Who is Jill Jones-Soderman?

Jill Jones Soderman,  Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, (established in 2008) began her professional career as a Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist, and Mediator.  As an expert in speaking truth to power, Jill seeks to raise the voices of those challenged as to their ability to speak for themselves, to gain access to seats of power and authority for disenfranchised, demoralized citizens. Jill is an author, public speaker, and expert witness. Consultant to lawyers dealing with high conflict custody litigation for Protective Parents accused of ”alienating” children, and supporting Personal Injury cases against State ”Child Protective Services” is another area of important confrontation of systemic bias and abuse engaged in by Jill.

Jill formally began work at Memorial Hospital of Queens at age twelve. Her role in comforting young children hospitalized for terrible diseases, or undergoing terrible treatments laid the groundwork for children’s services at Memorial Hospital of Queens for inpatient and clinic services.

During her time at the Cancer Care, Inc. in Manhattan, New York Jill assisted in validating the need for funding for medical support services for families of children with terminal metastatic cancer, to maintain children in their homes with their families.

Awareness of institutional bias, racial and economic discrimination, and citizen disenfranchisement has always been the cornerstone of Jill’s profession. Opportunities to work with and mobilize the “Hell’s Kitchen“ community in Manhattan, NY allowed her to energize her community against the hospital that employed her and provided a student internship. The collective of institutions, school, hospital, and local government versus community need for a Head Start Program generated the funding and placement for the Head Start Program and Family Planning clinics at the local hospital. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous programs became embedded in medical wards allowing meetings for patients hospitalized for related medical conditions associated with drug and alcohol addictions.

Jill Jones Soderman developed her career as a Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Family Therapist, and Mediator to address the interpersonal conflicts that overflow into the province of Criminal and Family Court Litigation, the existence of which she first became aware through her unwitting engagement in the ground zero case responsible for the founding of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court.

Prior to the development of the Foundation, Jill consulted as an expert and assisted in founding and supporting the development of the Non Profit, Families In Transition (FIT).  FIT was tasked with keeping families engaged in high conflict custody conflict, out of court, out of conflict and into mediation and settlement . The program was so successful that the Sussex County Family Court adopted the FIT program as an official court program to which families could elect conflict resolution over court supervision. (2006)

The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court now incorporates the Mission, Principles, and Strategies of FIT as the FCVFC confronts issues of income disparity, unequal access to the courts, due process and civil rights violations generated by fundamental issues of poorly prosecuted criminal acts that emerge in the context of family violence, improperly interpreted around construct of bias and “alienation” on the part of Protective Parents attempting to address crimes committed against their children.