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Family Court Corruption Litigated without Fear or Favor by the FCVFC on Behalf of Protective Parents and Vulnerable Children


The Freedom to Speak Truth to Power Even in the Face of Overwhelming Threats and Intimidation: Our Democratic Values that Must be Treasured and Imparted to our Children are the only Hope for the Freedoms of our Futures

This is the beginning article in our series on litigating and prosecuting family court corruption.

The FCVFC legal, forensic, financial, and psychiatric teams of experts takes precedence over the liability posed by family court sole practitioners or even firms. Over the past now more than 60 years the environment of family courts across the country have become an environment in which the unspoken truth related to the uniform protocol of child trafficking and racketeering engaged in by a phalanx of judges and court appointed factotum have morphed into an acute danger to the public interest.

Litigating and prosecuting crimes committed in the course of couples seeking to dissolve marriages, separate financial assets, resolve high conflict custody conflicts, and seek the ability to move on safely with lives has become a best kept secret of American society. The secret of family court corruption that destroys the lives of protective parents seeking to spare their vulnerable children disruptions to their present and future lives are the stuff composed of horror films and serial killer nightmares where innocent lives sheltered in private homes go about their lives unable to imagine the nightmare that well socialized civilized citizens must confront in dealing with family court corruption in American courts.

The protocols for corruption begun in the 1980’s, hardened in the early 2000’s, and set in cement by the mid 2020’s has become the unspoken unheralded secret experienced by millions of families seeking reasonable and just marital solutions and instead walking into a vice of corruption, child trafficking, and racketeering worthy of scripts from the twilight zone or forensic files.

The accounts of children who are subject to sexual abuse, rape, and incest by biological parents not accompanied by family actors that include grandparents and extended family are subjects that attorneys associated with family court litigation inform clients not to raise as issues, not to expose, not to seek police intervention, not to contact the prosecutor’s office, and not to discuss or document with those who are accidental or incidental witnesses to crimes that entrap children of all ages into a life of incomprehensible pain and suffering.

The Foundation takes on the litigation and prosecution of every level and every facet and every dimension of family court corruption dealing with the abusers and their compatriots as well as the authorities who protect and allow the advancement of these atrocities by telling clients not to raise the issue of abuse.

The Foundation litigates and prosecutes these atrocities without fear or favor.

The unique structure of our defense teams and the aggressive manner in which we seek litigation and prosecution of crimes against children and vulnerable adults who seek to protect their children and themselves provides a structure and a format that protects evidence and addresses laws and litigation practice that advance the cause of justice. We do not retreat from the abuses and insults that are hurled by those who seek to silence the voices that expose crimes against children and families committed by the predator population of attorneys and experts who prey on vulnerable litigant populations seeking protection and justice for themselves and their children

Unfortunately, vulnerable populations seek those who they project to be powerful spokesmen, those who they hope will have the expertise and authority to articulate the voracity of their claims and present such evidence collected by these terrified parents, horrified by the experiences to which their children were subjected. Instead of protection and proper presentation of evidence, the keepers of the critical material collected – attorneys whose allegiance is to the court and not the client – attempt to quiet clients’ fears by suggesting that the child is lying, fantasizing, or somehow misunderstanding what is happening to them.

The evidence such as torn vaginas, ripped anuses, black and blue bodies, teeth knocked out of children’s mouths, and other forms of harm, much less the stigmata of the emotional trauma to which the children experience, are subject to coercion, intimidation, and suppression of such evidence with the warning that if this information is exposed the child will be transferred to the custody of the abuser. The client will be named as a mentally unstable individual or characterologically damaged as a liar and as an individual manipulating the court system. Horrifying abuse is whitewashed and the attorney who is the hoped for source of salvation becomes in fact the arbiter of suppression of evidence.

The most important element of a democratic society is the capacity to speak truth to power, to present evidence in a fair and equal manner, and to legitimately have authentic claims that present potential personal physical or emotional harm to oneself or one’s children to be fairly adjudicated in a court of law and for subjects to be protected.

The reverse positions of criminals, culprits, and codefendants have transferred places with victims and protectors. The attorney has become a liability, and the truth is becoming extinct in the legal process in American family courts.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts legal, forensic, financial, and psychiatric expert teams work as a phalanx for the protection of victims and protective parents.

The presence of black letter law, due process, and civil rights, are the weapons with which our expert luminaries advance our work through a unique process in organization that protects our court actors and experts and advances the litigation against and prosecution of child abuser criminals and the equally guilty co-defendants who are in fact the judges, guardian ad litem, attorneys for guilty parties, and so called experts and therapists that undermine the independent speech and truth of children and the voracity of witness statements.

The Foundation’s helplines are open 24 hours a day for those seeking engagement of our services, information on the controversial positions that we take. With regard to disseminating information about family court corruption, both in writing and as represented in our litigation and prosecution papers, these are readily available for public review.

The Foundation does not exploit our clients for references.

On the rare occasions that we have attempted to share client experiences related to the many successful outcomes with cases that we have been engaged in, we have always been told that “those cases are different from our case.” As a result, we have taken the position that we will not exploit our clients in any manner shape or form for their references or advocacy of our work.

The type of client that we find to be successful in prosecuting the cases brought to us are those clients who are able to, based on the information from our writing, our work, and our positive reputation with nonprofit organizations, understand the uniqueness, independence, and danger in which we engage. These clients innately understand and relate to the need for trust, cooperation, and profound understanding both of the law and the legal process that supports and drives our work.

There are fees associated with the work of the Foundation. The fact that our independence is associated with our complete financial independence should be a source of security for the public, not a source of suspicion.

We are an agency with a mission and a mission that is all about saving children and all who love them and all who love them – the families who protect them and the democratic institutions that speak for independence of thought, independence of speech, autonomy, and integrity.

We hope that the public understands the uniqueness and strength of our organization and will join us to protect their children and the health of a democratic society.

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