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Mom Fights Back: Claims Ex-Husband Part of Child Trafficking Network

By Richard Luthmann

New Jersey mother Ria Aichour is releasing a series of videos detailing her claims about an alleged child trafficking ring. Aichour says her ex-husband, Jimmy Cerveaux, is involved in this ring and has abused their four-year-old child, M.C. Despite her allegations corroborated by several professionals and mandated reporters, the Hudson County New Jersey Family Court placed M.C. in Cerveaux’s custody.

Exposing Alleged Abuse and Trafficking

In her first video, Aichour promises to “name names and detail the inner workings” of a trafficking and abuse ring she believes involves Cerveaux. She asserts that her daughter has been sexually violated by multiple individuals, starting with Cerveaux.

Aichour claims her life is at risk due to the powerful trafficking ring she says exerts control over the New Jersey Courts and Child Protective Services.

Aichour’s Allegations

Aichour’s nightmare began when M.C. returned from visits with her father, describing choking incidents and saying, “Never tell anyone about our secrets.”

M.C. detailed sexual abuse, which Aichour reported to authorities. Despite these reports and evidence of serious abuse, Hudson County, New Jersey, Family Court Judge Michael A. Jimenez awarded custody to Cerveaux, a high-earning executive.

Read the rest of the story and watch the video here.

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