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New Amended Federal Lawsuit against Jane Gallina-Mecca, Evelyn Nissirios, and Michael Piacenza

New Amended Federal Lawsuit against Jane Gallina-Mecca, Evelyn Nissirios, and Michael Piacenza


My Sister Joins My Complaint against State Actors who Destroyed Her Family, Just to Coddle One Sick Man

The federal judge in my case gave me leave to amend my lawsuit, and thus I took the opportunity to add Michael Piacenza as defendant and my sister as plaintiff. It now begins:

This is a civil rights action against employees of the state … who conspired to deprive a mother, in violation of her right to the procedures of a fair trial, of custody and of access to her two minor children for the “crime” of trying to pursue justice for them. In the process, the defendants illegally: conspired to have the mother’s sister, a qualified psychiatrist, arrested in order to prevent her from investigating reports of the children’s deteriorating health; conspired to have the mother herself arrested on false charges; threatened the mother‘s sister with prosecution in the hope of deterring her from further investigation; deprived the mother, a self-represented litigant, access to the transcripts of her own state court action, thus preventing her from adequately defending herself; and barred her and her sister from publishing any comments about her case in violation of their rights to free speech.

I will not say more about an active lawsuit in progress. However, what I have learned about Family Courts more generally through my investigations I must write about as a scholar of violence. Family Courts are a destructive and violent, mafia-like enterprise committing the greatest human rights violations on U.S. soil, through extreme abuses of unwarranted, vastly-expanded judicial authority. Human rights authors have been warning against them for years if not decades, and finally last year the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a damning report.

Yet, Family Court abuses are not widely known. I noted before that enclaves of medieval barbarity exist even in civilized society, such as behind the concrete walls of jails and prisons. Gladiator fights, gang rapes, and serial murders happen regularly in prisons, because it is known that there will be no consequences; prisoners, who have no real voice, are fair game for unspeakable brutalities, sometimes far worse than anything they committed. What has been most shocking for me to discover — in my lifetime of studying violence — is that even worse than what is occurring in prisons is happening to another group without a voice: children. An even more depraved world of savagery exists behind the self-imposed “court seals” and secrecy of the so-called, “Family Courts.” And these innocent children committed no crime.

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