What we ask of you

We seek clients . . .

. . . who understand and agree with our mission, our work, and the aggressive form of confrontation and exposure we employ.

. . . who are willing to work with FCVFC in an environment of trust, open communication, and honesty.

. . . who have ability to endure the challenges of the work and to sustain hope and energy in the midst of a difficult process.

. . . whose cases can represent issues for many other clients who are not able to be represented, yet share the same critical concerns that speak to the mission of FCVFC.

How we charge

The initial phone consultation is done without charge.

Engaging FCVFC involves an initial evaluation fee to conduct the thorough assessment agreed upon in our initial discussion and consultation.

Our fees are minimal, generally not charged on an hourly basis (flat fee for a service) and are often able to be worked out in mutual agreement with our clients.

How we proceed

  1. In initial contact, you’ll learn and substantially understands our thoughts and recommendations.
  2. You will engage us professionally, formally agreeing to a Preliminary Memorandum of Understanding.
  3. We will conduct an assessment based on in-depth document review and personal interviews. This will confirm and expand our knowledge of the case and anticipation of challenges to come.
  4. We make a plan for moving forward, working out details of who will do what and how various aspects of the case are to be paid for.

We make a commitment to our clients to sustain the work until the mission agreed upon is accomplished, as long as clients act in good faith and in compliance with the terms of our mutual agreement.