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Family Court Corruption Book

Child trafficking and sexual abuse has become more prominent across the country. It is infiltrating the family court system. The most depraved among us have bought their way into power, and into the control of criminal prosecution against incest.

This book sheds a light on these issues, and shares resources from those who are working against corruption.

Those who are trying to protect children from their abusers are accused of parental alienation. Every afflicted victim is so overwhelmed with the horrors of their own situation there is no energy to move beyond their own tragedy.

from Michael H. Stone, MD 

“As someone who has witnessed the emergence of the controversial concept of parental alienation and worked independently in the fields of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and forensic psychiatry, I agree with the author’s warnings. Based on her extensive clinical experience and professional engagement in saving lives and upholding the integrity of these fields of practice, FCVFC Director Jill Jones Soderman offers important insights and cautions that deserve attention”.

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