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NJ Family Court’s Ruling Endangers 4-Year-Old: Judge Sides with Executive Dad Despite Abuse Claims

By Richard Luthmann

The Bergen County, New Jersey, Family Court faces scrutiny for a decision that placed a 4-year-old girl, M.C., in the custody of her father, Jimmy Cerveaux. Renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee has called the ruling dangerous, alleging the father’s history of abuse in letters to Judge Michael A. Jimenez filed as part of the court record.

NJ Family Court Judge Michael A. Jimenez

According to sources with knowledge of the case, Cerveaux, a C-Level Executive, is engaging in a despicable modus operandi, using his superior financial position to facilitate designer child trafficking and child abuse.

Comparisons are being made between Cerveaux and Dr. Leonard J. Gitter, a Lakeland, Florida, oncologist whose six-year-old son, Adam, died in his custody. Grieving mother Elena Belogolovsky’s Pennsylvania Family Court experience was characterized as brute force, belligerence, and badmouthing Gitter, whose income was at least twelve times that of his litigation opponent.

Here, Houaria Aichour is experiencing the same treatment. Aichour and experts call upon Judge Jiminez and the Bergen Family Courts to act and avert tragedy.

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