Evaluate legal strategy

High-conflict custody litigation does not fit the typical framework of contentious divorces. In most cases of high-conflict custody dispute, dark family secrets are unearthed, and accusations fly.  

Often these situations bring forth criminal charges, protective orders, custody assignment, and supervised visitation.

Protecting Parents who are in distress should consider several questions:

  • Does the legal intervention address the problem?
  • Does your lawyer have enough of an understanding of high-conflict custody litigation to be equipped to deal with your case?
  • Is your lawyer more interested in managing his relationship with the court and his peers than adjudicating your case?
  • Do you know when your lawyer is a liability as opposed to being a true Advocate?

If you have questions such as these, we’re here to help you.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has over 10 years of experience helping clients in their evaluation of legal strategy. We have provided proven results that have benefited our clients and added to our practice skills.

How can FCVFC help?

  • Assist in researching your current situation and legal case
  • Engage in litigation support
  • Intervene on your behalf to file complaints

How can I get help?

If you need help with a legal matter and/or need support for your family, you can use the contact form or call us at 866-553-6931 to set up a confidential consultation.