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That which is not Resolved is Repeated: The Plague of Family Court Child Trafficking and Racketeering Proliferating since the 1990’s Continues with Perfected Protocols of Child Seizure and Protective Parent False Vilification

The article being presented here is also a chapter in Jill Jones Soderman’s Family Court Corruption II: Holding Family Court Personnel Accountable for Atrocities Committed against the Captive Audience of Family Court Litigants.

The FCVFC was created to keep children and all who love them from suffering and dying.

Truth is a fragile disposable commodity. Socrates told the truth, and he was murdered.


The same facts that applied to Socrates, driven by his detractors, now apply to protective parents seeking to tell the truth about atrocities committed against their vulnerable children and themselves. They are all being slaughtered by family court corruption, driven by the protocol established to drive federal funds from the states and to maximize profits by family court racketeering partners in crime.

That which is not resolved is repeated. The bare bones facts of this case were initiated by the early attempts of a protective parent seeking protection of her three very young children who were 4, 5, and 6 years old when the case began. The facts of this case and the process followed by the court and the hired guns who moved the case along in a conveyor belt manner mirror a similar atrocity that is unfolding once again in the New Jersey court system. Here in brief is the timeline of needless suffering and death directly caused by the Patterson, NJ, family court whose protocol related to the denial of abuse has been repeated in every family court across the USA.


Different county, different court actors, but precisely the same process moved along by a coterie of racketeering professionals committed to force a protective parent and her child into absolute and total submission based on lies and misrepresentation that are callously destroying the lives of an innocent vulnerable mother and child.

The facts of both cases will be addressed in some detail within this article. However, before we address the facts of these cases – the first being the historical elements of what is referred to as the ground zero case for the foundation – the reader must be aware that the oldest child who was the initial client committed suicide at age twelve.

We are presenting this case at this point in time because it is our assertion that the mother and child in the present-day case, residents of NJ, are in danger of ultimately losing their lives, based on our training, experience and scholarly expertise as well as considerable success in litigating and prosecuting these cases. They are subjects of a corrupt court and aligned multiple co-conspirators. As of today’s date, June 19, 2024, they have already been subject not only to criminal acts by this court but unconscionable, unimaginable, torturous physical and emotional pain and suffering which does not have a foreseeable end point.

There is great potential for an ongoing losing battle. The battle will be won if the subjects are not murdered directly or indirectly because of the criminal actions and forced directives of this NJ court. The courts are forever altering and acutely damaging the life course of this mother and 4-year-old child who are the subjects of this family court illegal process. The FCVFC is committed to litigating and seeking prosecution of every single party associated with every element of this case. We know that the battle will be long, difficult and painful, but we also know that we are committed to making sure that the lives of these subjects and their suffering count and that they will be heralded for their bravery.

The subject of our ground zero case was approximately 6 when his mother first engaged the work of the Foundation. He was approximately 7 when his mother was intimidated into cooperating with DCPP and the family court. In the current case we are now encountering in 2024, her journey of abuse began at the age of 3. She is now 4. We hope to provide her with a different outcome than was experienced by the child we first encountered, the child whose life became our mission.

We know that there are millions of other suffering children and protective parents who are undergoing precisely the same dismemberment of their psyches and life course, the people who they were meant to be before being overtaken by such all-encompassing evil. Those who survive are sometimes never able to overcome the suffering they experience. They are trapped in the cycle of despair. Some will become criminals – rapists and murderers – just as their abusers, inducted into this life at birth. And yet, others will overcome the despair and become civil rights lawyers and therapists. The goal of the Foundation is to promote productive lives to combat the destruction of lives perpetrated by court criminals, to preserve the memory, dignity and heroism of our valued clients.

The Golden Age of Richard Gardner, MD

That being said, over the years of the establishment of the Foundation, we experienced a great sense of dismay and despair over the facts.

There are such a small number of combatants coming forward to address the travesties. In fact, we refer to the process happening in family courts as a holocaust because the actual number of victims are unknown due to the vast amount of suppressed and distorted facts. In addition, the so-called rewards for those engaging in this corrupt behavior are truly enormous.

The history of the Foundation, how and why we are here, is a story that should not be exceptional. For whatever it is worth, we are sharing our history to make it clear that our mission does not grow from a personal identification of victimhood, personal trauma or identification with personal trauma to be excised through reliving this process through other victims, but to present a small example of the basis for a commitment to principle and a concept of respect for freedom, independent personhood and a respect for democratic principles.

