives of authorities and the impact they have to control and manage the quality of life and course of development of their subjects. Their captive audience assumes the authority knows what is in the “best interests” of the subjects under their control.

The directives of these authorities impact the quality of life and management of thought, behavior, speech, education, and medical and psychiatric care. The critical elements that palpably shape the health and development of the child are under the control of an authority that will be examined in this piece of writing, not as an abstract of metaphysical construct but in terms of the use of unparalleled control, power, and authority of officers of the court who are in a position to impact life altering decisions made by judges and officers of the court who wield unparalleled authority to alter custody based on discretion and judicial authority.

Transfer of custody from protective parents into the isolation and control of abusers has become a pattern of unheralded abuse and massive danger to vulnerable children

The cost of litigation, the failure of due process and proper evidentiary scrutiny has led to massive tragic episodes of children suffering horrendous, unconscionable abuse. Those who are allowed to enact physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect are protected by a phalanx of state agencies. Court officials lie to protect the transgressions of their alter egos and the next official steps in with shielded documents to protect the transgressors. Litigants financially gouged by illegitimate court fees and lawyers whose allegiance is to the court not to the client continue the flow of federal funds through Title IV D to state agencies and coffers that shore up the child trafficking and racketeering network.

The level of anesthetizing against the emotional devastation exhibited by hysterical parents and children begging for mercy for their loved ones being sentenced to well-known inexorable suffering is met with a facade of insufferable self-affirming mockery.

Children are viewed by court officials as either liars, self -serving manipulators, or as empty vessels, “brainwashed” by the parental authority seeking a financial advantage in custody litigation. There is an absence of understanding of children as incapable of lying because they have not learned to lie, because the complex conceptualizations involving twists and turns of “storytelling” are beyond the intellectual development of young children who are most often the targets of complex abuses that result in court litigation. The profound hostility expressed toward children is asserted to be a product of the twisted, malignant concepts espoused in the Gardner concepts associated with the debunked theories of parental alienation in which children are portrayed as venal sexual predators.

This misuse of power and authority evolved from the character and nature of those warped individuals, judicial authorities who have come to populate courts across the country, aligned not with law and justice but with venal character disorders associated with predatory greed and power acquisition. American family courts have come to be known for population of predatory actors whose interest in just, thoughtful, humane, informed custody assignment has been thoroughly abandoned in favor of a process that violates civil rights and evidence due process in favor of a knee jerk reaction associated with immediate transfer of children into the custody and isolation of abusers. Family courts deny the existence of abuse and support the position that the accuser and victims are liars or are in fact subjects to be defended and inoculated against dispute so that prosecutable offenses are not exposed and prosecuted.

In fact, by implication of their ability to continue to inflict pain and suffering on others, this power and experience of the suffering of others emboldens, encourages, and sustains the ability to continue to inflict pain and suffering.

The role model of misuse of power and authority becomes emblematic and sustained within the family court system

Dr. Michael H Stone, M.D. went to great lengths in his volumes on the Anatomy of Evil and The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime to capture the essence of evil in multiple dimensions. The quintessential aspect of evil was not defined in religious, moral, or criminal definitions but in the experience of shock and awe morally healthy people experience upon hearing about such evil – taking away one’s breath, causing fainting, vomiting, or losing one’s bowels due to the horrific atrocities committed against vulnerable individuals.

This was also my experience over years of working in family court litigation, dealing with cases where the courts knowingly and consciously transferred children into the custody of brutal abusers, forcing protective parents to abandon their progeny into the isolation of the most depraved and vicious abusers because of emotional exhaustion and complete depletion of financial resources.

As a psychoanalyst, forensic expert and simple court advocate for vulnerable subjects, I witnessed clients, other than my own, being failed by representation. Worse yet, this was delivered by professionals retained to represent and protect their interests only to have the client’s rights violated and betrayed by lies in exchange for the professional’s receipt of exorbitant fees and power promises from court authorities of the ‘old boys (and girls) network. This is why the FCVFC does publish about court actors who are solidly documented purveyors of great harm and family destruction. We deal with the nature and character pathology of those who appear to be “normal,” well-socialized, and educated individuals who have become role models and rule-makers for others. Judge Galina Mecca of NJ, Judge Jane Grossman of CT, and Judge Jaqueline Riquelme of Skagit County, Washington, are just a few examples.

The cataclysm associated with the holocaust of 1941-1945 is similar to the family court system in which the destruction of masses of children and families began in the 1980s with the Gardner concept of parental alienation. The shame associated with defamation against well socialized, sensitive, decent people, unaccustomed to savage lies, mitigates against fighting back against authority figures/ officers of courts. Unmitigated defamation of character, championed by court authorities who shamelessly support character assassination and profound harm to vulnerable children are not actions anticipated by citizens seeking marital dissolution and custody protection for children. The massive, silent, anonymous destruction of now six generations of citizens has continued through 2024 with a rapacious appetite to consume and destroy further generations of children across the USA and penetrating borders across the world. While this statement may appear to be hyperbolic, an emotional or promotional exaggeration, if reporting of mass custody transfers of children to the isolation of abusers was properly reported, the numbers would be staggering.

Legitimate, well-respected researchers such as attorney Joan Meir, psychologist Joyanna Silburg and excellent attorney Toby Kleinman write about the atrocities committed by family court judges and various court actors. These notable, credible authorities take the type of legal action or public position to educate the public against known civil rights violations, criminal acts of egregious harm that would hold these court actors morally, legally and financially culpable for the harm they cause to each child, family member and all associated family and friends of each afflicted family.

The FCVFC does take action in the form of civil litigation, seeking criminal prosecution and publishing our work. There are consequences to reporting crimes committed by powerful authority figures. Truth and honesty supported by facts and hard evidence must meet daylight to seek justice and protection of innocents…. If not me or thee – then who?

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