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Who We Are

We are experts in advocating for protective parents and children.

What We Do

We litigate against corruption and civil rights violations.

How We Can Help You

We will fight for your family reunification and a safe future.

Some Ways We Can Help
Let's Work Together

Evaluate Legal Strategy

Evaluation, Litigation support, Financial Planning, Dispute resolution

Intervene in Custody Crises

Child abuse, Kidnapping, Custodial interference, Parental alienation

Intervene in Domestic Abuse Cases

Gaslighting, False arrest, False accusations, Reputation dismantling

Evaluate Abuse Allegations

Examine behavior, Explore background facts, Protect evidence

Defend Against Toxic Diagnoses

Munchausen by proxy, Psychopathic personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder

Evaluate and Provide Experts

Critique of the critics, Calculation of damages, Financial forensics

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