In the book Family Court Corruption: Speaking Truth to Power, I reference personal history and family roots. In the context of this not so existential battle between good and evil being played out through the family court system across the United States, the elements of ancestry perhaps apply most fundamentally because the roots of corruption and perversion begin with the progenitor of the concept of parental alienation, Richard Gardner. He was himself born with a birth defect that derived in the womb. It caused him to be born with a condition called Hypospadias which is a deformity of the penile organ. Gardner’s parents chose not to have plastic surgery performed on their son – surgery that would have repaired the disfigurement and perhaps in fact changed history.

The physical deformity experienced by Gardner undoubtedly impacted not only his psyche but his interpersonal relationships, especially his formative relationships with his peers as a young child. One can only imagine the ridicule, taunts and cruelty that he must have experienced as a young child, growing into his formative years and then his journey into the embrace of Nazi racist theology and perversion of science, even though he himself became a trained physician.

Gardner’s psychotic/psychopathic departure from medical science and psychiatry provides insight and speculation into a personally tortured psyche of an individual who is clearly highly intelligent, yet was also enraged, retaliatory and committed to seeking revenge on the entire population at large.

The sinking processes that went into the construction of the Gardner theories were based on years of studying children, forming theories of development that are thoroughly at odds with science, clearly the product of an underlying psychotic vengeful mental process, draped in the trappings of medical theories that are wholly self-serving, have no bearing on medical or scientific facts and appeal to a dark underbelly for a to then date of an unserved population of largely male perverts and pedophiles for whom society had not given any thought or sympathy other than “lock them up.”

Gardner turns childhood development into a soupçon cauldron of depravity. Children are not innocent beings but are lying, cheating and manipulating, consciously motivated by sexual drives to lure “innocent naïve adults” into criminal sexual activity that the child then disavows, acts manipulatively as the victim and then attempts to withdraw from responsibility of their own seductive acts by claiming child abuse.

Gardner, based on his own insights driven by massive rage, desires to act out and punish figures from his own past, to seek revenge, and to tap into the hostilities of those like-minded predators who have experienced similar experiences of rejection and exclusion.

Anyone who has in fact read all of Gardner’s work will develop an appreciation of the brilliant but deranged and psychotic mind filled with personal fantasies and drives that accurately define Gardner’s’ psyche and character. That psyche and character must be clearly articulated as describing an individual who is besieged by demons and developed characterologically and psychiatrically into an individual who is a massive danger to literally all of society.

Unfortunately, the masses of society that Gardner has been able to invest in, engage in, and capture the sensibilities of, are individuals who are or were participants in his own personal early life and pathetic development.

Case in Point


A very recent event beginning May 2024 involves the wrongful removal of a 4-year-old little girl from her protective parent into the custody of not only her abuser but his family who are documented to be a dynasty of abusers. The wealthy grandfather is known to head a household of his  children and their children and partners, now adults, who he and his wife abused. At this date in time in 2024, it has been credibly revealed that this family is a predatory pack of sexual abuser perverts who have for a number of years been preying on, to the best of our knowledge, the second generation of babies and children – at this time being incorporated into what can only be described as a family cult of perverse sexual engagements that involve both grooming and rape of young children. Our client, now age 4, has described her abuse in great detail to multiple parties from whom she has sought help. Those parties have included physicians and teachers at school dating to the time that she was 3 years old. She is highly intelligent, able to very clearly describe her thought processes, her fears and her distress.


Her body tells the story of abuse from head to toe. Her abuse is medically and forensically fully documented. Documents regarding her abuse exist and provide full and complete evidence of the statements that she has provided to medical providers and teachers.


The case before us mirrors the racketeering protocol that we have witnessed in growing horror since the intrusion of the Gardner concept of parental alienation and the unholy embrace of this concept by the bar association across the county as a means of defending (initially) men who were accused of criminal charges of incest and sexual abuse. The family courts seized upon this concept as a means of disposing of highly controversial, complex, expensive litigation that was clogging the courts as more and more liberal actions were being generated by the progressive legal community. As the ideas concerning rights of all parties and by survivors of the domestic violence community as constitutional law has evolved and the elaboration of laws protecting civil rights, citizens’ rights and even moving into the territory of children’s rights began to blossom, the conservative collective pushback reaction to a profusion of rights began to burgeon. The forces of repressive action along with a consciousness of generating financial remuneration and punitive retaliation emerged not as a path to law but as a path to massive financial remuneration.


