Aid in custodial interference / kidnapping cases

Two possible scenarios could happen here:

  • The Protective Parent may run with the children from an accused abuser, to keep the children safe.
  • Or the abuser may run with the children from the Protective Parent, usually to conceal crimes or take revenge against the Protective Parent.

To take action in these cases, and to defend those actions, both involve complex decisions. Because the consequences of failing in any aspect of this strategy can lead to devastating consequences, it is imperative to “get it right” every step along the way.

FCVFC has over 10 years of experience helping clients with cases such as these, and has provided proven results that have benefited our clients.

How can FCVFC help?

  • Assist in defining legal causes of action
  • Provide evidence statements
  • Provide reports to the correct authorities
  • Provide expert testimony
  • Assist in the preparation of  legal testimony

How can I get help?

If you need help with a child custody or kidnapping case and/or need support for your family, you can use the contact form or call us at 866-553-6931 to set up a confidential consultation.