Legitimate probative scholarly law meant to be corrective for legislation that restricted the rights of men to assume custody of young children turned into not a correction of legitimate equal rights to be asserted but was instead unleashed as a repressive punitive retaliatory method for repudiating women’s rights and then eventually the rights of all protective parents because the anodyne concept of parental alienation and negation of child sexual abuse created an atmosphere of equal opportunity denial of scientific and medical law as well as a technique for undermining the presentation of evidence and due process. The parallel growth of the Gardner cottage industry of parental alienation and denial of child sexual abuse grew to choke and strangle the family court’s limited law practice supported by the judicial intervention of discretion meant to fairly and confidentially assist families in sensitive matters.


The Gardner concepts, like kudzu, strangled and exsanguinated the oxygen in the courtrooms to dismantle consciousness of due process law, the actual existence of child sexual abuse, and to successfully seek to extinguish and overtake the constitutional process. Just like the fictional substance asinine in the novels by Kurt Vonnegut, everything that the concept of Gardner’s concept infects, freezes, kills and destroys the lives of children, families, and the entire democratic society. The autocratic concept disseminated in the family court world robs litigants of hope, terrorizes and immobilizes them via the court’s threats, coercion and reprehensible punishments, which then impels an acceptance of the inevitability of the destructive powers of the courts and robs litigants of their will to litigate and prosecute against an entirely corrupt court.


This self-generated vision of the court projected onto a captive audience public is on the verge of fulfilling the self-projected sense of all-powerfulness of the court and impudence of the public to respond to the criminality and mob mentality of what is in fact a group of gangsters and not judges, significantly now in control of the courts. The alternative in thinking – that if one has no power and no hope then all options are open because there is no barrier to action because any action and any response is preferable to the immobilization that is sought via the incapacitation of the projected incapacitation of those who criminally seek to impose their will.


Holding family court systems accountable

Lawyers as liabilities, judges as crime syndicate mob bosses, and the court as a racketeering enterprise

If one views the court in 2024 as a racketeering syndicate and not as a court of law managed by logic and ethical principles the skills, the Marquess of Queensberry Rules are off, and the rules of litigation and prosecution combat are changed. The consciousness of the actual circumstances that one is facing clears the mind, sharpens the senses, and ignites adrenaline that bathes the brain in energy and consciousness. A new understanding and mobilization of viewing any and all interactions in family court custody litigation across the United States must be viewed as a life and death battle for the very existence of one’s protection of life in a democratic society and protection of family and children.

The public must understand entering the family court arena in 2024 seeking custody against a perverted parent abuser is a life and death struggle which must be taken with all seriousness as to the stakes that one is fighting for, and the battle engaged in. In today’s family court culture, all experts who have come forward to address facts associated with allegations of abuse are being threatened and excluded from court. Lawyers retained by the clients (and we are addressing the protective parent client) who have been paid immense amounts of money are constrained as per their bar licenses that they maintain for their fiduciary responsibility to the court and not to the clients.

Attorneys who practice and plan to continue in this day in age collude with co-counsels and judicial authority in the prefixed menu that is in place. As soon as a client fills out a complaint of abuse against the abuser, the abuser becomes the winner the protective parent becomes the loser. The titles related to winning and losing and the tiles of protective parent and abuse are reversed. The tapping into the keg of federal funding designated by IRS and social security funding Title IV D, aid to needy and dependent children, is now tapped and the results have nothing to do with the facts and the evidence related to proving child abuse in any and all matters. All that counts is that the categories are filled in and that the child is in the fixed position that is designated Sua Sponte by the court – designed by fact not identifiable as fiction and fitting a script that designates the flow of cash from the federal government to the states, from the court to the supervising personnel.

The Power Yielded by Court Actors

The keg is tapped, and the process begins with the lineup of lawyers, so called experts and the presence of DCPP who, under Title 30, are able to impose their presence in the case, stating that the child in question requires services. The DCPP statute in states such as NJ does not require the imposition of the authority of DCPP to state a crime or the nature of a claim. The statute simply states that DCPP can impose services. It doesn’t specify what those services are, just that they can dictate the nature of those services and designate who is the protective parent and which parent needs to be excluded from the life of the child.

What we have seen unilaterally is that the court imposes the presence of experts who are aligned with the process being imposed by DCPP and lawyers on both sides who have been paid immense amounts of money who are willing to collude with the court and support the entirely baseless hearsay entirely. They frequently support the so-called experts that promote parental alienation and transfer of the child from protective parent to abuser.

Often, courts that facilitate the decapitation of the protective parent will order that fees be paid from the protective parent to the attorney of the abuser in order to facilitate the abuser’s ability to litigate taking possession of the child and at the same time seeking to eviscerate the funds in the possession of the protective parent who took steps to protect their child at the onset of the situation. In the case in point, among the many attorneys for the protective parent who betrayed her interest and placed her child in extremely grave danger, the court ordered a transfer of $70,000 from the mother to the abuser. The attorney didn’t attempt to block the actions of the process and in fact rushed to remove the money from the protective parent mother’s account to wire the money into the coffers of the attorney for the child’s abuser. The attorney went so far as to apologize to the court and to the known abuser for the delay in transferring the funds.

The series of experts assigned by the court have all attempted to dismember the protective parent’s intelligence and mental status and to libel her as an emotionally unstable individual. The court has effectively removed all highly credible famous experts associated with the parent and replaced them with hacks facilitated by gag orders and protective orders against all transcripts and expert reports meant to keep documents from the view of the protective parent.

The protective parent was literally in a position of being, as per court order, unable to review documents and testimony written against her, impugning every aspect of her emotional and intellectual presence in a way that was patently false and placing the court as the authorities on exactly whom the protective parent client could and could not hire. The court, with all speed and violation of every possible due process right of the mother, had the attorney paid for by the mother and restricted all information associated with her ability to have any input in the case, to present evidence, or defend herself. There are more than 200 pieces of documented, protected evidence that exist and are in protective custody that leave a trail of criminal levels of abuse against the child. These documents entirely contradict the lies and larceny presented by paid off hired guns who are, with knowledge and forethought, presenting evidence to the court, removing the child and putting her into the hands of not only a father who is a perverted child sexual abuser but is allowing the deliverance of the 4 year old into the custody of the entire family whose abuse not only of this child but the children and babies of other family members are a part of this perverted abuse ring.

The documentation exists and will find its way into proper criminal testimony. In the meantime, in the rush to gain custody of the child through emergency sessions that brought together law enforcement, DCPP, and court appointed experts are proceeding as of this date June 19, 2024, to transfer custody of the child, excluding the protective parent from any and all access to evidence against her and the ability to respond to multiple false allegations.

The unconscionable pain, suffering and trauma inflicted on this mother and child are fully documented. Agencies outside of this corrupt NJ family court system have been and are continuing to be engaged and activated in terms of the dissemination of proof outside of the control of this corrupt family court. Litigation and prosecution of the culprits are being pursued. The entire history associated with every bad actor in this case will make its way through the authorities that exist for the protection of this parent. The cowardice, ignominy and facilitation of child suffering exacted by court officials officially identified as criminals of the court will be held accountable.

Holding Family Court Actors Accountable

A case in point is a federal judge who held sway for many years and facilitated immense suffering in the category of protective parents seeking to provide protection for their incest victim children. Judge Michael Maggio is a case in point. Judge Maggio of Faulkner County, AR, was a participant along with many other judges in the Faulkner County court who refused to provide protection of a brother and sister who were the subjects of brutal incest by their father. The exposure of Judge Maggio was facilitated by the efforts and the excellent work of journalists. The beginning investigations opened a seminal artery of fraud and corruption which culminated in a 10-year federal court jail sentence.

The experts of the FCVFC fully are dedicated to the civil and criminal prosecution of every known perpetrator of harm to the child in this current case. Continued writing, documentation and reporting on every phase of this case will be disseminated not only for the benefit of this mother and child but for the benefit of the entire United States community. Criminals must be prosecuted and go to jail, experts who facilitate this must lose their licenses and be prosecuted for malpractice and child endangerment.

Those responsible for murders committed related to wrongful custody determinations and suppression of evidence by judges in collision with court actors suppressing evidence must be prosecuted as immunity pierced by fraud and malfeasance.

Court actors who seek to threaten, intimidate and penalize innocent victims for failure to submit to constitutional and due process violations must be pursued for criminal prosecution under 18usc1512. The decimation of the lives of millions of children and all who love them cannot and must not be forgotten for that which is not resolved is repeated and being repeated now to the detriment of the future of a democratic society.

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